Mineral Sciences - Aaron Celestian | Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

A collection of scanning electron and transmission electron microscopy images for a few zeolitic materials.
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Mineral Sciences Contact Information

Gem & Mineral Council
(213) 763-3326

Aaron Celestian, Associate Curator
(213) 763-3360

Alyssa Morgan, Collections Manager
(213) 763-3327

Tony Kampf, Curator Emeritus
(213) 763-3328

Fax: (213) 749-4107


Mineral Sciences - Aaron Celestian

Dr. Aaron Celestian's research interests are inspired by how minerals function on Earth and other terrestrial bodies. How do marine invertebrates control the precipitation of calcium carbonate to create their shells? Why do zeolites let some molecules in to their cage-like frameworks, but exclude others? How does water alter the process and products of mineral weathering on Earth and other planets? The answers to these questions lie at the intersection of geology, chemistry, and biology. As a mineralogist and geochemist, Dr. Celestian's ultimate goal is to uncover the secrets behind such processes. More specifically, the overall theme of his research is the molecular-scale characterization of Earth materials to understand their roles in a variety of environments. Dr Celestian seeks to quantify mineral surface reactivity, chemical evolution of minerals over time, and the capacity of minerals to sequester ions, crystallize, and survive in a variety of environments and on a variety of time scales. In deciphering mechanisms at the atomic and molecular level, he hopes to understand, predict, and even manipulate mineral behaviors and properties at the macroscopic scale.

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