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Red Rock Canyon Giraffe-like Camel

Giraffe-like Camels
Camels are one of the most diverse group of herbivores in the Red Rock Canyon area. Four species are known from the Dove Spring Formation. Especially striking is a large camel that grew a long neck very much like the modern giraffes. Such a long neck is probably used for reaching to tree leaves.

This canon bone (third and fourth metapodials) and toes belongs to a rather large individual of camel. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County specimen number LACM 140850.

Did you know?
The fossils of prehistoric animals during the past 7-12 million years ago can be found entombed in the sediments, including extinct elephants, rhinos, three-toed horses, giraffe-like camels, saber-toothed cats, and bone-crushing dogs. There are also fascinating small creatures such as ancestral skunks, alligator lizards, and shrews.