Entomology Research Studies | Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

<p>A phorid fly, the research group of Entomology Curator, Dr. Brian V. Brown.</p>
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Entomology Field Research

Our research is worldwide in scope, centered on the systematics of phorid flies. Above, Curator Brian Brown studies bee-killing flies attacking their hosts on palm flowers at Iguazu National Park, Argentina.


Entomology Research

Biodiversity Science: City and Nature (BioSCAN)

In 2012, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County launched a new research initiative: NHM BioSCAN. This first-of-its-kind scientific investigation will discover and explore biodiversity in and around one of the world’s largest cities: Los Angeles. Learn more >

Phorid flies

Research on the family Phoridae (Diptera), is conducted by Dr. Brian V. Brown, including National Science Foundation funded work on systematics of ant-decapitating flies, bee-killing flies, and other phorids. Learn more >

Los Angeles Spider Survey (LASS)

Our signature citizen-participation science project, the LASS invites local residents to submit spiders from their houses and backyards for our urban biodiversity inventory. See how to participate and what we have found, so far. Learn more >

Diptera of Central America

We have been involved in the study of Central American Diptera for many years, culminating in the publication of the Manual of Central American Diptera (MCAD), Volume 1 (in 2009). Here you will find further resources for the MCAD and other Central American Diptera projects. Learn more >

Hover Fly Survey of Los Angeles County

Funded by the National Park Service, and in collaboration with Dr. James Hogue of California State University, Northridge, we are conducting an inventory of the species of Syrphidae in our area. We are especially concentrating on new collecting in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Learn more>