About the Registrar Department | Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

<p>Registrars document the condition of objects during the deinstallation of a gallery.</p>
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Why is Our Collection Important?

The Registrar's Office is the repository for all of the original accession and loan records that date back to the opening of the Museum in 1913. Collections staff and researchers regularly consult our accession files to find background information on objects and specimens in the collections, verify accession numbers, or confirm connections between objects and specimens and the corresponding donors. 

Registrars' Contact Information

General registration-related inquiries
can be directed to:
Tel:  (213) 763-3403

Jessica Lui, Assistant Registrar
(213) 763-3472

Susan Oshima
Director of Collections & Research Resources Chief Registrar
(213) 763-3407

Molly Sjöberg, Associate Registrar
(213) 763-3403

Cassandra Vadas, Assistant Registrar
(213) 763-3406


About the Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office operates under the Research and Collections branch of the Museum. The registrars work to ensure the safety and integrity of all the collections and loans to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County family of museums, which includes the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum and the William S. Hart Museum.

The registrars maintain appropriate documentation for these artifacts and specimens, whether stored within the collections or on display. They process and update records of all collections-related transactions at the Museum, including donations, purchases, incoming and outgoing loans, exchanges, deaccessions, and field collected specimens, and report this activity each year to the Museum's Board of Governors. They administer coverage of the collections and loans under the Museum's fine arts insurance policy. The registrars are also essential to the planning and production of the Museum's exhibitions, where their responsibilities include coordination of shipping logistics and oversight of the installation and deinstallation of loan objects.