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Mobile Museum: An Ocean Experience

Program Overview

  • The Mobile Museum: An Ocean Experience program is a two-part 1 hour and 40 minute program for students in grades 9 - 12.  Dependent on school bell schedule, this program can be divided into two 50-minute periods.
  • The program is facilitated by two NHM educators who work with students in the field (Mobile Museum) and the lab (school-provided classroom).
  • Students act as marine scientists and take a simulated dive off the coast of Southern California to discover the biodiversity of our local coast as well as conduct research in a simulated classroom museum lab.

Program Objectives

  • To discuss marine research and exploration, and experience what it’s like to be a scientist working out in the field
  • To develop questions and gather evidence from museum collections to draw conclusions
  • To communicate, collaborate, think critically, and use creativity through inquiry
  • To observe southern California marine animals and habitats
  • To identify animals using field guides, collection specimens and other tools of the scientist
  • To interpret organismal characteristics using comparative biology and paleontology

Submersible (Mobile Museum, 50 ft Tractor Trailer)

This portion of the program is a simulation of a human-occupied submersible dive to the bottom of the San Pedro Channel. Students will assume the role of scientists conducting exploratory research to help establish a baseline of this changing, urban ocean. Using NHM collections as well as outside resources, students will use comparative analysis to understand the roles of the organisms they observe.

Laboratory (school-provided classroom)

This portion of the program is a simulation of research conducted in the laboratory. Students will assume the roles of paleontologists studying the faunal history of the Los Angeles Basin through geologic time.  Students will begin by observing fossil specimens unearthed at specific locations in Southern California. Using NHM collections as well as outside resources students will use comparative analysis to infer what the ecosystem was like when these animals were living. 

Curricular Materials

Videos (pre-visit)

Watch the Mobile Museum: An Ocean Experience Introductions and the Meet the Scientists videos with your students prior the program's residency at your school. These videos will give students the mission they will have while onboard the submersible and will introduce students to the museum scientists that will help them achieve their mission. 

Video (post-visit)

Following the residency at your school watch the Mobile Museum: An Ocean Experience Conclusion video. This video will help your students synthesize information about the anomaly they observed during their mission onboard the DSV Sea Nettle. Come back here when your students are ready to see a message from NHM scientists!