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Invertebrate Paleontology Staff and Research Associates

Austin Hendy, Collections Manager

Ph.D.: Geology: University of Cincinnati

M.S. Earth Sciences: Waikato University (New Zealand)

B.Sc. Biology & Earth Sciences: Waikato University (New Zealand)

After obtaining is doctorate at the University of Cincinnati, Austin was a post-doctoral fellow at Yale University, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institution, and Florida Museum of Natural History. An author on numerous scientific papers, he has conducted research in many parts of the world, but especially tropical South America. There he studies the biodiversity, biogeography and paleoecology of Cenozoic mollusc faunas. He is also interested in bioinformatics and the application of natural museum specimens and data for K-12 education. 

Katy Estes-Smargiassi, Assistant Collections Manager

Katy joined the IP team in early 2016. In 2015, she obtained her Master’s degree from the University of Florida in Museology, with a concentration in paleontology. She has experience in collections digitization as well as exhibit design and construction, and before coming to NHMLA she worked at the Florida Museum of Natural History, the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention, and the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. Her current research focuses on the paleoecology of Pleistocene scaphopod communities. Katy leads day-to-day digitization efforts for our NSF funded EPICC-TCN project, and schedules and trains our growing team of student interns and volunteers.

Lindsay Walker, Assistant Collections Manager

Before joining the LACMIP team in 2016, Lindsay worked on various curation and digitization projects at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, Natural History Museum of Utah, Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, and the American Museum of Natural History. She obtained her Master’s degree in Museum and Field Studies with a concentration in paleontology collections management in 2015. Lindsay currently leads our NSF-funded Cretaceous Seas of California project.

Edward C. Wilson, Curator Emeritus and Research Associate

Ph.D. Paleontology: University of California, Berkeley

B.A. and M.A.: University of California, Berkeley

Edward was Invertebrate Paleontology curator from 1967 to 1994. He was responsible for consolidating the major invertebrate fossil collections of Los Angeles. These included the nuculeus NHMLAC collection and those of the California Institute of Technology, the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Southern California.  His major research work described Permian age corals of North and South America. Secondary papers were about some mollusks (rostroconchs, gastropods, cephalopods, bivalves), miscellaneous other fossils, Recent reef corals of Mexico, and a variety of related subjects.  His publication list is available here.

LouElla Saul

LouElla R. Saul, Research Associate

M.S.Geology: University of California, Los Angeles

B.A. Music: University of California, Los Angeles

Prior to joining the Invertebrate Paleontology staff in 1985, LouElla Saul taught at the University of California, Los Angeles, and maintained their invertebrate fossil collections. These large collections were moved to the Natural History Museum in 1985, and Ms. Saul became Collections Manager in the Department. She became a Research Associate in 1992, after retirement, and continues to study Cretaceous and Paleocene mollusks. LouElla Saul's recent publications list is available here.

Richard Squires

Richard L. Squires, Research Associate

Ph.D. Geology: California Institute of Technology

B.S. and M.S. Geology: University of New Mexico

Richard Squires is Professor of Geology at California State University, Northridge. His research focus is on the paleontology and biostratigraphy of Late Cretaceous and early Cenozoic gastropods and bivalves from the Pacific slope of North America. Richard Squires' publications list is available here.

Robert J. Stanton, Research Associate

Ph.D.: Geology: California Institute of Technology

M.S. Geology: Harvard University

B.S. Geology: California Institute of Technology

Bob Stanton joined the Museum as a Research Associate in 2000 after retiring from Texas A&M University. He is coninuing his research into the Neogene biota of western North America. Bob's publications list is available here.

John Alderson

John Alderson, Research Associate

B.A. Philosophy and B.S. Geology: California State University, Northridge

John's main research interests are: Cretaceous ammonites of California and the west coast, Cretaceous stratigraphy of the Santa Monica Mountains, Miocene mollusks of the Santa Monica Mountains, and detailed mapping of Cretaceous, Paleocene, and Miocene rocks of the Santa Monica Mountains. John Alderson's publications list is available here.

Mary Stecheson, Former Collections Manager

M.S. Geology: California State University, Northridge

M.L.S.: University of California at Los Angeles

B.A. English: University of California at Berkeley

Mary Stecheson joined the Department of Invertebrate Paleontology in 2003 and retired in 2014. She completed a Master's Degree in geology from California State University, Northridge, studying Late Cretaceous gastropods from the Simi Hills in Southern California. While Collections Manager, she was responsible for cataloging and curating the Collection's extensive holdings of Pleistocene fossils from the West Coast of North America, under a grant from the National Science Foundation.