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This cardinalfish is part of a radiation that also includes gobies and nurseryfishes.

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Christine Thacker's Research

  Christine Thacker studies the evolution, systematics, biogeography, morphometrics, and genetics of acanthomorph fishes, specializing in gobies and cardinalfishes.  Her work has explored the evolution and relationships of gobies from intraspecific to interfamilial scales, including a phylogenetic classification of families within the order Gobiiformes.  As of June 2018, she is retired from the NHM and holds the position of Emeritus Curator. Selected publications may be downloaded below:

Thacker, C. E, C. Gkenas, A. Triantafyllidis, S. Malavasi, and I. Leonardos. 2018. Phylogeny, systematics and biogeography of the European sand gobies (Gobiiformes: Gobionellidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. pdf

Thacker, C. E. 2017. Patterns of divergence in fish species separated by the Isthmus of Panama. BMC Evolutionary Biology 17:111. pdf

Thacker, C. E. 2015. Biogeography of goby lineages (Gobiiformes: Gobioidei): origin, invasions and extinction throughout the Cenozoic. Journal of Biogeography 42: 1615-1625. pdf

Thacker, C. E., T. P. Satoh, E. Katayama, R. C. Harrington, R. I. Eytan, and T. J. Near. 2015. Molecular phylogeny of Percomorpha resolves Trichonotus as the sister lineage to Gobioidei (Teleostei: Gobiiformes) and confirms the polyphyly of Trachinoidei. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 93: 172-179. pdf

Thacker, C. E. 2014. Species and shape diversification are inversely correlated among gobies and cardinalfishes (Teleostei: Gobiiformes).  Organisms Diversity and Evolution 14(4): 419-436. pdf

Thacker, C. E. 2013. Phylogenetic placement of the European sand gobies in Gobionellidae and characterization of gobionellid lineages (Gobiiformes: Gobioidei).  Zootaxa 3619 (3): 369-382. pdf

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