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Mammalogy Contacts

Jorge Velez-Juarbe, Ph.D.
Assistant Curator of Marine Mammals

Jim Dines, Ph.D.
Collections Manager
(213) 763-3400

David Janiger
Curatorial Assistant
(213) 763-3369


Mammalogy Staff

Jorge Velez-Juarbe, Ph.D., Assistant Curator of Marine Mammals

As a paleobiologist, my main research interest is the morphology, systematics, and biology of fossil and extant marine mammals. Specifically, I wish to understand the dynamics of ancient communities, so I am interested in integrating datasets from living organisms, as well as other groups of fossils. My research program uses both existing museum collections as well as national and international fieldwork expeditions to collect new material. You can find more about my research here:

Jim Dines, Ph.D., Mammalogy Collections Manager

As Collections Manager, Jim Dines oversees the day-to-day maintenance and use of the Museum's mammal collections. His interests include the natural history and evolution of terrestrial and marine mammals

David S. Janiger, Assistant Collections Manager

Dave Janiger is primarily responsible for responding to marine mammal strandings and curatorial work relating to the Museum’s marine mammal collections. Janiger has an interest in scientific libraries and maintains a bibliographic database of marine mammal literature.