Dinosaur Ball 2019


Imagine Antarctica before it was frozen.


Today, Antarctica is a forbidding land of snow and ice — but dinosaurs thrived there 200 million years ago in a lush, forested environment. Inspired by Antarctica’s surprising tropical history, we will celebrate the opening of our Antarctic Dinosaurs exhibition at the Dinosaur Ball on March 30, 2019.


Venture into dramatically different landscapes, from Antarctica 255 million years ago to the extreme conditions expedition teams encounter there today. Following in the footsteps of our scientists, discover fossils unearthed as recently as 2011 — including two dinosaur species that are new to science.


At the Dinosaur Ball, you will join your fellow Antarctic adventurers for a journey you’ll never forget, mingling with NHM scientists and enjoying refreshing cocktails in our polar ice bar. Following the social hour, guests will experience the exhibition, immersing themselves in a thrilling journey discovering fossils in one of the most isolated environments on Earth. As you ascend Mount Kirkpatrick, also known as “Dinosaur Mountain,” you will see where scientists collected the first and largest Antarctic dinosaurs.


After the exhibition experience, we will dine in a lush tropical garden reminiscent of the ancient mega-continent Pangea. You may choose to host a Museum curator at your table to hear stories of expeditions and research, the kind of real, hands-on science that is the Museum’s trademark. After the last course is served, we will dance the night away in the Otis Booth Pavilion under our 65-foot fin whale skeleton. We hope you will don your finest penguin suit (black-tie optional) and join us for an exciting evening under the Aurora Australis in the Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Oschin and Family Hall of African Mammals!



Event proceeds will support School and Teacher Visits for more than 200,000 students annually as well as education programs for Antarctic Dinosaurs. To purchase a table, discuss corporate sponsorship or make a gift, please contact Sabrina Burris at 213.763.3512 or email sburris@nhm.org


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