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Ichthyology Contact Information

General Inquiries:

Telephone: (213) 763-3374

Rick Feeney
Collections Manager, Ichthyology

Christine Thacker
Emeritus Curator, Ichthyology




Ichthyology Resources

In addition to our main collections in Ichthyology, we maintain special collections including:

  • Giles Mead Library, over 25,000 databased reprints and books concerning the systematics, ecology and evolution of fishes
  • Fitch Otolith Collection, approximately 100,000 recent and fossil otoliths donated by the late John E. Fitch
  • Larval Fish Collection, representatives of early life history stages for approximately 20% of our 10,000 species, making us an important center for larval fish research
  • Frozen Tissue Collection, more than 1,200 tissues suitable for molecular analysis, specializing in Gobiiformes
  • Osteological Collection, 7000 skeletons representing a variety of species of fish and elasmobranchs from around the world