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Sleepover Consent Form



We, the group of adults and children registering for this event, hereby apply to be admitted into the Sleepover program of the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History Foundation at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum in Expo Park or The La Brea Tar Pits and Museum (Collectively “Museum”) on February 22, 2019 (event date) from 6:30 pm until 9:00 am. We understand that we will be working under the direction of Museum Staff and our group leaders at the Museum. We agree that participation in this program will be subject to all rules of the Museum.

In consideration of being allowed by the Museum to participate in the Sleepover (the “Program”), we hereby agree that:
  • We understand that all chaperones must be at least 21 years of age and all child participants must be between 5 and 12 years old. We understand that the Museum limits all entry to these age ranges and cannot accommodate siblings younger than 5 or older than 12 years of age.
  • We understand that video production and/or photography may be conducted during the Program. We grant full and irrevocable consent to the Museum and those acting under its permission or upon its authority, the unqualified right and permission to reproduce, copyright, publish, or otherwise use my photographic likeness for any Museum purpose.
  • We understand and expressly assume the risk of any and all damage, injury, death, or harm which may occur to participants and/or participants’ property.
  • We understand that Museum staff is not responsible for performing medical procedures with respect to any participant, and is not responsible for administering medical assistance or aid to me or anyone in my group.
  • We agree to accept and abide by the rules and regulations of the Program as established by the Museum and to adhere to the direction of the Museum’s representatives.
  • We understand that alcohol and drugs (including but not limited to marijuana) are not permitted on Museum premises
  • We understand that outside food is only allowed in designated areas on Museum property.
  • We understand that the Museum reserves the right to discard any property that is left behind after the Program and is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • We understand that Sleepovers are open to all genders, and adult chaperones and child participants of all genders will sleep in the same room.
  • We forever release and discharge the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History Foundation and the County of Los Angeles and their officers, directors, employees, agents, assigns, and insurers from any and all claims or liability based upon alleged negligence arising out of or in connection with my participation in the Program. This release includes negligence that results in personal injury, death, or property damage during or in connection with the Program or activities, but does not include claims for gross negligence. This release will be constructed according to the law of the State of California. This Permission and Release shall inure to the benefit of licenses, agents, representatives and assigns of the Museum, and shall be binding upon myself, my relatives, my heirs, estate, personal representatives, and assigns.
  • Per Museum policy and for the safety of all of our guests, only Sleepover participants and authorized Museum personnel are allowed into the Museum during the Sleepover Program. Anyone who is not registered in the Program will not be permitted into the Museum as part of the Sleepover Program, including parents who are dropping-off their children.
  • Refunds for cancellations will not be given at any time. Should this Program be cancelled for any reason by the Museum, a full refund will be given.

We understand by not agreeing to the above, we will not be able to attend the Sleepover event.
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