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Registrars' Contact Information

General registration-related inquiries
can be directed to:
Tel:  (213) 763-3403

Jessica Lui, Assistant Registrar
(213) 763-3472

Susan Oshima
Director of Collections & Research Resources Chief Registrar
(213) 763-3407

Molly Sjöberg, Associate Registrar
(213) 763-3403

Cassandra Vadas, Assistant Registrar
(213) 763-3406

Why is Our Collection Important?

The Registrar's Office is the repository for all of the original accession and loan records that date back to the opening of the Museum in 1913. Collections staff and researchers regularly consult our accession files to find background information on objects and specimens in the collections, verify accession numbers, or confirm connections between objects and specimens and the corresponding donors. 


Registrar's Office FAQs

How do I proceed with making a donation to the Museum's collections?

Prospective donors should contact the appropriate collections department Curator directly. If you don't know which department to contact, the Assistant Registrar can assist you.

Can my artifact or specimen be authenticated or appraised by a collections staff member at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County?

The Museum is a nonprofit foundation and its employees are prohibited from authenticating and/or appraising the value of artifacts and specimens. Appraisals may be obtained from private dealers and auction houses. You may also find an appraiser through the American Society of Appraisers at

I have research material belonging to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County that I would like to return. Who should I contact? What method should I use when returning it?

It is best to contact the appropriate collections department staff directly. If you do not have the department's contact information, the Assistant Registrar can assist you. The collections staff can advise you of the preferred packing and shipping method for return of the loan material.

How do I request an extension of the loan for research material that is currently under my care?

Please contact the lending collections department staff directly for consideration of a loan extension.