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Red Rock Canyon Rhino

Extinct Rhino
Teleoceras had limbs that were very short and stout and an enormous and rounded ribcage.  The overall appearance was similar to the modern Hippopotamus and a similar semiaquatic lifestyle has often been envisioned. Recent studies discount this in favor of a purely terrestrial lifestyle, which is supported by dental features suggesting a grazing diet. Teleoceras has been found in much of the western United States during the late Cenozoic.


Left lower jaw of an extinct rhino Teleoceras meridianum showing four complete cheek teeth (one premolar on the left end and three molars to the right). Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County specimen number LACM 59613.

An artist reconstruction of Teleoceras (adopted from

Did you know?
The fossils of prehistoric animals during the past 7-12 million years ago can be found entombed in the sediments, including extinct elephants, rhinos, three-toed horses, giraffe-like camels, saber-toothed cats, and bone-crushing dogs. There are also fascinating small creatures such as ancestral skunks, alligator lizards, and shrews.