Digitized Collections

You can search or browse data and images for parts of our large collection of specimens and artifacts through our own website at collections.nhm.org or through external sites. In many cases, we publish our data to regional, national, or international aggregator sites or platforms that help researchers find information from many institutions all at once.  

Some of our collection is not yet available online in any form.  If you have specific questions about our holdings that can’t be answered by the data available through the following links, please get in touch with the collections manager in your area of interest.

Biodiversity Specimens and Data

Visit collections.nhm.org to search parts of our Dinosaur Institute, Entomology, Mineral Sciences, Rancho La Brea, Invertebrate Paleontology, and Vertebrate Paleontology collections. 

Our collections of mollusks, vertebrate animals (fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals), insects, and invertebrate paleontology are available through iDigBio—the NSF-funded center for digitized US biodiversity collections—and through the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), the international portal for biodiversity data. Search for us under institution code “LACM”, or see the following records:

Records for vertebrate animals are also available through VertNet. Search for us under institution code “LACM” or click here

Records for phorid flies are available through Phorid.net.

For extinct and extant mollusks, click here.

Search our Invertebrate Paleontology stratigraphic inventory or locality data.

Historical, Cultural, and Archival Collections

Visit collections.nhm.org to search object information and images for parts of our Anthropology (including Ethnology and Archaeology) and Seaver Center for Western History Research collections.

For additional collection information for the Seaver Center for Western History Research, visit the guide and index to the general collections (manuscript materials and ephemera) or the guide and index to the photo collection.

Collection guides, finding aids, and documentation for collections in the Seaver Center for Western History Research are also available in the Online Archive of California.

Films digitized with support from California Preservation’s California Revealed grant program are available through Internet Archive and in Calisphere.

3D Images and Data

Interactive 3D images of some La Brea Tar Pits specimens and Vertebrate Paleontology Reptilia and Amphibia holotype specimens can be accessed through Sketchfab.  Read more about this project here.

Our library & Scholarly publications

Volumes of Contributions in Science from 1957-2017 are available in Biodiversity Heritage Library.  

Search our research library catalog.  The library collection is not available for public circulation.