Research & Collections Staff Directory | Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Staff Directory

Research and Collections Office

Luis Chiappe, Senior Vice President, Research and Collections
Laura Gradillas, Finance Coordinator 
Tyler Hayden, Administrative Coordinator 
Maria Ponce, Executive Assistant (to the Senior VP of Research and Collections)
Trina Roberts, Associate VP, Collections

Anthropology (Archaeology & Ethnology)

Amy Gusick, Archaeology Curator
Chris Coleman, Archaeology Collections Manager
Kathleen Hajeian, Ethnology Collections Manager


Citizen Science

Lila Higgins, Citizen Science Manager
Miguel Ordeñana, Citizen Science Coordinator
Richard Smart, Citizen Science Coordinator



Joel “Jody” Martin, Curator and Associate Vice President, Research and Collections
Dean Pentcheff, Program Coordinator
Adam Wall, Assistant Collections Manager


Dinosaur Institute

Luis Chiappe, Director
Nathan Smith, Associate Curator
Maureen Walsh, Collections Manager
Stephanie Abramowicz, Scientific Illustrator
Alyssa Bell, Postdoctoral Fellow
Erika Canola, Senior Paleontological Preparator
Robert Cripps, Senior Paleontological Preparator
Doug Goodreau, Senior Paleontological Preparator
Pedro Mocho Lopes, Postdoctorial Fellow
Rachel Racicot, Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Jose Soler-Martinez, Paleontological Preparator
Karl Urhausen, Senior Paleontological Preparator



Gordon L. Hendler, Curator
Cathy L. Groves, Collections Manager



Brian V. Brown, Curator
Lisa Gonzalez, Assistant Collections Manager
Estella Hernandez, Assistant Collections Manager
Giar-Ann Kung, Collections Manager
Weiping Xie, Collections Manager



Greg Pauly, Associate Curator
Neftali Camacho, Collections Manager



William Estrada, Curator
John Cahoon, Collections Manager, Seaver Center
Brent Riggs, Collections Manager
Betty Uyeda, Collections Manager
Beth Werling, Collections Manager/Material Culture
Kristen Hayashi, Curatorial Assistant



Richard F. Feeney, Collections Manager

Invertebrate Paleontology

Austin Hendy, Collections Manager
Lindsay Walker, Assistant Collections Manager


Jann Vendetti, Assistant Curator and Twila Bratcher Endowed Chair
Lindsey Groves, Collections Manager



Jorge Velez-Juarbe, Assistant Curator
Jim Dines, Collections Manager
David S. Janiger, Collections Manager


Marine Biodiversity Center

Regina Wetzer, Director, Associate Curator
Kathy Omura, Collections Manager
Jenessa Wall, Assistant Collections Manager


Mineral Sciences

Aaron Celestian, Associate Curator
Anthony Kampf, Curator Emeritus
Alyssa Morgan, Collections Manager



Kenneth E. Campbell, Curator Emeritus
Kimball Garrett, Collections Manager
Allison Shultz, Assistant Curator



Kirk Fitzhugh, Curator
Leslie Harris, Collections Manager


Rancho La Brea

Emily Lindsey, Assistant Curator
Aisling Farrell, Collections Manager
Gary Takeuchi, Collections Manager
Carrie Howard, Lead Preparator
Karin Rice, Preparator 
Libby Ellwood, Research Fellow
Alexis Mychajliw, Postdoctoral Fellow
Laura Tewksbury, Preparator



Susan Oshima, Director of Collections & Research Resources, Chief Registrar
Tania Collas, Conservation Services Manager
Marina Gibbons, Assistant Conservator
Bill Mertz, Database & Reports Manager
Dave Paul, Assistant Registrar
Molly Sjoberg, Associate Registrar

Research Library

Yolanda Bustos, Archivist



Giar-Ann Kung, SEM Technician


Vertebrate Paleontology

Xiaoming Wang, Curator
Larry Barnes, Curator Emeritus
Samuel A. McLeod, Collections Manager 
Vanessa Rhue, Assistant Collections Manager
Alan Zdinak, Preparator