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The Fellows are visionary benefactors and community leaders committed to the Museum to inspire wonder, discovery and responsibility for our natural and cultural worlds.

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Field Trips and Travel

The Fellows Program offers members the unique opportunity to visit exotic locations with NHMLA curators or other experts who can provide exclusive access to places no one else can go. Whether it's a few hours featuring a historic Southern California locale, or a week-long exotic island adventure, Fellows are taken on a trip they will always cherish. Contact the Fellows office for more information.

Past Trips and Travel

Magnificent Migrating Monarchs  - Family Field Trip

Traveling to the lovely town of Goleta, in the southern part of Santa Barbara County, Fellows marveled at the sight of thousands of Monarch butterflies that congregated for the winter. The day began with a presentation by a researcher with the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Monarch Alert Project, and guests enjoyed a picnic lunch before setting out to see the winged beauties. Participants enjoyed a guided half-mile hike through the majestic Ellwood Mesa Open Space, to the Goleta Butterfly Grove, one of California’s largest overwintering sites, to witness the butterflies who spend a few short months assembled among the eucalyptus groves, before continuing on their migratory journey.

Phoenix Decorating Company - Family Field Trip
NHMLA had its first-ever entry in the historic Tournament of Roses Parade for 2012!  The float, which featured three dinosaurs from our new Dinosaur Hall, was designed and constructed by Phoenix Decorating Company the world's largest builder of Rose Parade floats. Fellows were invited to preview the NHMLA's float at Phoenix's warehouse in Pasadena.  They also enjoyed sneak peeks of other floats, got their picture taken with the NHMLA float, and enjoyed seasonal snacks, and tasty warm beverages.  Follow the link below to view photos from this historic NHMLA field trip!

Rose Parade Float VIP Field Trip - Photo Gallery

Jim Henson Studios - Family Field Trip
Fellows enjoyed an exclusive tour of the Jim Henson Studios located on the historic Charlie Chaplin lot, built in 1918. Chaplin filmed several classics at this lot such as Modern Times and Gold Rush. The day included a tour of the screening room and courtyard, where guests viewed Charlie Chaplin’s footprints and a puppet demonstration with Henson puppeteers. Guests also learned about the collaboration with Henson on the making of NHMLA’s newest puppet, the Saber-Toothed Cat.

Explorers of the Sea - Family Field Trip
Setting out on the open sea, members boarded a research vessel in Long Beach and took part in scientific observations by researchers and Museum scientists as they introduced participants to creatures for observation, discussion, and release. After the excursion, participants enjoyed a picnic lunch at Mother's Beach.

Argentina: Patagonia and Beyond - International Travel
Dr. Luis Chiappe, a native Argentinean and Director of NHMLA's Dinosaur Institute, along with Museum President and Director, Dr. Jane G. Pisano, led a once-in-a-lifetime journey to this spectacular region. The Fellows enjoyed glamorous Buenos Aires, seeing colorful neighborhoods and historic sites. The group enjoyed local pleasures such as tango performances (and lessons) and quintessential Argentinean steakhouse meals. The trip took the group to the majestic foothills of the Andes, the thriving penguin colonies of the Atlantic coast and the breathtaking Iguazu Falls. One of the highlights of the trip included a special visit to the sauropod nesting ground where Dr. Chiappe discovered dinosaur eggs with intact embryos!