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The Aurora Butterfly of Peace, a collection of 240 natural fancy colored diamonds

Aurora Butterfly of Peace

The Gem Vault of the Museum’s Gem and Mineral Hall is the temporary home of the world’s most fanciful butterfly, The Aurora Butterfly of Peace, from December 4, 2013 through January 6th, 2015. The rainbow colors of 240 natural fancy-colored diamonds artistically represent the figure of a butterfly. Alan Bronstein, the owner and respected curator, spent 12 years assembling this spectacular collection one stone at a time, in partnership with Harry Rodman. For over 25 years Bronstein has been one of the world’s most trusted advisors of colored diamonds to fine jewelers, designers, and private investors.

The private collection is 167 carats of natural beauty. The butterfly encapsulates a true appreciation of this beauty by emphasizing the earth’s most rare creation, the colored diamond. There are many different hues of color including purples from Russia, blues and oranges from South Africa, lime greens from Brazil, violets and dozens of pinks from the Argyle Mine in Australia. Like pieces of a rainbow frozen in time for eternity, they are hypnotic to the gaze. The Aurora Butterfly of Peace was conceived by the artist as an eternal icon of love, beauty, energy, nature, and peace. It symbolizes a spiritual connection to Earth for all mankind.

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The Aurora Butterfly of Peace, a collection of 240 fancy color diamonds arranged and curated by Alan Bronstein. Photo: R. Weldon. Copyright: GIA.

The diamonds are here showed under UV light: the colors of luminescence of the diamonds also match, to perfect the symetry of the butterfly. Photo: R. Weldon. Copyright: GIA.