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Become a Fossil Detective, grow a home for bugs, or study Urban Carnivores! Our Guided Programs  offer students the opportunity to interact with our amazing educators and delve deeper into our exhibits, sometimes literally!  

Guided Programs are offered October through January; they're free, but require an add-on reservation to your school visit. Due to limited staff availability, we can only guarantee Guided Programs at their scheduled time. Please divide students into groups of 15 or fewer prior to your program. The key below will help you know what to expect before requesting.  

  Outdoors; come dressed appropriately! These programs are weather and garden-suitability permitting.


  Incorporates journals or notebooks-- feel free to bring your own from the classroom to use!


PreK- Grade 1

Windows into Nature
30 minutes

Learn about the lives of animals through an interactive story, then venture into our classic diorama halls to visit characters from the story and discover more!


Growing Home
45 minutes


Explore the Nature Gardens to look for critters, then build habitats out of natural materials and talk about what we all need to survive.


Grades 2 - 5

Fossil Detectives
 45 minutes


Investigate the lives of ancient animals by looking at the clues they left behind - their fossils! Discuss observations and record ideas to take back to the classroom.


Pond Life
45 minutes

Discover the diversity of pond life! Practice collection skills and closely observe what we find to identify and document the unique wildlife that lives here in Los Angeles.



Grades 6 - 12

Urban Carnivores
45 minutes

Discover the carnivores that share our city! Learn about a local mammal and then work together to build scientific questions about urban nature.


Backyard Biodiversity 
45 minutes

Experience the biodiversity of Los Angeles! Survey for insects then identify and record collected specimens to reveal the diversity that surrounds us.


Grades 1 - 5

Dinosaur Encounters
20 minutes
Thursdays; September 2014 - June 2014.
Watch dinosaurs come to life! Go back in time and learn about the lives of dinosaurs and paleontologists while performing with (and in!) realistic T. rex and Triceratops puppets. Learn more about Dinosaur Encounters here!