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Your family’s name can be a part of one of the world’s finest dinosaur halls. Our new exhibit boasts recently excavated specimens, more fossils than any dinosaur hall in the world, and an eye-opening representation of the real, behind-the-scenes processes of paleontology.   
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Whether you're a naturalist or dinosaur lover, a fashionista or a nature-loving Angeleno, the NHMLA Stores offer a trove of popular gifts including elegant hand-crafted jewelry, books by NHMLA curators, cool games, toys, and a range of eco-friendly products that are sure to please.

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Below is a list of some of our favorite, seasonal picks to get you started.

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Junkyard Dinosaur

This creation is the product of an imaginative Vietnamese artisan who started a small, home-based business to help his family earn a living. He salvaged metal pieces of chains and machine parts and turned potential trash into treasures with whimsical designs. Fair trade. No two are alike. Prices range from $29.00 (for 5-inch dinosaur) to $119.99 (14-inch dinosaur). Buy it in-store or by calling (213)763-3336.




Giant Sequoia Seedling

The perfect stocking-stuffer for any budding arborist! Though it’s only a few inches now, this seedling invites you to plant the world’s largest living thing. Giant Sequoias grow well in virtually any climate and can live for thousands of years. $7.99. Buy it in-store or by calling (213)763-3336.





Geode Ring

This fabulous adjustable cocktail ring holds three Tobasco geode halves, and is big on sparkle. Tobasco geodes are geological rock formations which occur in sedimentary and certain volcanic rocks and are known for internal crystal formations and concentric banding. Each ring is one-of-a-kind. $99.99. Buy it in-store, by calling (213)763-3336, or
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Smilodon Cuddlekin

As the largest member of the Saber-toothed cat Family, this sweet Smilodon is a cute and cuddly version of the predator, beautifully made according to Natural History Museum standards. Prices range from $7.99 to $99.99.Buy in-store or by calling (213)763-3336, or Buy Online Now!



Trees: A Visual Guide

Beautifully illustrated and designed, this 300- page gorgeous reference book explores the world of trees from every perspective, from the world's great forests to the lifespan of a single leaf.$22.97. Buy it in-store, by calling (213)763-3336 or Buy Online Now!



Youth Mega Mouth Tee

"When I say Mega, you say Mouth!" High-quality kid's shirt, with a fun design based on one of NHMLA's most beloved specimens: the giant mega mouth shark! $17.99. Buy it in-store, by calling (213)763-3336, or Buy Online Now!





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