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Each General Collection is listed in parenthesis by number, for example (GC 1001).

In some instances, a General Collection relates to a Photograph Collection. Whenever this occurs, the Photograph Collection number that corresponds to the General Collection will be noted in brackets, for example [P-1].

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Abraham Lincoln, see Lincoln
Abstracts of Title to Lands of Los Angeles County (GC 1159)
Abstracts of Title to Rancho Santa Anita (GC 1160)
Advertisements, see Celebrity Advertisements Collection (GC 1293)
Aerial Navigation Scrapbook Pages, ca. 1906-1909 (GC 1215)
Albertson Clippings Collection (GC 1028)
Alcalde/LA County Court Records, 1830-1860 (GC 1164)
Alhambra High School Yearbook, 1978 (GC 1304)
Allard, Gladys Stanley Collection (GC 1320)
Alpert, Louis Collection (GC 1374)
Ambassador Hotel, see Stinchfield, Jean, Ambassador Hotel Publicity (GC 1142)
“America!” Scrapbook, 1918-1927 (GC 1184)
American Legion Scrapbook, 1941-1954 (GC 1234)
American Revolution Bicentennial Collection (GC 1133)
American Smelting and Refining Company (ASARCO) Collection, 1910-1930 (GC 1185)
American Women Collection (GC 1275)
Amet, E.H., Collection (GC 1220) [P-42]
Ancient Order of United Workmen Ledgers, 1883-1899 (GC 1166)
Animation Collection (GC 1108)
Antelope Valley, Lancaster, Kern Country Scrapbook (GC 1123)
Appointments, Diplomas, and Certificates (GC 1174)
Armed Services Catalogue of Medical Materials, 1949-1952 (GC 1167)
Armstrong, Fred, Papers (GC 1076)
Arroyo Seco Region, Scrapbooks on the Development of (GC 1370)
Articles of Capitulation at Cahuenga: photocopies and other materials, 1847 (GC 1366)
Ashby, Dillu, Collection (GC 1294)
Associations, Clubs, etc. (GC 1233)
Automotive Literature Collection (GC 1337)
Automotive News, Slocum Publishing Co. (GC 1385)
Aviation Collection (GC 1089)
Avila Family Papers (GC 1239)
Avila, Josefa Papers (GC 1318)
Baker, Samuel K., Letters (GC 1203)
Balch, Alan C., Papers, 1920-1942 (GC 1059)
Barnes, Gerard, Collection (GC 1173)
Bausch & Lomb Optical Company Prints (GC 1230)
Behrendt Christmas Card Collection (GC 1100)
Behrendt Manuscript Collection (GC 1325) [P-10]
Bennett, Grace Sheet Music Collection, 1891-1957 (GC 1261)
Berkeley Student Protest Collection, 1969-1973 (GC 1153)
Berg, August, Military Papers (GC 1104)
Bernal and Fisher Survey Records (GC 1210)
Bicentennial, see Washington, George, Bicentennial Collection (GC 1271)
Big Little Books Collection (GC 1372)
Birken, Cordelia Matheson and Leonard E., Correspondence (GC 1225)
Blackton, J. Stuart Collection on Vitagraph Company of America (GC 1091) [P-136]
Blanchard Collection (GC 1022)
Bonelli, Frank, Collection (GC 1032)
Book and Magazine Advertisement Collection (GC 1144)
Book of Drawings of Public School Children (GC 1179)
Boston Massacre Oration, 1774 (GC 1371)
Bowles, Theodore C., Military Records, 1863-1867 (GC 1244)
Brands and Counterbrands Collection (GC 1339)
Broadus/Field Western Sketches (GC 1249)
Brown, William L., Collection (GC 1054)
Bryan, William Alanson, Collection (GC 1062)
Buell, Frank A., Collection, 1905-1919 (GC 1071)
Burge, Dr. Martin, Collection (GC 1017)
Burge, Martin H., Civil War Collection (GC 1245)
Burials, Los Angeles Register of, 1868-1885  (GC 1302)
Burmeister, Laura, Diaries, 1904-1907 (GC 1063)
Burt, Burton O., Collection (GC 1305)
Business Card Collection (GC 1260)
Business Ephemera Collection (GC 1299.1)
Business Men’s Art Institute of Los Angeles, Art Beacon Publications (GC 1376)
Butler Collection (GC 1031)
Cabrillo, Juan Rodriquez, Collection (GC 1105)
Calendar Collection (GC 1046)
California Army and Navy Posts, Research Files (GC 1214)
California Hardware Catalogues (GC In Progress) Collection Not Available.
California Immigration and Settlement Papers (GC 1348)
California Place Names Collection (GC 1122)
California Real Estate Exchange Letter Copying Books (GC 1204)
California Wanted Posters Scrapbook, 1919 (GC 1224)
Call/Sisk Collection (GC 1052)
Cannon, Ray, Collection (GC 1331)
Cathcart, D.G., Collection (GC 1379)
Cattle Brands Collection (GC 1279)
Cattle Brands, Drawings of (GC 1279.1)
Celebrity Advertisements Collection (GC 1293)
Chadwick Photographs Collection (GC 1158)
Chaplin, Charlie, Scrapbook (GC 1187) [P-181]
Cigar Bands, 1922-1925 (GC 1213)
Civil War Manuscript Collection (GC 1085)
Collection on W.K. Laurie Dickson and the Biograph Company (GC 1285)
College Women’s Club of Pasadena Yearbooks and Bulletins (GC 1268)
Collins, Holdridge, Ozro, Scrapbooks, 1857-1924 (GC 1136)
Conal, Robbie Art Collection (GC 1319)
Concordia Club Minutes of Meetings, 1891-1918 (GC 1172)
Conkling, Roscoe, Papers, ca. 1904-1971 (GC 1006)
Conservative Political Direct Mail Collection (GC 1197)
Coronel, Antonio F., Papers (GC 1001) [P-157]
Cosmopolitan Hotel Register, 1882-1883 (GC 1211)
Costume Sketches Collection (GC 1273)
Coy, Owen C., Collection (GC 1003) [P-35]
CRA/LA Collection of Original Art on Paper (GC 1359)
Cryer, George E. Papers (GC 1333)
Curtis, Edward, Manuscript: “The North American Indian” (GC 1143)
Dagget, Frank S., Collection, 1903-1911 (GC 1043)
Daily News Collection (GC 1065)
Danforth, Russell E., Scrapbook, 1918-1919 (GC 1221)
Darling Motor Company Records (GC 1361)
Davies, Marion, Scrapbooks (GC 1150)
Deakin, Edna and Dorothy, Correspondence (GC 1378)
Deakin, Edwin, Mission Sketches (GC 1176)
Death Valley 49ers Committee Records, 1951-1961 (GC 1055)
De Forest, Lee, Scrapbook, 1919-1924 (GC 1189)
Del Valle Family Papers (GC 1002) [P-14]
Denker, see: Hammel and Denker Collection, 1880s-1905 (GC 1025)
DeWolf, Wallace L., Etchings (GC 1229)
Despart, Peter Aguilar, Papers (GC 1393)
Dickson, W.K. Laurie, see Collection on W.K. Laurie Dickson, GC1285
Disney, Walt, Collection (GC 1295)
Dixon, Maynard, Collection (GC 1246)
Ducommun, Charles Louis, Collection, 1839-1977 (GC 1149)
DuShane Stock Certificate Collection (GC 1206)
Dunlap, Jonathan D., Papers, 1868-1890 (GC 1008)
Duryea, Charles E. and J. Frank Duryea Papers (GC 1362)
Earhart, Amelia, Papers, 1853, 1928-1947 (GC 1061) [P-37]
Earl Theisen Collection on the History of Motion Pictures (GC 1338) [P-190]
Early Mexican Imprint Collection (GC 1147)
Early Printing Examples Collection (GC 1182)
Early Spanish American Imprint Collection (GC 1360)
Earth Ceremony, see: International Earth Ceremony Scrapbook (GC 1148)
Earthquakes Scrapbook, 1925-1927 (GC 1186)
El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, Los Angeles Fire Department Records (GC 1380)
Emancipation Proclamation (GC 1151)
Emerson, F.W., “Ninety Years of Law Enforcement…” (GC 1226)
Ephemera Collection (GC 1299)
Estrada, William, Research Collection on Dr. Ernesto Galarza (GC 1345)
Exhibit Artifacts (GC 1324)
Expositions and Fairs, 1892-1974 (GC 1351)
Express Mail Collection, ca.1869-1966 (GC 1049)
Factor, Max, Collection (GC 1292) [P-239]
Farnum, William, Collection (GC 1093)
Federal Art Project Collection (GC 1315)
Feeder Collection of Motion Picture Costume Sketches, 1920s-1930s (GC 1273.1)
Ferry, William M., Papers (GC 1263) [P-201]
Fields, Jackie, Boxing Scrapbook (GC 1394)
Fine Arts League Records, 1905-1919 (GC 1057)
Fire Department (see El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument)
First Aid and Civil Defense Collection (GC 1296)
Florence Hotel Register, 1889-1927 (GC 1125)
“Four-Minute Men” Records (GC 1134)
Franklin, Dwight, Collection (GC 1004)
French Canadians and the West Research Notes (GC 1047)
French Military Scenes (GC 1119ov)
G.A.R. Register of Visitors, 1886-1887 (GC 1217)
Gehring, Fred, Letters, 1957-1963 (GC 1191)
General Map Collection (GC 1310)
Gift Books (GC 1200)
Goebel, Arthur C., Papers (GC 1079) [P-56]
Goodman, John Bartlett, Collection (GC 1231) [P-13]
Government Publications Collection (GC 1037)
Graves, Jackson A., Collection (GC 1152)
Greater Los Angeles New Car Dealers Association (GC 1377)
Greeting Card Collection (GC 1048)
Griffen, Harold H., Collection of Political Cartoons (GC 1180)
Hall, Dick Wick, Papers, 1917-1926 (GC 1056)
Hamilton, Lucretia Breazeale, Cactus Illustrations (GC 1357)
Hamlin, Homer, Correspondence, 1905-1917 (GC 1218)
Hamlin, Ralph, Collection (GC1342) [P-115]
Hammel & Denker Collection, 1880s-1905 (GC 1025)
Hart, William S., Collection (GC 1353)
Hart, William S., County Park Research Files, ca.1950s (GC 1192) [P-98]
Hart, William S., Papers, ca. 1889-1947 (GC 1012) [P-75]
Helms Autograph Collection (GC 1113)
Helms Bakery Collection (GC 1291)
Hennings/Sweeney Collection (GC 1072)
Heyning, John, Phonograph Record Collection (GC 1301), see also (GC 1058)
Hinman, M.L., Deed Collection, 1681-1844 (GC 1254)
Historic American Buildings Survey (GC 1212)
Historic Sites Surveys (GC 1323)
Historical Landmarks Committee of Los Angeles County Records, 1943-1961 (GC 1050)
Historical Society of Southern California Collection (GC 1321) [P-266]
Historical Society of Southern California Collection (2018 Donation) (GC 1383)
History of the National Guard Collection (GC 1077)
Hodge Family Papers, ca.1840-1900 (GC 1045)
Hollywood Park Collection (GC 1358)
Hollywoodland Papers (GC 1389)
Home Front Collection (GC 1068)
Horse Racing Record Book (GC 1247)
Howell, Anne, Collection (GC 1327)
Hudson, Joseph Trevitt, Estate Records (GC 1106)
Hudson Family Papers, ca. 1887-1907 (GC 1021)
Hughes, David M., Diary, (1938-1939) (GC 1109)
Index of American Design (GC 1157)
Indian Tribes of North America Lithographs (GC 1222)
Ingham Map Collection (GC 1257)
International Earth Ceremony Scrapbook (GC 1148)
International Lyceum Association (GC 1241)
Japanese Friendship Doll Records (GC 1335)
Jorgensen, Chris, Collection (GC 1202)
Jones, Julius, Papers, ca. 1820s-1860s (GC 1039)
Kennedy, Mary Alice (compiler) Scrapbook (GC 1207)
Klein, Barbara, for Los Angeles City Council, Records (GC 1078)
Krythe, Maymie R., Scrapbook Collection (GC 1023)
Kurz Papers on John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign, 1960 (GC 1352)
La Fiesta, see Meyberg/La Fiesta de Los Angeles Scrapbook (GC 1178)
Laemmle, Carl, Collection (GC 1300)
Laemmle, Carla, Collection (GC 1278)
Lando Estate Collection (GC 1080)
Lauber, Philip J., Military Records, 1860-1926 (GC 1235)
Lawrence, Florence, Papers, 1904-1930 (GC 1011) [P-169]
Lawrence, Justus Baldwin, Collection (GC 1356)
Lee, Don, Scrapbooks (GC 1382)
Lemmon, Theodore G., Papers (GC 1034) [P-65]
LeRoy Motion Picture Patents Collection (GC 1208)
Liberty Loan Census Collection (GC 1036)
Lithographs, Engravings, and Etchings (GC 1312)
Lincoln, Abraham Documents Collection (GC 1326)
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Collection (GC 1336)
Los Angeles Conservancy Collection (GC 1281)
Los Angeles County Courthouse Cornerstone Collection (GC 1053)
Los Angeles County Great Registers (GC 1289)
Los Angeles County Hospital Birth Registration Book, 1916-1920 (GC 1252)
Los Angeles County Incorporation Records (GC 1145)
Los Angeles County Incorporation Records (Second Series) (GC 1145.1)
Los Angeles County Jail Registers, 1887-1914 (GC 1177)
Los Angeles County Poll Lists, 1886-1889; Index to 1880 census (GC 1168)
Los Angeles County Poll Tax Records (GC 1266)
Los Angeles County Tax Collectors Office Records, 1883-1938 (GC 1169)
Los Angeles County Taxpayers’ Guides (GC 1290)
Los Angeles Fire Department Collection (GC 1170) [P-79]
Los Angeles History Scrapbooks (GC 1367)
Los Angeles Motor Car Company Business Records, 1908-1912 (GC 1375)
Los Angeles Photochromers Scrapbooks (GC 1237)
Los Angeles Public Library Collection (GC 1282)
Los Angeles Registry of Burials, 1869-1885 (GC 1302)
Los Angeles Schools Collection (GC 1284)
Los Angeles Smog Scrapbook, 1967-1970 (GC 1242)
Los Angeles Smog Scrapbook, 1970-1971 (GC 1242.1)
Los Angeles Town Bicentennial Collection (GC 1314)
Lovejoy, Louie D., Scrapbook, 1917-1919 (GC 1081)
Lupo, Paul F., Papers (GC 1328)
Luz y alegria, the Pan-American quarterly (Culver City, Calif.) records (GC 1388)
McFarland, Munroe, Collection (GC 1135)
McKeag, C.E., Mayor’s Office Letterpress Books, 1905-1908 (GC 1261) 
McKinnon, M.H., Papers, ca. 1910’s-1960’s (GC 1029)
Maguire, J.C., Company Records and Photographs Collection (GC 1373)
Mallard Papers on the Bank of Finance (GC 1381)
Maltese Falcon Script Illustrations (GC 1240)
Manuscript File
Maps, see General Maps Collection (GC 1310); see also Special Maps Collection (GC 1280)
Maxwell, Daryl, Collection of Movie Posters (GC 1286.1)
Mellus, James J., Letterpress Copy Books, 1892-1899 (GC 1044)
“Memories: Will Rogers” Scrapbook, 1879-1935 (GC 1126)
Menus, see Restaurant Menus Collection (GC 1272)
Meredith, Helen V., WWII Collection (GC 1307)
Mexican Imprint, see Early Mexican Imprint Collection (GC 1147)
Meyberg, Leah Hellman, Scrapbook, ca. 1885-1901 (GC 1132)
Meyberg, Max/ La Fiesta de Los Angeles Scrapbook (GC 1178)
Meyler, James J. and Robert G., Papers, ca. 1891-1916 (GC 1015)
Mieding, John, Business Collection on Southern California Bakeries and Four-S Bakery (GC 1392)
“Military and Political Leaders, United States, Nineteenth Century” (GC 1195)
Military (General) Manuscript Collection  (GC 1088)
Millegan, Eloise Fowler, Collection (GC 1041)
Miscellaneous Serials File (GC 1346)
Modern Mexico Scrapbook, 1919-1924 (GC 1188)
Monnette, Orra, Papers (GC 1276)
Moore, Sam, Papers, 1931-1936 (GC 1228)
Moore, William P., Los Angeles Survey Books (GC 1199)
Moreno Collection (GC 1103)
Moreno Family Collection (GC 1350)
Moses/Reed Collection (GC 1007)
Motion Picture Exhibitors' Campaign Book (GC 1288)
Motion Pictures Collection (GC 1095)
Motion Picture Programs and Memorabilia (GC 1269)
Mott, see Sepulveda/Mott Collection (GC 1027)
Mount Lowe Collection (GC 1121) [P-172]
Movie Music Collection (GC 1086)
Movie Posters Collection (GC 1286)
Movie Window Cards and Lobby Cards Collection (GC 1287)
Mudrick, Harvey and Lois, Collection (GC 1306)
Murdock, William, Letters (GC 1256)
Music, see Sheet Music Collection (GC 1297)
Nash Motors Company Records (1344)
National Guard, see History of the National Guard Collection (GC 1077)
Nebel, Carlos, Lithographs (GC 1181)
New, Thomas E., Papers, 1901-1963 (GC 1101)
New United States Hotel Registers, 1890s (GC 1259)
Newspaper Collection (GC 1313)
Nichols Theater Program Collection (GC 1030)
Nineteenth Century European Urban Scenes (GC 1117
Nineteenth Century Magazine Illustrations Collection (GC 1194)
Ninety Years of Law Enforcement GC 1226)
Oakley, Laura Papers (GC 1090)
Ocean Cruise Tour Pamphlet Collection (GC 1094)
Official Bulletin Collection (GC 1074)
Oki Family Papers (GC 1391)
Olympic Games (2012) Collection (GC 1354)
Olympics Collection (GC 1014)
Olympics Materials Collection (GC 1138)
O'Neill, Dan Collection (GC 1341)
Orozco, Jose Clemente Prints (GC 1332)
Owens, Charles, Sketches (GC 1171)
Pan American Exposition (Buffalo, NY, 1901) Scrapbooks (GC 1163)
Paper Currency Collection (GC 1141)
Park Villa Tract Collection, 1887-1964 (GC 1190)
Patent Collection (GC 1092)
Pease, Hattie A., Papers, 1861-1894 (GC 1201)
Pelton, George S., Papers (GC 1019)
Pénélon, Henri Tax Records (GC 1334)
Performing Arts Collection (GC1343)
Peters, T.K., Collection (GC 1026) [P-148]
Philatelic Collection (GC 1140),  see also Rubin Philatelic Collection
Philippines Veterans Claims Collection (GC 1067)
Phonograph Records Collection (GC 1058), see also (GC 1301)
Photochromers, see Los Angeles Photochromers Scrapbooks (GC 1237)
Photographers’ Catalogues (GC 1131)
Picher, Anna Bell Collection (GC 1251)
Pierce, Dwight, Papers, 1896-1953 (GC 1060)
Plaisted, Joseph, Military Records (GC 1236)
Political Cartoons, see Griffen, Harold H., Collection of Political Cartoons (GC 1180)
Political Materials Collection (GC 1137)
Pollia, Murial Collection (GC 1330)
Portrait Print Collection (GC 1120)
Post, Nathan W., Collection (GC 1267)
Presidents of the U.S. Ephemera Collection (GC 1347)
Price, Nelson C., Collection, 1930-1949 (GC 1051)
Print Collection (GC 1193)
Printing Samples Collection (GC 1243)
Produce Label Collection (GC 1066)
Prohibition Collection (GC 1175)
Provincias Internals Collection (GC 1111)
Prudhomme, Charles J., Papers (GC 1238) [P-260]
Pusey, M.J., Newspaper Articles (GC 1262)
RKO Studios Collection (GC 1311)
Railroad Manuscript Collection (GC 1096)
Real Estate Course Material, see University of Southern California Correspondence Course in Real Estate, Course Material, 1927-1928 (GC 1075)
Reeme, Daniel E., Diaries, 1863-1864 (GC 1227)
Reid, Hugo, Collection (GC 1110)
Restaurant Menus Collection (GC 1272)
Rhode Collection (GC 1013)
Rivera, Diego, Prints (GC 1118)
Rhoades (J.V.) Employment Agency Records (GC 1363)
Roberts, Josephine, Collection (GC 1298)
“Rocket 86” Film Promotion Press Books (GC 1270)
Rogers, Will, see “Memories: Will Rogers” Scrapbook, 1879-1935 (GC 1126)
Rubin Philatelic Collection (GC 1099), see also Philatelic Collection (GC 1140)
S&H Green Stamps Collection (GC 1316)
Savings Stamps Collection (GC 1316.1)
San Francisco Theaters Scrapbook, 1889-1888 (GC 1258)
Scotti Collection of Costume Design (GC 1273.2)
Scoville, Ogden, Collection (GC 1020)
Scrapbooks on the Development of the Arroyo Seco Region (GC 1370)
Seaver (Mrs. Frank R.) Family Papers (GC 1384)
Sepulveda /Mott Collection (GC 1027)
Sepulveda and Guirado Papers (GC 1329)
Set Design Sketches and Storyboards (GC 1303)
Shearman, Warren C., City Views Collection (GC 1115)
Sheet Music Collection (GC 1297)
Sights and Scenes of the Philippines (GC 1232)
Sinclair, Upton, Scrapbook (GC 1368)
Soldiers' and Sailors' Replacement Bureau Records (GC 1116)
Sons of the Revolution Programs, 1891-1913 (GC 1038)
Sons of Veterans, U.S.A., California Division (Los Angeles) Records, 1885-1901 (GC 1064)
South Land Mining Association Records (GC 1253)
Southern California Aircraft Industry Employee Newspapers (GC 1364)
Southern California Historical Societies Collection (GC 1073)
Southern California Tourism Collection (GC 1317)
Southwest, Scrapbook on the (GC 1369)
Spanish (Early) American Imprint Collection (GC 1360)
Spanish American War Collection (GC 1349)
Spear, see Tirrel/Spear Collection (GC 1042)
Special Maps Collection (GC 1280)
Spicer, Miriam, Papers (GC 1183) [P-95]
State Council of Defense, Women’s Committee Records (GC 1129)
Steckel, George, Photograph Order Book Collection (GC 1107) [P-50]
Stening, Gladys, Papers (GC 1033)
Stewart Collection on Southern California Public Transit (GC 1355)
Stinchfield, Jean, Ambassador Hotel Publicity (GC 1142)
Stock Certificate Collection (GC 1219)
Story of the War of 1898 Scrapbook (GC 1128)
Street and Road Maps (GC 1165)  
Stutz Automobile Scrapbook, 1913-1919 (GC 1264)
Sweeney, see Hennings/Sweeney Collection (GC 1072)
Synchronous Club Minutes, August 1915-September 1921 (GC 1255)
Talley Presidential Autograph Collection (GC 1114)
Teague/Wakefield Collection (GC 1035)
Tech (General) Manuscript Collection (GC 1097)
Temple, Thomas, Collection (GC 1010)
Tenth Olympiad Scrapbook (GC 1932, GC 1198)
Theater in Los Angeles Scrapbook, 1886-1924 (GC 1155)
Theater Program Collection (GC 1037)
Theater Program Collection (GC 1146)
Theisen, Earl, see Earl Theisen Collection on the History of Motion Pictures, GC 1338
Theodore Roosevelt Camp #9 Collection (GC 1082) [P-19]
Tibbets Family Collection, 1932-1937 (GC 1018)
Timetable Collection (GC 1024)
Tirrel/Spear Collection, ca. 1728-1863 (GC 1042)
Tlaxcala Excise Tax Records 1780-1804 (GC 1156)
Trade Catalogues Collection (GC 1274)
Truman, Benjamin Cummings, Scrapbooks, 1875-1885 (GC 1139)
Turner, Florence, Scrapbooks, 1910-1928 (GC 1016) [P-90]
United States California Boundary Field Books (GC 1162)
United States Depression Scrip Collection (GC 1112)
University of Southern California Bulletins Collection (GC 1283)
University of Southern California Correspondence Course In Real Estate, Course Material, 1927-1928 (GC 1075)
Upham, Golden Gurley Collection (GC 1098) [P-28]
Van Guysling, George E. Collection (GC 1340)
Vander Leck, Mrs. Georgie Mott, Collection (GC 1308)
Videotapes Collection (GC 1277)
Vignes Family Papers (GC 1248)
"Vignettes of Los Angeles" Manuscript by Sidney B. Reeve (GC 1223)
Wade, Charles J., Account Books, ca. 1872-1909 (GC 1161)
Waldeck, Jacob E., Theater Scrapbook, 1903-1904 (GC 1154)
Walters, Kim, Phonograph Records Collection (GC 1390)
Wanted Posters, 1911-1917 (GC 1224.1)
War History Committee of California Records, 1920-1921 (GC 1070)
War History Committee for Los Angeles County Records, 1914-1921 (GC 1130)
War of 1898, see Story of the War of 1898 Scrapbook (GC 1128)
Washington, George, Bicentennial Collection (GC 1271)
Waud, Alfred R., Collection (GC 1102) [P-27]
Welcome Collection on Commercial Iron Works (GC 1365)
Western Museums League Collection (GC 1069)
Whitlock Metered Mailing Machine Collection (GC 1265)
White, Hortense Sacriste Letters, 1874-1935 (GC 1124-A)
White, Stephen Mallory, Ledger, 1892-1899 (GC 1205)
White, Stephen Mallory, Scrapbooks, 1894-1900 (GC 1124)
Widney, Joseph Pomeroy, Scrapbooks, 1870-1890 (GC 1127)
Wills, Madeline Frances, Collection (GC 1040)
Wilson, Yolanda O., Collection of Historical Los Angeles County Government Manuscripts (GC 1387)
Wineman, Mode, Papers, 1897-1932 (GC 1005) [P-58]
Women. see American Women Collection (GC 1275)
Woodhead, William, Collection, 1860-1881 (GC 1209)
Woodworth Collection (GC 1250) [P-224]
Works Progress Administration (WPA) Historical Records Survey Collection (GC 1083)
World War I Manuscript Collection (GC 1084)
World War I Scrapbooks (GC 1196)
World War II Manuscript Collection (GC 1087)
World War Posters Collection (GC 1322)
Wosk, Miriam, Mixed Media Art Supplies Collection (GC 1386)
Wright, Dr. Lucius A., Collection (GC 1309)
York, Loraine, Collection, 1924-1928 (GC 1009)