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First Fridays 2024

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First Fridays 2024:
From Feelings to Pheromones

First Fridays Returns March 1, 2024

Join us this season as we explore the forces that shape the behaviors of life forms large and small. From reproduction and propagation in the natural world to the sex life of other species, we'll untangle the constructs of gender, feelings and pheromones. We’ll also explore some of the predicaments facing all species of life, including over- and under-population, and offer doable solutions that we can all participate in. 

2024 Season 

ANIMAL LOVE | March 1, 2024

What mating rituals do humans and other creatures of the animal world have in common? Explore the art of wooing and the science of flirting.

THE NATURE OF GENDER | April 5, 2024 

Breaking down the history, myths, and assumptions of gender in the natural world. What is the diversity of sexual systems in animals?  


Evaluate the human relationship with plants and discover how micropropagation impacts the plants in our lives. Let's investigate how cloning plants affects the greater biosphere. 

HOW WE MULTIPLY | June 7, 2024 

The Earth's population has reached 8 billion humans. What does that mean for this planet? Examine the connections and misunderstandings regarding population and climate change. How can we address data in terms of societal impact, policies, and equitable solutions? 

Upcoming Event:

From Feelings to Pheromones in capital levels over a pink, blue, red, and turquoise watercolor background

June 7, 2024

Featuring live music, DJ sets, live discussion on animal mating habits, sensory lounge, food trucks, cocktails, and pop-up experiences. 


We aim to make NHM an exciting, educational, and enjoyable experience for everyone. If you have any questions about your visit and the accessibility services we offer, contact our Call Center at 213.763.3466 or email info@nhm.org

Our Host and Moderator 

Dr. Yewande Pearse 2024 NEW

Dr. Yewande Pearse is a neuroscientist, public speaker, and science communicator. She has over twenty years of research experience in various facets of Neuroscience, specializing in developing innovative therapeutic approaches for rare genetic brain disorders at leading institutions such as the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience at King's College London, and The Lundquist Institute at Harbor-UCLA. With an intimate understanding of the brain, Yewande finds joy in breaking down its mind-boggling intricacies to create compelling and culturally relevant content that is accessible for everyone through public programming, public speaking, podcast, video and written media. Driven by a mission to redefine where science storytelling belongs and a belief in the power of science to connect people and communities, Dr. Pearse has collaborated with a diverse array of organizations. These include the Sundance Film Festival, Headspace, The Natural History Museum, California Science Center, Female Collective, TEDMED, DEEM Journal, Grow Magazine, Dublab Radio, and NTS Radio. Beyond her independent science communication work, Yewande has contributed to driving innovation in the biotech industry at Amgen and currently supports scientists and non-profits in sharing their scientific insights with wider audiences at Stellate Communications.

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FF2022 July 1 - Food Trucks
FF2022 July 1 - Main Stage/Vegyn/Audience
FF2022 July 1 - Main Stage

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 First Fridays returned LIVE and IN PERSON to NHM in 2022:


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