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From left to right: A 72-ct amethyst, an opal ring, and a 28.6-ct green tourmaline

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Visit the web page of the Department of Mineral Sciences! You will find information about the staff, the Gem and Mineral Collection, and the ongoing science!


What You Support

Your support helps us:

- Grow our Gem & Mineral Collection to keep it at the World-Class level, providing minerals for research and education as well as awe-inspiring specimens for the Gem and Mineral Hall

- Launch groundbreaking rotating exhibitions and develop our existing fabulous Gem & Mineral Hall

- Create fun educational programs around gems, minerals and meteorites

- Share our treasures and knowledge by increasing our virtual presence

- Support our innovative research: help the discovery of new minerals, the investigation of the deep earth using exciting clues from diamonds or fund the next generation of scientists.



The Gem & Mineral Council

Annual Contribution of $1,000

With this level of membership that includes a Family Membership to the NHM, you will have access to at least 5 benefits per year and a subscription to the Gem & Mineral Council’s bi-monthly e-newsletter. Events may include:

Exclusive lectures given by world-renowned scientists, collectors, and jewelers.

• Exciting, local, family-friendly field trips.

• Visit the world with a geology expert: international field trips lead by the curatorial staff and/or a field geologist (usually organized every other year).

• Adult and children’s workshops on topics such as gems, meteorites, geology, and more.

Meet the creator: invitation to the openings of rotating exhibits.

Private viewing of collector’s collections at their home, or visit to a private, local mine.

• Invitation to the Gem and Mineral Annual Reception.


Gem & Mineral Connoisseur’s Circle

Annual contribution of $5,000

The Connoisseur’s Circle is directly involved in the annual purchase of a specimen for the collection. You will have access to:

• All the benefits listed above.

• Annual dinner with the Curator and Collection Manager to vote on a new specimen to purchase (e.g., gem, mineral, meteorite, rock), from a selection chosen by the curator.

• A day tour with the Gem and Mineral Curator at international Gem and Mineral Shows, such as Tucson (AZ), Munich (Germany) or Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines (France).

• Up to two invited guests per lecture.

Private tours of the Gem and Mineral Collection and behind-the-scenes tours for friends and family (up to 10 people).



For information on how to join or renew your membership with the Gem & Mineral Council, contact us at (213) 763-3326 or at


Amethyst with a clear quartz hat. Both the crystal (7 cm high) and the gem (72 carats) come from California, Fresno County, in Shaver Lake.