Ichthyology FAQs | Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

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Ichthyology Contact Information

General Inquiries:

Telephone: (213) 763-3374

Rick Feeney
Collections Manager, Ichthyology

Christine Thacker
Curator, Ichthyology



Ichthyology FAQs

How do I arrange a specimen loan from Ichthyology?

 To arrange loans, schedule visits, or request radiographs or collection data, please contact Ichthyology Collections Manager Rick Feeney at rfeeney@nhm.org.  


What resources does Ichthyology maintain?

 The Ichthyology Department maintains collections of preserved fishes including approximately three million catalogued and an additional two million uncatalogued specimens. Ichthyology also maintains collections of otoliths, skeletons, cleared and stained specimes, eggs and larvae, radiographs, and extensive library resources.


Where can I see fishes on display at the Natural History Museum?

 Representatives of the three major lineages of fishes are all on display on the first floor.  Sharks (Chondrichthyes) include the deepwater pelagic megamouth, which shares a tank with a lobe-finned coelacanth (Sarcopterygii).  Actinopterygii, the ray-finned fishes, are represented by the elongate, silvery oarfish. All specimens are large and displayed in massive fluid-filled tanks, and all are males.