Guide to the Photograph Collections

There are approximately 290 individual photograph collections in the Seaver Center. All together, the photographic holdings amount to more than 300,000 images recorded on different photographic media of daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, paper, glass and cellulose negatives, and a variety of paper prints.

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Each Photograph Collection is listed by number, P-1, P-2, etc. A collection title will follow the number, followed by a brief description of that collection.

In some instances, a Photograph Collection relates to a General Collection of nonphotographic items. When this occurs, a corresponding General Collection (GC) number will be noted in parentheses.

This guide is modified and updated on a regular basis.

P-1 Adam Clark Vroman (1856-1916) Collection, 1895-1912
Photographs, negatives.  Click here to view digital images.
54.7 linear feet (Boxes: letter, 5 x 7, 19 ov)

Adam Clark Vroman was an amateur photographer and bookstore owner. He made several expeditions to the Southwest from his home in Pasadena, California, to photograph the Indians in Arizona and New Mexico.  Included is a visual account of these expeditions which were led by the late Dr. Frederick Webb Hodge to the pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona. Over half of this collection deals with the ruins of ancient cliff dwellings and with the life, customs, and activities of the American Indians of the Southwest. Many are pictured in "Photographer of the Southwest" and "Dwellers at the Source." The rest of the collection is primarily concerned with Yosemite Valley, the California missions before restoration, Pasadena and surrounding areas. There are also negatives of a trip taken by Vroman to the Eastern United States. These images include Illinois, Pennsylvania, and the Library of Congress.  Vroman photographed in Japan in 1909 and in Europe in 1912. 1895-1912 (glass neg)/ 1920s-1930s (film pos).

Negatives are arranged numerically according to the number attributed by the photographer. Finding aid is arranged by series according to geographic region.

P-2 Al Greene (1906-1980) Collection, ca. 1880-1950
Photographs, negatives.
14 linear feet (Boxes: letter, ½ letter, and 3-ring binders/notebooks, 1 ov)

Commercial photographer who made some of these photographs himself, but also bought and copied many negatives from other photographers.  Some of these photographers’ collections are listed immediately below as separate series within the Greene Collection. Most of the images are of Los Angeles and Southern California, but Northern California and some other states are included.

Negatives are arranged numerically with shelf lists available.

Prints are arranged geographically in three-ring binders, integrated with the Putnam-Valentine photos.

P-2.1 Putnam-Valentine Collection, ca. 1880s-1930
Photographs, negatives.
68.5 linear feet (Boxes: letter, ½ letter, 3-ring binders)

John R. Putnam and Carlton Valentine documented the growth and development of Southern California over a fifty year period with John R. Putnam primarily handling the photography and C. O. Valentine the business end of the company. (Putnam's son, Arion Putnam, was also one of this collection's photographers.)

Collection consists of 8 x 10 glass negatives, of which 1.04 linear feet are original prints.  It covers California views, including the Los Angeles region and Southern California.  Out-of-state views include Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Orleans and San Antonio, Texas.

Subjects cover social, cultural and natural resources:  everyday life, commerce, people and buildings and the outdoors (i.e. lakes and rivers, Lake Tahoe, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Yosemite).  Also are numerous floral studies, California missions, and native peoples in the Southwest.

The negatives are arranged numerically with shelf lists available.  The prints are arranged geographically in 3-ring binders mixed with the Greene photos. Although some of the prints were made by Putnam and Valentine, most were made by Greene after he purchased the original negatives.  See also P-121 Putnam-Valentine Original Print Collection, ca. 1900-1910.

P-2.2 Frederic Hamer Maude (1858-1959) Collection, ca. 1890-1920
Photographs, negatives.  Click here to view digital images.
42.1 linear feet (Boxes: letter, ½ letter)

Includes California, Arizona, and the West. F.H. Maude was a photographer and photographic collector of the American Southwest. Relocated from England to Los Angeles, California, Maude ran a commercial photography business, acquiring local photographers’ collections in addition to his own work. This collection depicts the urban development of Los Angeles and San Francisco at the turn of the nineteenth century, as well as the rural surrounding areas and wildernesses. Native tribes of the American West are also heavily represented, with a focus on the Acoma, Navajo, Havasupai and Zuni communities. For a collection of original prints made by Maude himself see P-99. For an album of prints made by Maude see P-100. For an album of Maude prints of California Missions see P-132.

Arranged numerically.

P-002.3 Al Greene (1906-1980) Photographic Print Collection
Photographs.  Click here to view select digital images.
47 linear feet (186 three-ring binders)

Al Greene (1906-1980) was a commercial photographer in mid-twentieth century Los Angeles whose company, Al Greene & Associates, specialized in making photographic murals. He not only shot many of the photographs in this collection, but also bought the print and negative collections of retiring photographers in the region, such as Frederick H. Maude, John R. and Arion Putnam, and C.C. Pierce, among others. Consequently the range of images covered extends from 1869 into the 1950s.

The collection of approximately 13,000 prints is divided into geographical headings: Los Angeles city center; Los Angeles neighborhoods; Los Angeles County; California cities and counties; and the western United States. Later sections of the collection are arranged by subject rather than by geographic location: California Missions; Industries; Agriculture; Transportation; Schools; Houses. Within these large sections are smaller categories that focus on the history, landscape, built environment, and development of Southern California and the Southwest.

A series level finding aid is available.

P-3 Abel Fletcher (1820-1890) Collection
Photographs, negatives.
Boxes: legal, 5 x 7, postcard all in L.C.)

Consists of over 200 items that span the years from approximately 1772 to 1940, though most of the photographs themselves are undated. The bulk of the collection consists of daguerreotypes created by either Abel Fletcher or M.M. Fletcher.  Most of the daguerreotypes are portraits of unidentified individuals; however there are a few daguerreotypes of art images.  The 95 folders in the collection are arranged alphabetically by series.

P-4 Andrew Alexander Forbes (1862-1921) Collection, ca. 1890-1915
Photographs, negatives.  Click here to view digital images.
10 linear feet (Boxes: letter, ½ letter, 4 ov, ov folders in mc)

Inyo County and eastern California including landscapes; portraits of the Owens Valley Paiute tribes. First resident photographer in the Owens Valley, Forbes photographed primarily Paiute Indians and the eastern California scenery. He maintained a commercial studio in Bishop from 1902 to 1916. Forbes also made panoramic murals and scenic calendars.

Arranged numerically.

P-5 Warren C. Dickerson (1853-1936) Collection, ca. 1890s-1920
Postcard albums, negatives.  Click here to view digital images.
55.2 linear feet (Boxes: letter, 5 x 7, 3 ov).

Geographic coverage is broadly throughout the United States and also foreign locales.   About one-third of the negatives are of California; another state with a small concentration of images is New York. There are groupings by subject also.  Included are several postcard albums, one containing movie actors and celebrities.  Prints have been made of select images.

Arranged geographically by state and locality.

P-6 William Stinson Soule (1836-1908) Collection, ca. 1869-1871
Photographs, negatives.
2.5 linear feet (Boxes: letter, ½ letter).

Studio portraits of Plains Indians at the Fort Sill Indian Reservation, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, ca.1869-1871. Most images appear in publication Will Soule, Indian Photographer.

Arranged numerically. Shelf list and name index are available.

P-7 Frank Layton Washburn (1867-1950) Collection, ca. 1900-1935
Photographs, negatives.  Click here to view digital images.
2.5 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7, ½ letter).

Washburn was an inspector for the gas and electric company in Los Angeles; some photos document the company's work. Collection includes Los Angeles Chinatown photos, ca.1902-1905, significant because they feature the Chinese inhabitants whereas other photographers at the time did not photograph this group.

Also includes San Francisco Chinatown and Fisherman's Wharf, Aug. 1904 and Sept. 1910.  See also P-007.1 Washburn Lantern Slide Collection

Arranged numerically.

P-007.1 Frank Layton Washburn (1867-1950) Lantern Slide Collection, ca.1900-1935
Lantern slides.
(Boxes:  1 4x5 box)

Some slides are labeled "Los Angeles Camera Club".  Some or all of these images may also be contained in Washburn's larger collection P-007.

P-8 Postcard Collection, ca. 1895-    
65 linear feet (Boxes: postcard, 10 ov)

Alphabetically arranged by state, then by cities within each state. Also albums of postcards, including Europe, as well as some postcards arranged by subject.   This very extensive collection consists of tens of thousands of postcards.  There are about 10,300 cards on Los Angeles and Southern California alone.  ca. 1895-2000, undated; bulk is 1900-1960. See also P-5 Warren C. Dickerson Collection.

P-9 California Alligator Farm Collection, ca. 1920s-1940s
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Photographs collected by donor, Marjorie L. Eade, documenting this Los Angeles attraction, showing women and children riding on the alligators, ostriches, and in carts.

P-10 Sam Behrendt Collection, ca. 1870-1920
Photographs.  Click here to view digital images.
(GC 1325) 7 linear feet (Boxes: letter, 1 ov, ov folders in mc)

Sam Behrendt (1879 or 1880 -1940) was born in San Francisco or Los Angeles, California. His father was a German-born Los Angeles pioneer of 1852, Caspare Behrendt. He lived in Los Angeles, was married to Sadie Mosbacher Behrendt, and had a son, George. After several years working as a collector for the Pacific Light and Power Corporation, he embarked on a career in the insurance industry. He made a name for himself as a successful insurance salesman in Los Angeles in the teens and twenties. As early as 1909, he operated the Behrendt-Levy Company, which underwrote about 75% of the movie industry’s insurance.

Sam Behrendt was a Los Angeles collector of historical materials including photographs. Many of these photos were made by Charles C. Pierce. Subjects include Los Angeles and Southern California communities, San Francisco and Northern California, and some subject files. ca. 1870-1920, undated; bulk 1870s-1890s.

Arranged geographically and by subject.

P-11 Geographic file, ca. 1870-1930
Photographs, negatives.
47 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7, letter, ½ letter, legal, letter flat, ov, panoramas above mc, ov folder in mc)

Individual images (prints and negatives) not part of any other collection.

Arranged geographically.

Includes C. Scheerer Co. Scrapbook: Photo album of Los Angeles businesses, ca. 1905.

[In process]

P-12 Subject file, ca. 1870-1930
Photographs, negatives.
10 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7, letter, ½ letter, legal, ov, one panorama above mc)

Individual images (prints and negatives) not part of other collections.

Arranged by subject.

[In process]

P-13 John Bartlett Goodman, III (1901-1991) Collection, mid-20th century
Photographs, negatives
(GC 1231) 5 linear feet (Boxes: letter, flat, ov).

Goodman was active in the motion picture industry as an art director for 47 years. He worked for Paramount Studios in the 1930s and 1940s.

Location shots for motion picture projects taken mostly in southern California, other parts of California, New York City, and Virginia.  Also photos taken in Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington, D.C.  Also Europe and Tahiti.  Topical images include architecture, ranches, shipyards, transportation (aviation and rail), and the U.S. Naval Academy.  Many of the photos are location shots for various films including Wells Fargo (1937), The Howards of Virginia (1940), Alfred Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt (1943) and European locales as late as the 1950s.  1920-1956, n.d. (bulk 1928-1956)

P-14 Del Valle Collection, ca.1870s-1900
(GC 1002) 2 linear feet (Boxes: letter, flat, 1 ov).

Photos of the Ygnacio and Reginaldo del Valle families, active in California business and government in the 19th century. Includes Ysabel Varela del Valle (Reginaldo’s mother); and other family members. Mostly family photos, including views taken at their Rancho Camulos, located in today’s Ventura County, California. ca. 1851-1921, undated (bulk ca. 1870s-1900, undated).  See also P-78 for additional photographs. Part of Del Valle Family Papers (Gen. Col. 1002).

Arrangement is numerically by accession number.

P-15 Esther E. (Strauss) Lovell Collection, 1911-1916
.4 linear feet (Boxes: letter).

Photographs taken by Esther Eva Strauss (Mrs. Reuben G. Lovell) in Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas at the time of the Mexican Revolution. Pictured are soldiers, military leaders, and civilians including Francisco (Pancho) Villa, Francisco Madero, and Pascual Orozco. A number of views show dead bodies after the fighting.

P-16 Disney Transparency Collection, ca. 1940
Color transparencies.
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½-width 5 x 7).

Sixteen 4" x 5" color transparencies of scenes from Walt Disney's animated feature films Pinocchio and Fantasia.

Given by Walt Disney to Henry Anson Wylde of the Museum's Exhibits Division in appreciation of an exhibition at the Museum in November, 1940, entitled "Retrospective of the Walt Disney Medium."

P-17  Photo Album Collection
(Boxes: 25)

Family albums, some with mostly unidentified photos, empty pages, tintypes, cabinet cards, cartes de visite and cards. Subject matter include candid shots, children, military, pets, excursions and outings. Coverage includes California.  ca. 1860-1938, undated.

P-18 Japanese-American Collection, ca. 1900-1940s
Photographs, negatives.
3 linear feet (Boxes: letter, ½ letter, 5 x 7)

Japanese-American families of Los Angeles and Southern California, their social life and customs, in the first half of the twentieth century. Several documents are pictured, including a Japanese map dated circa 1796.  ca. 1796-1960, undated (bulk is ca. 1900-1940s).

Most of the photographs originate from six families: Akita, Fujioka, Inose, Miyatake, Tani,  and Tomio. Many of the images are of Japanese Americans and the Los Angeles area in the early 1900’s including their businesses and farms. There are also many photographs of the Japanese evacuation and relocation camps of World War II, in particular those at Manzanar (Calif.), Santa Anita (Calif.), Gila Rivers (Ariz.), and Rohwer (Ark.). Includes a 1943 high school yearbook from Amache, Colorado.

P-19 Theodore Roosevelt Camp #9 Collection
(GC 1082) 3.5 linear feet (Boxes: 4-5x7, 4-letter, ½ negative, 1-flat, 6 ov folders)

Photographs collected by members of the Theodore Roosevelt Camp #9 primarily pertaining to the Spanish-American War; the daily life and customs in the Philippines; and the Philippine Insurrection. Also a small portion of images of China and the Boxer Rebellion; Japan; the Hawaiian Islands; Cuba; Fort Snelling (Minn.) and the San Francisco Presidio. Includes real photo postcards and portraits of soldiers. 1898-1905, undated (bulk is 1898-1902).  See also GC 1082 Theodore Roosevelt Camp #9 Collection.

P-20 Lantern Slide Collection
Glass positives.
22 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter, 5 x 7)

Artificial collection of glass positives.  Scenic travel views (including national parks and buildings and monuments), motion pictures-related slides including theater announcement cards and topics including Egyptology and inventions.  1915-1929, undated.

P-20.1 Lantern Slide Collection: William S. Hart Films
Glass positives.

2 glass slides for William S. Hart films "Breed of Men" (1919) and "Whistle" (1921).  See also P-75, P-98, GC1012, GC1192, GC1353, MSS-247, MSS-251, MSS-575.

P-21 Stereographic View Collection, ca. 1900-1920s
12.5 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7)

California, and other states, plus topics such as agriculture, California missions, Indians, war scenes and La Brea Tar Pit fossils. Included are five original boxes, each formed along one edge to look like a book spine, each of which contains a set of stereos of a world tour including India. One of these boxes contains a stereo viewer.

Arranged geographically and by subject.

P-21.1 Sears Roebuck Stereographic View Collection
(Boxes: ½ 5 x 7)

37 views of the Sears Roebuck company operations.  View number 1 is R.W. Sears pictured at his desk; the verso is an address from Mr. Sears to his customers who purchased the set of 50 stereoviews along with a viewer for the satisfaction-guaranteed price of 50 cents.  This collection is lacking 11 views.

P-22 Exhibition Photos, ca. 1960s-1980s
3 linear feet (Boxes: 15 ov)

Display photos left over from various Museum exhibits, including Manzanar (1971-1972), the Lando Hall, America's Black Heritage (1969-1970), the Gold show (1987), the Los Angeles show, the Jack Alexander exhibit (1980), and an exhibit on photography.

P-23 Lyman J. Muchmore Collection, ca. 1890-1930s
.4 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

Framed photos of the Rev. Lyman J. Muchmore and family taken in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, ca. 1900.  Includes a couple of Museum views.

P-24 Native American Collection, late 19th and early 20th century
3.9 linear feet (Boxes: letter, ½ legal)

Artificial collection of prints, negatives, and albums. Covers social life and customs of native peoples primarily in California and the Southwest, but also the northwest (Spokane, Washington from 1891-1905) and the Dakota Territory. Photographic types include cabinet cards, cynotypes, glass plates and stereoviews. Most albums are annotated; some albums appear to have been compiled by workers at Indian schools (i.e. Talklai Indian School, Arizona). A large portion of the collection are negatives. 1886-1969, undated.

P-25 Stokes Collection
Photographs, negatives.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: letter, ½ letter).

Concerns the 1910 bombing of the Los Angeles Times building and the subsequent trial. Photos of individuals involved in the trial and photos of a few exhibit items. Compiled by police reporter Frank E. Stokes, including a 21-page typescript account of the crime and those accused.

P-26 Motion Picture Collection
Photographs, negatives.
(GC1095) 48 linear feet (Boxes: letter, legal, 5 x 7, flat, ov, ov folders in mc, panoramas above mc)

Primarily a photograph collection. Actor and actress stills are represented (including portraits by studio photographers, film stills, set stills and other images, as well as related programs, brochures and clippings. Early technology and experimental work in moving pictures is represented by images about camera and projection devices and their inventors. Items related to movie production include early laboratories, sound, lighting and make-up technology, ca. 1872-1971, undated.

(Various accessions, see Scope and Content)

P-26.1 Motion Picture Collection (Second Series)
(Boxes: 28 letter; 4 1/2 letter)

Film stills of head shots and production stills, published by studios, television and cable networks used for publicity purposes. Some animation and theater. Arranged by titles, topic, and people & personalities (including newscasters and reporters). ca. 1920-1992 (bulk is 1980s). See also P-26 Motion Picture Collection, P-26.2 Television, Cable & Theater Photograph Collection

P-26.2 Television, Cable, Theater Photograph Collection
(Boxes: 2 letter; 1/2 letter)

Film stills of head shots and production stills, published by television and cable networks used for publicity purposes. Includes news shows. Arranged by show titles and cable networks. ca. 1940s-1992 (bulk is 1980s). See also P-26 Motion Picture Collection, P-26.1 Motion Picture Collection (Second Series)

P-26.3 Music Photograph Collection
(Boxes: 2 letter)

Publicity stills include head shots used for publicity purposes.  20th century.  See also P-26 Motion Picture Collection, P-26.1 Motion Picture Collection (Second Series), and P-26.2 Television, Cable & Theater Photograph Collection

P-27 Alfred R. Waud Collection
(GC 1102) .4 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

Photographs of Civil War illustrator Waud, his two wives, and daughters.  ca. 1860-1899, undated.  Part of Alfred R. Waud Papers (Gen. Col. 1102).  See also MSS-441 for 2 drawings attributed to Waud.

P-28 Upham Collection
(GC 1098) (Boxes: letter, 5 x 7, 1 ov folder)

Golden Gurley Upham (b. 11-9-1898) graduated in 1918 from the State Normal School in Los Angeles and taught at the Cheremoya School in Hollywood from 1919 until retirement in 1959.

Photographs and negatives belonging to the Upham family. Includes daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, and numerous portraits taken by Los Angeles photographic studios. There are six photo albums, one with views of Simi Valley. Box 5 contains portraits of Chinese, in particular, the Sing family members in Los Angeles; one photograph of the Mon Chong & Co. storefront on Apablasa in Old Chinatown; and one of military exercises under the movement by Homer Lea. See also GC1098 Golden Gurley Upham Collection. 1880-1959, undated.

P-29 Harry Frantz Rile Collection, 1880s-1940s
Photographs, negatives.  Click here to view digital images.
1.5 linear foot (Boxes: 5 x 7, ½ letter).

Views of Southern California, particularly Santa Monica, taken by Rile.

P-30 Cowan Collection
Lantern slides, glass negatives and nitrate film.
(Boxes: 5 x 7)

Primarily scenes of Panama. ca. 1910-1913, undated.

P-31 Mule Hill Collection, ca. 1971
3.75 linear feet (Boxes: record boxes)

Rolled, aerial photos of the Mule Hill area in San Diego County taken as part of research conducted by History Division Research Associate Konrad Schreier concerning the actual location of the site of the Mexican War Battle of San Pasqual.

P-32 Olympic Games (1932) Collection
Photographs (1984 copy photos).
(GC 1014) 1.5 linear feet (boxes: letter, flat, 4 ov)

Copy photos of 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles, from the Museum's 1984 exhibit which was part of the 1984 Olympic Arts Festival.

P-33 Ida Husted Harper Collection of Susan B. Anthony Photographs, ca. 1870s-1906
.4 linear feet (Boxes: letter, 1 ov)

Photographs of Anthony, her sister Mary, and associates, such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Anna Howard Shaw, Lucretia Mott, and biographer Ida Husted Harper. Also, photos of several Anthony homes.

P-34 Hazard-Dyson Collection, ca. 1860-1905
Photographs.  Click here to view digital images.
1.25 linear feet (Boxes: 3 letter, ov folders in mc)

Views of Los Angeles and environs collected by George W. Hazard and subsequently by Verne Dyson.  See also panorama prints in mc-14.

P-35 Owen C. Coy Collection
(GC 1003) 4.59 linear feet (boxes: 11 letter)

Owen Cochran Coy (1884-1952) had a long career in the field of history. He taught at Eureka High School in Northern California (1909-1913). He served as the secretary and subsequently as director for the California Historical Survey Commission from 1915-1923. He was a professor of history at the University of Southern California from 1925-1950. Following the commission’s administrative restructuring, he served as director of the California State Historical Association (CSHA) from 1923 to 1950. He served as a state technical director of the Historical Records Survey, W.P.A. in 1936. His publication work included editing Pictorial History of California and serving as editor for the CSHA serial publication, California History Nugget.

Photographs and reproduction prints of California historic sites, landmarks, buildings (including missions and adobe structures), artifacts, industry, and people who were part of the historical narrative. Subject matter includes the age of Spanish exploration, but concentrates on California in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Most of the images were compiled in the course of publishing activities and involvement with the Historic American Buildings Survey in California (1930s) under the Works Progress Administration (WPA) ca. 1860 - 1940, undated (bulk is 1930s and undated).

See also (GC 1212), Historic American Buildings Survey, Southern California District 3. See also Gen. Col. 1003 - Owen C. Coy Collection.

P-36 Carl Victor Jonasson (1880-1960) Collection, ca. 1898-1902
Photographs, (prints are only those filed with the negatives), negatives.
2.5 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Family photos; turn-of-the century Americana.

P-37 Amelia Earhart (1898-1937) Collection, 1928-1937, 1945
(GC 1061) 1.2 linear feet (Boxes: letter, 5 x 7, 1 ov)

Comprised of six boxes and one over-sized box of black and white prints of Amelia Earhart, her family and friends and other various photographs relating to both her flights and aviation in general.  ca. 1918, 1928-1937, ca. 1945

The earliest photographs of Amelia Earhart from this collection date from circa 1918. The bulk of the photographs, however, date from 1928-1937. These include portrait photographs of Amelia Earhart, her husband George Palmer Putnam, her navigator Fred Noonan and friend Paul Mantz. There are photographs of Orville Wright, Charles A. Lindbergh, President Herbert Hoover, Lady Astor and film star Helen Hayes. The Amelia Earhart Collection also includes many photographs of the Friendship and Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Vega and Lockheed Electra planes. The latest photographs, those of Amelia Earhart's mother, Amy Otis Earhart, date from circa 1945.

Finally, this print collection includes reproductions of two letters written by Amelia Earhart to George Palmer Putnam, U.S. Coastguard radio messages concerning the disappearance of the Lockheed Electra in 1937 and a copy of Amelia Earhart's will, written before her Transatlantic flight in 1928. See General Collection 1061 Amelia Earhart (1897-1937) Papers for the originals of these reproductions, as well as numerous other papers relating to Amelia Earhart.

 P-38 A. P. Miller Collection of Indian Petroglyphs
Photographs (prints are only those filed with the negatives), negatives.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

Mojave Indian petroglyphs photographed 1927-1933 by A. P. Miller, a railroad engineer and amateur photographer who lived in Needles, California.

P-39 Drewry Tournament of Roses Collection, ca. 1953-1969
Prints,transparencies (prints are only those filed with the slides), slides, motion picture film.
3.3 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7, letter)

Color transparencies, slides, and motion picture film of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade, the Rose Bowl Game, and the Rose Queen and her Court, various years, 1953-1969. Drewry Photocolor Corporation was the official photographer for the Tournament of Roses.

P-40 E. Coll Brown Collection
Photographs; photograph album; negatives.
3.1 linear feet (Boxes: 4 letter, ½ letter, 3 5 x 7, 1 8x10)

Photos of mining, landscapes, people, social life and customs in various locales including Baja California, Eastern Sierras, Honduras, Guatamala, and New Zealand; and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire.  1901-1924, undated.

P-41 H.D. Gibbins Collection, ca. 1890-1910
Photographs, negatives.  Click here to view digital images.
2.5 linear feet (Boxes: letter, ½ letter, 5 x 7)

Views of Southern California communities particularly the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Valleys, Catalina, and coastal cities. Photographer's first name not known; last name is dubious. (“H.D. Gibbins Photos” appears on several of the photographs, but it is not known whether the photographer himself identified them or if another person did so. Captions in the same penmanship appear on all of the photographs, many of them misspelled.)

The original gift consisted of glass negatives; prints were subsequently produced from most of the negatives by the History Department.

P-42 Edward H. Amet Collection
(GC 1220) .4 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Amet's inventions, motion picture experimentation, real photo postcards of aviation from ca. 1909-10.  1895-1922, undated.  See also GC 1220 E. H. Amet (1860-1948) Collection.

Edward Hill Amet (1860-1948) was the inventor of the first practical 35mm motion picture projector, the Magniscope. He also invented other movie and sound machines. He also invented the Ethelo, a violin-like instrument.

P-43 Joseph P. Widney Collection, ca. 1880-1903
(GC 1127) 1 linear foot (Boxes: 1 letter; ½ 5 x 7, 1 ov)

Photographs of Widney residence, Manuel Dominguez's San Pedro Ranch, Los Angeles and Southern California, and others.  Also stereoviews.  See also GC1127 Joseph Pomeroy Widney Scrapbooks, 1870-1890.  See also P-269 Photographic Views Collection.

Widney arrived in Los Angeles in 1868.  He was community leader, from his founding of the city's first horse car road to his being an integral part of USC since its conception and having served as the school's second president from 1892 to 1895. Widney was Los Angeles' first health officer; he joined his brother (Judge Robert M. Widney) in founding the University of Southern California.  He also worked to develop San Pedro as the city's harbor, and served as President of the Los Angeles Board of Education and of the Los Angeles County Medical Association.

P-44 Don Louis Percival Collection, ca. 1870s-1904
1 linear foot (Boxes: ½ letter, ½ 5 x 7, 2 flat)

Photos of Native Americans in Arizona, New Mexico and California. Includes three photos by J. K. Hillers and eight by James Stevenson. There are also 27 of Zunis by Mrs. M. C. Stevenson.

P-45 Tom Powers Photo Album, ca. 1912-1914
.4 linear feet (Boxes: flat)

Photo album with stills from movies with silent screen actor Tom Powers including Susie to Suzanne, The Cylinder's Secret, The Great Diamond Robbery, The Haunted Rocker, Fanny's Melodrama & Under the Makeup. Some photos unidentified. Others featured include Florence Turner, Lillian Walker, and Clara Kimball Young.

P-46 Elizabeth Marsh Collection, ca. 1913-1917
.4 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Four photographs of logging in St. Helen's, Oregon, provided by the donor's father-in-law, Edward Payson Marsh, who was a clerk in a logging store ca.1913-1917. Persons in photographs are unidentified.

Added at a later time to the collection were two items related to the Los Angeles County Art Institute, including a pen and ink drawing by artist Millard Sheets, undated.

P-47  Adrienne Van Holt Dowling Collection
Photographs, case art.
(Boxes: letter, postcard, flat)

Photograph album, daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, cartes de visite and other photographs, primarily studio portraits of unidentified women and some children. Photographers include John McFadden and P.E. Finch of Lebanon, Ohio; C.C. Giers of Nashville, Tennessee. ca. 1859-1887, undated.

P-48 John Stoddard Portfolio of Photographs
(Boxes: 1 ov)

Photographs of city scenes around the world. Ca.1893-1894.

P-49 Pictorial California Collection, ca. 1926-1970
30 linear feet (Boxes: letter, legal, 1 ov)

Photographs from the archives of Pictorial California magazine (later renamed Pictorial California and the Pacific). Bound and loose issues of the magazine (1926-1970) are available (however there are issue gaps. The magazine heavily promoted Los Angeles and Southern California but also featured other places of interest throughout California and the Western United States. Motion picture personalities and prominent individuals were also featured. Part of the collection is arranged by date and issue number of the magazine (that is, where a photograph appeared in an issue); the balance is arranged by subject or motion picture personalities.

P-50 George Steckel Collection, ca. 1900s-1920s
Photographs, negatives.  Click here to view digital images.
(GC 1107) 120 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7, letter, ov folder in mc)

Studio portraits of Los Angeles citizens and family members, including people prominent in the community. Mostly negatives only, some original prints. See also Gen. Col. 1107 containing order books from Steckel's studio.

Arranged alphabetically.

P-51 Edward S. Curtis Collection, ca. 1910-1920s
.6 linear feet (Boxes: legal, ½ legal)

Gravure prints from volumes 2, 3, 6, 14, 16, and 17 of North American Indians, plus 3 gelatin silver prints and 5 platinum prints signed by Curtis.

P-52 Black History Exhibit Collection, 1969-1970
Photographs, negatives.
1.25 linear feet (Boxes: letter, ½ letter)

Copy photos and negatives made for the Museum's 1969-70 exhibit, “America's Black Heritage”. Many of the images are copies from books.

Arranged numerically.

A card index is available.

P-53 Industrial Technology
13.3 linear feet (Boxes: letter, flat, 1 ov)

Photographic holdings collected for reference and collection research by curators in charge of this section of the History Department. Includes aspects of transportation such as automobiles, aviation, ships, and railroads; and communications such as the history of photography. ca. 1900-1985, undated.

P-54 Maldonado Collection
Photographs, negatives.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

Primarily photos of the Jose Maldonado family in Southern California, including agriculture scenes, ca. 1900-1920.

See also MSS 494.

P-55 Slauson Collection
.4 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Four matted photographs of the home of Johnathan Sayre Slauson, 2345 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, ca. 1885.

P-56 Arthur C. Goebel (1895-1973) Photograph Collection
Photographs, negatives and film.
(GC 1079) Boxes: 22 letter (photographs); 5 oversized (photographs, scrapbooks, newspaper); 4 letter, 1 ½ letter (negatives); 5 record storage, 1 oversized, 1 letter (film reels). 1 oversized folder (photographs)

Personal collection of aviator, racer, and stunt pilot. Goebel's claim to fame was his victory in the Dole Derby, also known as the Dole Pineapple Derby, from California to Hawaii in 1927. The collection includes many publicity shots as well as family photographs. See also (GC 1079), Arthur C. Goebel Collection.

P-57 Viroque Baker (1889-1980) Collection
2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter, 6 ov)

Two hundred eighteen photographs made by Los Angeles photographer Viroque Baker, 1916-1948. She attended the Clarence White Photographic School in New York, 1916. Baker had a photographic studio on Olvera Street in Los Angeles from 1930 to 1937. She won several awards for work done for Los Angeles department stores. A number of her photos are of the early days on the revitalized Olvera Street. Other subjects include views of Europe and Mexico, construction of Hoover Dam, and displays at Bullock's Wilshire and I. Magnin stores. Also included are photographs of Agnes de Mille, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and of movie sets for Mary Pickford. Baker's mother Maude was a professional photographer in Montana and Los Angeles.

P-58 Mode Wineman (1865-1933/4) Collection, ca. 1900s-1910s
(GC 1005) 2 linear feet (Boxes: 5 ov, 2 book volumes)

Exhibit photos, matted and signed, of National Parks and the scenic western United States. Also a framed portrait of Theodore Roosevelt.

A number of contact prints are pasted into two books with typed text by Wineman (TR 647 .W 726 W.H. vol. 1 & 2).

See also (GC 1005), Mode Wineman Papers.

P-59 Elmer Clifton Collection, ca. 1910s-1920s
Photographs, album.
5.38 linear foot (Boxes: 2 letter, 1/2 letter, 2 flat, 1 ov)

Clifton appeared in D. W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation and Intolerance.

Primarily albums, postcards and negatives.  Albums contain movie stills relating to the career of silent screen star and director Elmer Clifton, including photos for the 1922 film "Down to the Sea by the Ships."  Also 16-page typescript of Clifton's reminiscences on D.W. Griffith. Location shots taken in India, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and other locales).  Some photos picture Clifton's cameraman, Alexander Penrod.   See also P-26 Motion Picture Collection

P-60 Hoopes Collection, ca. 1900-1905
Prints, slides.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

Copy slides of southwest Indians, ca. 1900-1905. Many of these images have similarities to Vroman photos, see P-1.

From the website National Anthropological Archives and Human Studies Film Archives of an entry titled: Photographs of the Southwest by Homer E. Hoopes - "Hoopes, a druggist of Media, Pennsylvania, apparently made the photographs on an excursion of a camera club that included A. Clark Vroman. Some of his photographs, platinum prints in this album, are similar or virtually identical to those of other club members." (1902)

P-61 Westwood Hills Business Village Collection, ca. 1920s
.2 linear feet (boxes: ½ letter)

Contains property development illustrations in the area of Westwood Village.

P-62 Eddie O’Donnell Collection, ca. 1913-1920
.2 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

Eighty-one black-and-white photographs of race car driver Eddie O’Donnell, some picturing the Duesenbergs that he drove, and of other race car drivers. ca. 1913 to 1920, undated.

P-63 R. Rolleston West Collection
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7)

Travel views including the Orient, early twentieth century, ca. 1920.

P-64 Olympic Games (1984) Collection
Aperture cards.
3.75 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7)

"Construction, Look, & Signage" aperture cards for the various sports and venues for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Gift of the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, 1985.

P-65 Theodore G. Lemmon (1855-1932) Collection, ca. 1885-1916
Prints, negatives.
(GC 1034) 2 linear foot (Boxes: 2 letter, 3 5 x 7)

Lemmon served as a teacher, then as superintendent of Indian Schools at San Carlos, New Mexico, at Grand Junction, Colorado, and at Keams Canyon, Arizona. He was also involved with Jesse Walter Fewkes of the Smithsonian Institution in the excavations at Mesa Verde (ca. 1916).

Photos include Taos, Grand Junction Indian School, Keams Canyon, Fort Mojave Indian School, Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings, and studio portraits.

P-66 Bransford Collection
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

15 scenes of Southern California, including Hollywood, La Jolla, Long Beach, Redlands, San Pedro, and the Westlake Park in Los Angeles; plus three of Santa Cruz, including one of General John C. Fremont and family.  1902, undated

P-67 Leadabrand Collection, ca. 1890-1910
.4 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

Loose pages from an album of photos of the Philippines, Hawaii, and the South Seas. Approximately 190 images, albumen prints, sepia-toned. Most are identified and in good condition.

P-68 Case Art Collection, ca. 1850-1910
12 linear feet (Boxes: postcard and ov in L.C.)

Daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes from various accessions. Majority of items are unidentified. Most, but not all, are in cases. See also other collections for early photographs, as many case art items were re-housed into their original collections, such as the Coronel and Del Valle collections. ca. 1842-1939, undated.

P-69 American Mutoscope and Biograph Company Collection
1.25 linear feet (Boxes: postcard in L.C.)

Six small volumes containing the catalog of Biograph films. There are three proofs each from approximately 3000 short films. Catalog includes title and running length.

P-70  Arthur Barr Collection, ca. 1970s
Photographs, negatives.
2.25 linear feet (Boxes: 2 legal, 5 x 7)

Stills from commercial film-maker Barr's educational films on California history including Indians, Rancho Life, Mining, Trapping, etc., produced in the 1970s.

List of subjects is available.

P-71 Esther Stanley Collection, 1910
Photograph album.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Album of prints from a 1910 railroad excursion trip from Boston to the Southwest and up the Pacific coast and into Western Canada. Photos appear to have been taken by various people on the trip and subsequently combined into the album.

P-72 Crary Magic Lantern Slide Collection
Glass positives.
.2 linear feet (boxes: ½-width 5 x 7)

Eleven hand-painted slides, showing people and animals, used for story illustrations. Ten fit into magic lantern projector that is part of same donation.

P-73 Pemberton Collection, ca. 1906-1907
Scrapbook and photograph album.
l linear foot (Boxes: flat letter, 1 ov)

Scrapbook of John Roy Pemberton (1884-1968) of his college days at Stanford University. There are also loose pages from a photo album showing Stanford sports teams for rugby, track and field, and rowing. Photos of away competitions show the Portland (Oregon) Rowing Club, and Vancouver, B.C., where the rugby team had a match and went sightseeing.There are also cyanotypes of earthquake damage at Stanford resulting from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Pemberton served on the Museum's Board of Governors from 1945-1963.

P-74 Film Frame Collection
5.8 linear feet

Specimens of motion picture film compiled and catalogued by Earl Theisen (1903-1973).  A portion of the collection is derived from other motion picture history donations to the museum, but most of the items were collected by the donor.  1889-1947, undated (bulk 1900 - 1933, undated)

Theisen (1903-1973) was the Honorary Curator of Motion Picture and Theatrical Arts at the then-called Los Angeles Museum for several years following 1931. He had a primary role at the museum in developing the Motion Picture Gallery. Much of the film collections in the museum’s History Department were acquired as a result of his efforts.

He was a technician at the Dunning Process Plant, a member of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers, and a member of the Society’s Historical Committee. He wrote articles for the publication "The International Photographer" from about 1932 to 1936 and also served as its Associate Editor.

P-75 William S. Hart (1864-1946) Collection, ca. 1890s-1940s
Photographs, negatives and film reels.  Click here to view select digital images.
(GC 1012) 40 linear feet (Boxes: letter, 5 x 7, 8 ov)

Photographs, negatives and film reels collected by silent screen cowboy star William Surrey Hart. Stills from Hart films; actors and actresses, including his leading ladies; portraits of Hart in his youth, his early years in New York theater and throughout his film career in Hollywood. Non-Western publicity portraits and numerous Western portraits including the iconic "Two-Gun Bill" pose. Photographs of Hart with others; family photographs of his sister Mary Ellen and son William Hart, Jr.; and fellow actors, co-stars, and friends including artist Charles M. Russell. Views of the Hart ranch in Newhall produced on contact prints: the construction of his house and after completion; the grounds; and informal shots of Hart with others. Other subject matters in the collection include Hart with his favorite horse and movie star in his own right, Fritz; the publicity tour of 1917; and the 1918 Liberty Loan Drive. ca. 1867-1949 (bulk is 1890-1949).

Includes Plains Indian photos by David F. Barry (see P-75.1 below).

See also (GC 1012), William Surrey Hart Papers.

See also P-98, William S. Hart County Park Research Files; see also P-20.1, GC1192, GC1353, MSS-247, MSS-251, MSS-575.

P-75.1 David F. Barry (d. 1934) Collection, ca. late 19th-early 20th century
2 linear feet (Boxes: letter, ½ letter, 1 ov)

Photographs of Plains Indians in the 1880s.

Barry was a Plains Indian photographer who had a studio in Bismark,North Dakota, in the 1880s. Many of his photographs are at the Denver Public Library. Barry was a friend of donor William S. Hart.

P-76  Stereoscopic Protean Views Collection
(Boxes: ½ 5 x 7)

8 items of French "diableries" (or devilments) views. ca. 1860-1900, undated.

P-77 C. C. Pierce Collection, late 19th and early 20th century
Photographs.  Click here to view digital images.
2.5 linear feet (Boxes: 6 letter, ov folders)

Photographs of Los Angeles and Southern California by prominent local photographer Charles C. Pierce. ca. 1900, undated.

P-78 Portrait Collection, ca. 1860s-1950s
Photographs, negatives.
23 linear feet (Boxes: letter, 1 flat, 2 ov; additional boxes of negatives)

Photographs and negatives. An artificial collection of portraits, mostly of southern Californians; includes tintypes, cartes de visite and cabinet cards. Photographers represented include Penelon, Pierce, Rendall, Schumacher, Steckel, and Wolfenstein. Also includes persons of national and international prominence, including United States presidents. Also includes portraits of Civil War soldiers. Many photographs are undated and unidentified.

P-79 Los Angeles Fire Department Collection, ca. 1908
Photographs, photograph album.
(GC 1170) 1 linear foot (Boxes: 1 letter, ½  5 x 7, 2 ov, 1 ov folder)

Photo album with "Los Angeles Fire Department, 1908, compiled by Edwards-Hostetler Studio" printed on cover. Assembled by Thomas A. Carmichael, Financial Secretary for the Los Angeles Firemen's Relief Association, who also provided descriptions, updated through 1944. There are also views of fire stations, portraits and group shots of firemen.

See also (GC 1170), Los Angeles Fire Department Collection.

P-80 Harrison Gray Otis (1837-1917) Philippine Islands Album, 1899
Photograph album.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 ov)

Views of the Philippine Islands, 1899, during the Spanish-American War, including Manila, battle scenes, and tourist views; with hand-written descriptions by Harrison Gray Otis, a brigade commander, U.S. Army.

See also P-240, Philippine Lantern Slides Collection.

P-81 Los Angeles County Free Library
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 2 ov)

Enlarged photographs of California Missions, Catalina Island, Mount Lowe Railway, Southern California general, and sheep. Many examples of bromide enlargements by C.C. Pierce. 19th century, undated.

The County Free Library Act of 1912 established and authorized the Los Angeles County Free Library, later to become the County of Los Angeles Public Library system.

P-82 Carleton E. Watkins (1829-1916) Collection, ca. 1880
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 ov)

Twelve mounted photographs of California missions.

P-83 Pierce/McConnell Album, ca. 1894
Photograph Album.
.4 linear feet (boxes: 1 ov)

Photographs taken by Charles C. Pierce advertising business establishments in Los Angeles, ca. 1894. The views are mostly interiors of the stores, and the images are somewhat faded. Images are available in GPF 2694 to 2802.

P-84  Panama-Pacific Exposition Collection, 1915
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 ov, 2 ov folders)

Photos from the 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco.

P-85 World's Columbian Exposition Collection, 1893
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 2 ov)

Publications from the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, the World's Columbian Exposition.  See also GC-1321.

P-86  Ramsey Collection, ca. 19th century
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 ov)

Mostly 19th-century studio stills and outdoor images of individuals and groups, including animals and a tree, undated.  See also P-114.  See also Ramsey images in Photos Arranged by Accession Number.

P-87 Elizabeth J. Harris Collection, ca. 1940s
Photograph album.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 ov)

Scrapbook with photos and memorabilia from W.W. II, belonging to Elizabeth J. Harris, one of the first women in the U.S. Marine Corps.

P-88 Ben Abril Collection, mid-20th century
Two photograph albums, photographs.
.6 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter, 1 ov)

Mostly color photographs of paintings by Los Angeles artist Ben Abril depicting historic buildings and scenes in Los Angeles, primarily Bunker Hill. Also some publicity (newspaper clippings from the Herald Examiner, March 8, 1964) connected with his paintings, some of which are in the Museum collections. Also loose black/white and color photos of the artist at work. 1964, undated.

P-89 Alexander Gardner (1821-1882) Collection, 1868-1869
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 ov)

Photographs of construction on the Union Pacific Railway from the book Across the Continent. Several photos are of cities in Kansas, where Gardner went in 1867 to photograph the country and the railroad construction. Thirty-five of these one hundred 50 views are in the collection. Gardner is best known for his Civil War photographs. He was in charge of Mathew Brady's gallery in Washington, D.C., from 1858 until 1863, when he opened his own business, and he made the last known photograph of Abraham Lincoln.

Photos are arranged by accession number.

P-90 Florence Turner (1888?-1946) Collection, 1915-1933
Photograph albums, photographs.
(GC 1016) .8 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

Photographs of silent motion picture actress Florence Turner in four of her films, one album per film. These are: "Far from the Madding Crowd" (1915), "Gum Justice" (1916), "Lost and Won" (1915), and "My Old Dutch" [1915]. Also stills from films, and portraits. 1915-1933.

Box 2 letter contains photocopies of a large portion, but not all, of the contents of the two scrapbooks.

See also (GC 1016), Florence Turner Scrapbooks.

P-91 Mervyn Freeman Collection, ca. 1940s-1950s
Photograph album.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 ov)

Scrapbook of news correspondent/photographer Mervyn Freeman, ca. 1940s-1950s, including World War II Pacific theater, and China (Manchuria) in 1933. See also P-026 Motion Picture Collection.

P-92 Russell E. Danforth Collection
Postcard albums.
(GC 1221) .4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 ov)

Four postcard albums. Souvenir postcards primarily from Europe; some locales of United States, Canada, Ensenada (Mexico), Jamaica, and Singapore. Collected approximately between 1920 and 1931. See also GC1221 Russell E. Danforth Scrapbook, 1918-1919.

Danforth was a World War I soldier stationed in France.

P-93 Harry White Family Collection
Photograph album.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: flat)

Album of an African-American family living in Lectonia, Ohio, late 19th century.

P-94 William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-1877) Collection
Photographs.  Click here to view digital images.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1½ letter and 1 flat in L.C.)

Photographs from photographic pioneer Talbot's Pencil of Nature, ca. 1844-1846.

P-95 Miriam Spicer Collection
(GC 1183) 1.25 linear feet (Boxes: letter, 5 x 7)

Portraits and family photos, 1895-1972.

See also (GC 1183), Miriam Spicer Papers.

P-96 Sepulveda-Mott Collection
Photographs, glass negatives and albums.
1.7 linear feet (Boxes: letter, 5 x 7, 1 ov)

Cartes de visite, one ambrotype, some tintypes and cabinet cards, and other photograph prints. Family photos, but also other individuals including William Rowland and Del Valle family members; the Mott building and unidentified portraits. Also a prayer card for Helena Modjeska.  ca. 1861-ca. 1930, undated. See also P-277 Sepulveda Family Photograph Collection. See also GC-1027 Sepulveda/Mott Collection.  See also P-260 Charles J. Prudhomme Collection.

Descendants of the prominent Spanish Mexican Sepúlveda family in the early days of Alta California in present day Southern California.

P-97 J. F. Jack Collection, 1906
Photograph album.
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Album with captioned views of Virginia. Documents a trip taken mid-summer of 1906 on the steamer Middlesex up the Rappahannock River from the Fredericksburg Wharf to the Walsingham Estate and Belle Grove "birthplace of President Madison." Also Curl Neck Farm on the James River, Port Royal, the York River, and "Negro Quarters" on a plantation near West Point, Virginia.

P-98 William S. Hart County Park Research Files
(GC 1192) .2 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7, flat)

Photographs and slides of Hart Park as part of the Los Angeles County Department of Parks & Recreation activities. Part of William S. Hart County Park Research Files (General Collection 1192).

See also P-75, William S. Hart Collection; see also P-20.1, GC1012, GC1192, GC1353, MSS-247, MSS-251, MSS-575.

P-99 Frederic Hamer Maude (1858-1959) Original Print Collection, ca. 1890-1920
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 letter)

Original prints made by F. H. Maude. Includes Mt. Lowe, Los Angeles, Redlands, Catalina Island, agricultural scenes, and Missions Santa Barbara and San Fernando.

For original Maude negatives see P-2.2.

For an album of Maude prints of Southwest Indians see P-100.

For an album of Maude prints of California Missions see P-132.

P-100 Frederic Hamer Maude (1858-1959) Photograph Album of Southwest Indians, ca. 1890s
.4 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Album of 40 photographs of Southwest Indians made by F.H. Maude.

For original Maude negatives see P-2.2.

For other original Maude prints see P-99.

For an album of Maude prints of California Missions see P-132.

P-101 General Photo File
Photographs, negatives.   Click here to view digital images.
58 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7, letter, ½ letter, 3-ring binders, 1 ov, ov folder in mc)

Photographs arranged numerically in black 3-ring binders with a card index for subject access numbering from 1 to 9067. This collection consists mostly of copy photos from various collections (but with some originals to be replaced in the binders with copies for preservation purposes as time permits). Subjects include historical people; place; events; and Museum artifacts, exhibits and staff. Some photos are of artifacts from other museums, institutions and government entities.  ca. 1860-1980s. 

P-102 Stuart S. Towne Collection
Photo album dismantled.
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Loose pages from a family album. Photos taken at East Aurora, New York, ca.1900; Pasadena and Redondo Beach, CA, 1910-20; Statue of Liberty, ca.1918; San Francisco and the Pan-Pacific Exposition, 1915.  ca. 1900-1920.

P-103 D. C. Vinson Collection
Photo album
.4 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

Family portrait album containing many albumen prints.

The album covers are ornately decorated with metallic (brass?) bells, and a mirror, late 19th century.

Vinson was a Sergeant with the 53rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment during the Civil War.

P-104 United Nations Collection
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Variety of photos from the U.N. Department of Public Information showing various United Nations activities and buildings in the early days after the organization's formation, 1946-47.

P-105 Hawaii Collection
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7)

Collection of 4 x 5 copy negatives that appear to be made from photos in album. Some captions appear below each image. ca. 1900.

P-106 Caribbean Trade Cruise Collection
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7)

Collection of 4 x 5 negatives with scenes from the Caribbean Islands, Columbia, the Panama Canal, Venezuela, and Mexico, ca. 1920.

A numbered list with descriptions is available.

P-107 American Institute of Architects Collection
.4 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

American Institute of Architects (Southern California Chapter). Includes interiors and exteriors of public buildings, residences, churches, schools, offices, and factories. ca. 1950s.

P-108 Los Angeles City Schools Travel Collection
Photographs, negatives.
15.6 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

Photographs collected by the Los Angeles City Schools Division of Visual Education, covering a variety of topics, and intended as a supplement to classroom instruction. Primarily foreign countries, with some U.S. ca. 1910-1930. See also P-261 Los Angeles City Schools Study Prints Collection.

P-109 H. G. Kaiser Collection
.6 linear feet (Boxes: letter, ½ letter)

Views of early-20th-century Alaska, most taken by Kaiser, although some appear to be copies of other photographers' work. Includes Eskimos, dog sleds, native wildlife, Nome, Anchorage, and mining towns, ca. 1900-1921.

P-110 Carroll Photo Services Collection, ca. 1920-1947
Photographs, negatives.
75 linear feet (Boxes: letter, ½ letter)

David Carroll was a freelance news photographer in Los Angeles.

[In process]

P-111 Union Station Collection
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 letter)

Photographs of Union Passenger Terminal, Los Angeles, just after completion in 1939. Includes some shots of maintenance staff, and of the interior of the dining car and the lounge car. The photos were taken by the Luckhaus Studios. ca. 1939.

Arthur Luckhaus operated a photographic studio in Los Angeles from 1926 at least through 1942, according to city directories.

See also P-228, Hoffman-Luckhaus collection.

P-112 Hammer Collection
Postal card photographs.
.6 linear feet (Boxes: 4 x 5, 5 x 7)

Spanish-American War views of soldiers in camp training, the U.S. Army and civilian population in the Philippines, plus general views of California and Japan. ca. 1898-1900.

P-113 Robert Fergusson Collection
Photographs, albums.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 letter, 1 ov)

Includes the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and various forts and army posts in the United States. ca. 1890-1915.

P-114 Henry Raub Collection
Photographs, negatives.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: ½ legal, 1 legal)

Photograph prints and negatives primarily of Whittier, California, along with other Southern California views. Most of the prints (in Boxes 1 and 1a) correspond to film or glass negatives (in Boxes 2 and 2b). Also lantern slides in Box 2a. Most of the photographs are attributed to photographer Allan W. Ramsey. ca. 1900-1920. See also P-86 Ramsey Collection, ca. 19th century.  See also Ramsey images in Photos Arranged by Accession Number.

Allan W. Ramsey (b. ca. 1864) had a studio in Whittier on Greenleaf Avenue around 1905. Ramsey later resided in Lone Pine, California.

P-115 Ralph Hamlin Photograph Collection
(GC 1342) (Boxes: 6 letter,  1/2 letter, 1 flat, 3 ov, ov folders)

Hamlin operated an automobile dealership by 1901 at 1806 So. Main Street, Los Angeles. His original Franklin dealership opened in 1905 at 1040 So. Flower Street.

Photographs relating to Ralph Cunningham Hamlin (1880 - 1974): his personal and family life; bicycling; motorcycling; and automobile racing activities; auto road and endurance trips; business matters and associates (including early auto shows); and the Franklin automobile dealerships. 1894-1976, undated. See also GC1342 - Ralph Hamlin (1880 - 1974) Collection

P-116 Lugo Family Collection, late 19th and early 20th century
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 ov)

Pictures of family members including engraving prints (mezzotint and charcoal); tintype; and an enlargement from newspaper photo. Subjects are Antonio Lugo, Andrea Ballestros de Lugo, Barbara Lugo de Ramirez, Pedro Lugo, Felipe Lugo & Victoria Avila de Lugo, Carlos Lugo, Vicente Lugo, Jr., Blas Lugo and Enrique Avila & Teresa Moreno de Avila. Also some religious prints and a few family documents. 1873 - ca. 1900, undated.

The Lugos were a prominent early family in Southern California during the periods of Spanish and Mexican rule.

P-117 Civil War Exhibit Collection
.8 linear feet (Boxes: 1 postcard, 1 letter flat)

Photographic portion of a traveling exhibit on the Civil War mounted by Security Pacific National Bank in the early 1980s; the final exhibit stop was the Natural History Museum.  See also Security Pacific National Bank manuscripts

P-118 Lincoln Portrait Collection
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 letter flat)

Copies of many of the photographs made by various photographers of Lincoln; originals are in the Meserve Collection, New York City. ca. 1933.

P-119 Charles F. Holder Collection
.8 linear feet (Boxes: 3 letter)

Collection consists primarily of photos mounted on cardboard of Southwest Indians and California scenes ca. 1900. Some are credited to other photographers, so Holder may have compiled the collection.

P-120 Du Shane Collection
(Boxes: ½-width 5 x 7)

Postcards, including real photo postcards, primarily depicting Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio. Some are addressed to Joe Du Shane, with postmarks ranging 1909–1924.

P-121 Putnam-Valentine Original Print Collection, ca. 1900-1910
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Nineteen original prints made by John R. Putnam and C.O. Valentine. Locales cover Southern California and Arizona, ca. 1900-1910.

See also P-2.1 Putnam-Valentine Collection, ca.1880s-1930.

Los Angeles-based team who documented the growth and development of Southern California over a fifty year period with John R. Putnam primarily handling the photography and C. O. Valentine the business end of the company.

P-122 Bausch and Lomb Optical Company Collection, ca. 1950
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Twenty-six photographs from an exhibit illustrating the manufacture and use of optical glass, ca. 1950. See also GC 1230 Bausch and Lomb Optical Company Prints.

P-123 George N. Wilkie (1879-1941) Collection, ca. 1905-1915
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½-width 5 x 7)

Fifty photographic postcards by Wilkie, who was photographer for the Cawston Ostrich Farm in South Pasadena, ca. 1905-1915. Twenty-nine images are of Cawston's. The others are Southern California recreational views (parks, beaches, etc.).

P-124 Index of American Design, ca. 1940
.2 linear feet (Boxes: 1 letter flat)

Photographs of paintings of the "Stations of the Cross" made at San Gabriel Mission by Indian neophytes around 1779, ca. 1940. See also GC 1157 Index of American Design.

P-125 Mrs. M. C. Frederick Collection, ca. 1885
Photographs, daguerreotype.
.2 linear feet (boxes: ½ letter)

Primarily cabinet card photos of Seattle, Washington, taken by Mrs. Frederick, ca. 1885. They are mostly of buildings and coal mines but also included are her son John and Judkin's Photo Studio where she learned to take pictures.

P-126 James E. House Collection, ca. 1917-1918
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Nineteen photos of the U.S.Army in Mexican border service and in France during World War I, ca. 1917-1918. Several photos show the same young U.S. soldier in uniform, who may be House.

P-127 W. L. Watts Collection, 1891-1910
.2 linear feet (Boxes: 1 legal, 2 ov folders)

Photos taken by Watts, mostly of Nevada and California desert and mining scenes, 1891-1910, undated.  Also some of Los Angeles and Southern California, including the 1910 Dominguez Air Meet, ca. 1895-1910.

P-128 Alexander F. Harmer (1856-1925) Collection of Southwest Indian Photographs, ca. 1880-1900
.6 linear feet (Boxes: 1 letter; ½ letter, 1 ov folder)

Photos collected by Western artist Harmer, mostly of Southwest Indians, but also of the U.S.Army, Mexico, and Dakota Indians, ca. 1880-1900.

P-129 Munroe McFarland (1867-1924) Collection, ca. 1884-1922
Photographs, album, & stereoviews.
(GC 1135) 1 linear foot (Boxes: 2 letter, 1 5 x 7)

Photographs relating McFarland's career in the U.S. Army. Included is a photo album of his classmates at West Point (class of 1888), including wedding announcements of some of the cadets. He was stationed in Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota and photos include of the U.S. Army and Indians in the 1890s. McFarland served in Cuba and in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War; stereopticon views show the war in the Philippines and Port Arthur during the Russo-Japanese War. ca. 1884-1922.

See also (GC 1135), Monroe McFarland Papers.

P-130 Jones Stables Album, ca. 1900
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 letter)

One hundred eighty photos of wagons, coaches, and other horse-drawn vehicles. "Fat Jones Stables" printed on cover, ca. 1900.

P-131 Allard Arms Album, ca. 1900
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Album of thirty-five photographs, including eleven cyanotypes, showing firearms, edged weapons, and accessories of J. J.Allard, a St. Louis, Mo., arms dealer, ca. 1900. Some of the pieces in the Museum collections are illustrated in this album.

P-132 Frederic Hamer Maude (1858-1959) Photograph Album of California Missions, ca. 1890s
.2 linear feet (Boxes: 1 flat letter)

Thirty-three photographs of California missions including San Diego, San Luis Rey, San Juan Capistrano, San Gabriel, San Fernando, Santa Barbara, and Carmel, ca. 1890s. Some of the prints have Maude's name on them.

For original Maude negatives see P-2.2.

For original Maude photographs see P-99.

For album of Maude photographs of Southwest Indians see P-100.

P-133 Herbert Royston Motion Picture Films, ca. 1940s
Film reels
.2 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parades, ca. 1940-1945, 2 reels, 16 mm.

Also 1 reel, 16 mm, early Kodachrome color: "Horseless Carriage Days. Early Meet at Auto Club of Southern California."

P-134 Motion Picture Films
Film reels
1.5 linear feet (Boxes: 5 letter, ½ 5 x 7, 1 ov)

Film reels, mostly unidentified. Includes an unidentified color cartoon; The Lost World (abridged, approx. 60 min. 1925?); Tombstone (1940s?); The Great Train Robbery (1941?); Gertie the Dinosaur (1914-15?); Under Southern Skies (1913-15?); The Nation's Capital (The March of Time series, 1945, 15 min.). ca. 1913-1945, undated

P-135  Atlas Imperial Gas Engine Company Collection, ca. 1912-1918
.4 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

Views of the San Francisco plant, interiors and individual engines including 2-and 3-cylinder stationary gas engines, ca. 1912-1918.

P-136 J. Stuart Blackton Collection, 1921
Glass positives.
(GC 1091) .2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Scenes from the first feature-length (5-reel) color motion picture, "The Glorious Adventure," 1921, produced by Blackton. The transparencies are black & white. See also P-26 for more on Vitagraph. See also GC1091 J. Stuart Blackton Collection on Vitagraph Company of America.

P-137 Charles Patterson Stereograph Collections, ca. 1890-1910
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 5 x 7)

Views of Europe and the U.S. collected by Patterson.

P-138 Helen Wheeler Bassett Stereograph Collection, ca. 1890
.6 linear feet (Boxes: 1 5 x 7, 1½ -width 5 x 7)

Views of the U.S., South America, and Europe collected by Bassett, ca. 1890.

P-139  Logging Industry Collection, ca. 1868-1870
.5 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter, 1 ov)

Photos of the logging industry operations in Eureka, California, 1868-1870.

P-140 James N. Gillette Aviation Collection, ca. 1930-1950s
.6 linear feet (Boxes: flat letter)

Two scrapbooks including clippings, correspondence, and photographs on general aviation, ca. 1930-1950s.

P-141 Willis O'Brien Scrapbooks, ca. 1929-1930, 1933
.5 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter, 1 ov)

Two scrapbooks of photos compiled by O'Brien, best known for his work on King Kong, ca. 1929-1933.

1929-30 FBO Glass Matte Scrapbook:  A collection of photos showing sets before and after the glass mattes were added for various 1930 FBO releases. Most were executed and signed by Byron Crabbe and/or Mario Larrinaga and a few by Willis O'Brien. On the back of one is a rough pencil sketch of a gorilla.

Son of Kong (1933) Photo Album Willis O'Brien's personal scrapbook containing 295 3x4 inch black & white photos showing matte work for Son of Kong and stills as well as behind the scenes shots of the sequences involving animation of the three-dimensional models.

A black and white photograph of O'Brien inscribed by him in 1932 for the Museum's then curator of motion pictures, Earl Theisen.

Willis O'Brien (1886-1962), was an American specialist in the creation of monster animals for use in stop-motion techniques.

P-142 William J. Cleveland Native American Collection, 1872-1907
.2 linear feet (Boxes: 1 legal)

Rev. Wm. J. Cleveland was a missionary at Rosebud and Pine Ridge Indian Agencies in South Dakota from 1871-1907. The photos were collected and preserved by Rev. and Mrs. Cleveland.

P-143 Toy Projector Film Collection, ca. 1940s
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7)

Eight 8-mm films for toy projector also in the Museum Collection. Contents: Micky Mouse films (Mickey's Sky Battle, Mickey's Bicycle Race, Stop "Em Flying, U.S. Carrier Flights, The Dog Fight, Super Thrills); others (Tom Mix Shootin' Up the Town, Farmer Alfalfa in New York). ca. 1940s.

P-144 Chevrolet Sales Managers Institute Film Strips, ca. 1950s
Film Strips
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7)

Twelve black/white instructional filmstrips for Chevrolet sales managers showing various aspects of how to sell automobiles, ca. 1950s. Titles range from "Finding Prospects" to "The Road Demonstration" to "Women!"

P-145 Glyphoscope Stereo View Collection, ca. 1899
Film positives, stereo views, prints.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter, 5 x 7)

Eight boxes of stereo views of France taken with the Glyphoscope stereo camera which is also in the Museum collection. The stereo views are sepia film positives. Also includes two prints. ca. 1899.

P-146 Zettler Exposition Park Collection, 1919-1922
Photographs, negatives.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: ½ legal)

Wide-angle, panoramic views of Exposition Park taken by Ferd J. Zettler, a realtor and general building contractor in Los Angeles. Shown are the Los Angeles County Museum (as it was called then), the Science and Industry Museum, and the Armory. Events include the Oct. 19, 1919 livestock show and the Nov. 11, 1919 Armistice Day Celebration, both at the Grandstand; and an April 1922 parade and patriotic celebration at the newly completed coliseum. 1919-1922.

P-147 San Francisco Earthquake & Fire Lantern Slides, 1906
Lantern Slides.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7)

Thirty-two lantern slides produced by the Perry Vitascope Co. of Los Angeles, showing fire and earthquake damage, 1906.

P-148 T. K. Peters Collection
Photographs, negatives.
(GC 1026) .4 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter, 1 ov)

Photographs, negatives related to the history of film making. Some show Peters at work; some silent film stills. ca. 1904-1920, undated.

Thomas Kimmwood Peters (1884-December 1, 1973) worked for the Bison Company, a New York film company. He also worked for other early moving picture companies; he invented cameras and preservation processes; he filmed and documented people and culture abroad.

P-149 Donovan Roberts Collection, 1961-1965
Photographs, slides.
1 linear foot (Boxes: 2 5 x 7, 1 letter)

Photographs, slides and sound recordings. Photos of architecture, primarily Victorian houses in Los Angeles and a few in Pasadena and Monrovia, California. Also views of Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico. Included are photos of Luz Corral de Villa, widow of Pancho Villa; also taped interviews with her. Photos were taken by Roberts, who handled public relations for the Museum.

P-150 Columbus Tower Bell Photos, 1916
.4 linear feet (Boxes: letter flat)

Photographs relating to the 1916 removal of a bell from the Columbus Tower in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Bell is listed in the Museum collection.

P-151 Los Angeles Schools Activities Collection, ca. 1917-1930s
2 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7, ½ letter)

Scenes of activities at various schools including John Burroughs and the 14th Street School, ca. 1917-1930s. Included are World War I wartime activities such as planting gardens. Also plays and cast.

P-152 Fire Arms Slides
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7)

Slides of firearms in the Museum's History Department collections.

P-153 Aubrey S. Howell, World War I Collection, ca. 1915-1919
Photographs, postcards.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7)

Items collected by and relating to Howell while he was serving in the U.S.Navy in World War I. Also includes a Navy song book and joke cards. ca. 1915-1919.

P-154 Frank L. Park Collection, ca. 1900
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Park was a Los Angeles landscape photographer. Local recreation spots including Westlake Park and Ostrich Farm at South Pasadena, ca. 1900.

P-155 Edward Allen Biby (1884-1952) Collection
Photographs, negatives (ca. 1915-1935).
.6 linear feet (Boxes: 5 x 7, 2 ½ letter, 1 letter)

Photos of actors and actresses and film making in Hollywood during the silent era, collected by Biby and his wife Marion Strauch Biby, ca. 1915-1935. He was one of the first casting directors in Hollywood. He discovered Jackie Coogan, and he was also a director and publicity agent who worked with Charlie Chaplin, who appears in some of the photos. Also included are typescripts of a play "The Red Virgin" by Biby, 1933-1939.There are also family photos including his post-film career as a real estate agent in Orange County.

P-156 Exposition Park-Monroe Doctrine Centennial Exposition, Prints, 1923
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Fourteen photos showing an artist's rendering for and construction of temporary buildings built between the Coliseum and Figueroa, including pictures of the construction crews. The exposition was held in 1923.  See also GC-1351 for the Official Souvenir Program.

P-157 Antonio Franco Coronel (1817-1894) Collection
(GC 1001) 1.25 linear feet (Boxes: 4 letter, 1/2 legal, 2 legal, ov folders)

Coronel was County Assessor, Mayor of Los Angeles, and California State Treasurer.

Photographs of the Coronel family members and friends and of Southern California views. Primarily 19th century portraits produced on cartes de visite and cabinet cards of individuals and groups from southern California. Also images pertaining to the Coronels’ relationship with author Helen Hunt Jackson; Native American portraits and outdoor scenes; a number of portraits of individuals and groups in dramatic poses and dressed in theatrical costumes. Also a group of framed lithographs, ca. 1870, being portraits of Spanish viceroys in New Spain and Mexican leaders and presidents. ca. 1857-1913, undated. See also GC 1001 Antonio F. Coronel (1817-1894) Papers.

P-158 George Fiske (1835-1918) Collection, ca. 1880s-1900s
.4 linear feet (Boxes: flat letter)

Seventeen photographs of Yosemite, plus three others of the Monterey coast that may be by Fiske. Fiske was the first resident photographer in Yosemite, living there for nearly forty years. All of his negatives were destroyed in two fires (1904 and 1943); only his prints remain today. ca. 1880s-1900s.

P-159 Camp Pendleton Yearbook, 1945
.4 linear feet (Boxes: flat letter)

Mock-up publication with photos and some captions, showing U.S. Marine Corps training activities at Camp Pendleton, San Diego County, California, 1945.

P-160 Philippine Islands Collection, ca. 1905
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ 5 x 7)

Views of native life of the Bontoc and Igorot natives, photographed on the island of Luzon in 1905.

P-161 Oriental Mine Research Collection
Photographs (prints are only those filed with the negatives), negatives.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

Photographs made by Don Chaput and Bill Cumiford of the Museum's History Division staff during July 1984 and 1986 field trips to the Oriental gold mine in Sierra County, California, near the town of Allegheny.

The Oriental mine began operations in the 1860s, was most active at the turn of the century, and ore was still mined there in the 1990s. There are also views of China Camp (the Gold Star Mine) and the Del Norte stamp mill.

P-162 Schreier Family Photo Collection, ca. 1924-1925
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter; 1 reel in L.C.)

Many taken in Santa Barbara where the family lived including the Santa Barbara earthquake, July, 1925. Also, outings to San Diego and San Juan Capistrano. There are loose photos plus 15 unbound pages from an album with a number of views of Santa Barbara Mission. ca. 1924-1925.

Schreier was a Research Associate at the Museum from the 1960s to 1990s.

P-163  MOX Wrecking Company
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

A dozen photos of buildings to be demolished by the MOX Wrecking Co., all Los Angeles except for the Miramar Hotel in Santa Barbara, 1914-1952, undated. Also, Hoffman family photos (donor’s parents).

P-164 Henrietta Waters Cole Memorial Collection
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ legal)

Fifteen photographs (steel engravings, cartes de visite, and cabinet cards) on several different subjects: J.W. Waters (San Bernardino, California mountain man and farmer of 1830s and 1840s); the San Jacinto (San Bernardino) earthquake of 1899; various scenes in El Paso, Texas and Mexico City (some credited to F. Parker, photographer); two cartes de visite of Asst. Surgeon William F. Edgar, U.S. Army (by Bertrand, Los Angeles). ca. 1888-1910.

Cole was one of the daughters of J.W. (James Wesley) Waters, Sr. Waters (1813-1889) was one of the first pioneers, politicians and land developers of San Bernardino. Dr. William F. Edgar (1823-1897) as assigned by the Army to California about 1851.

P-165 Harold Lloyd Collection, ca. 1910s-1920s
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter, 2 ov folders, 1 ov folder)

Production stills and publicity shots of Lloyd, of his films, and of his wife and father, ca. 1910s-1920s. Films include "Girl Shy", "Grandma's Boy", "Kid Brother", "Lonesome Luke", "Movie Crazy", "Speedy", and "Why Worry". (Note: Some of the stills are very brittle and require great care in handling.)

P-166 Richardson Film Personalities Collection, ca. 1930s-1940s
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 letter)

Photographs of film personalities from the 1930s and 1940s. Collected by Ruth R. Richardson, an old-time vaudeville and circus performer, during the years between 1923 and the 1950s. She lived and worked in Hollywood, and she had friends in the entertainment industry.

P-167 Strong Family Collection, ca. 1880-1910
Photographs, album.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: letter)

Family portraits, activities include pampas grass harvest in Los Nietos, California (present-day Whittier), outings in album and loose photographs, ca. 1880-1910. Harriet Williams Russell Strong was a rancher and an inventor after she became widowed. She was also active in the suffragette movement in Los Angeles.

P-168 Colonel Fred B. Inglis (ca. 1885-1962) Collection, 1916-1945
.4 linear feet (Boxes: ½ legal, ½ 5 x 7, 2 ov folders)

Colonel Inglis graduated from West Point in 1916 and served in the Philippines under MacArthur. Photos are primarily of the Philippines and Camp Stosenberg, 1923-1925. The photos have descriptions written on the back by Inglis.There is also a diary for March 24-28, 1924. 1916-1945.

P-169 Florence Lawrence (1886-1938) Collection
(GC 1011) .2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter, 1 letter, folders)

Photos of silent screen star Florence Lawrence including portraits and stills from her movies, ca. 1910s-1920s. Lawrence appeared in films of the Edison, Vitagraph, Biograph, Independent Motion Picture (IMP) and Lubin Companies. See also GC 1011 Florence Lawrence Papers.

P-170 Bennie Pico Collection
.2 linear feet (Boxes: 1 letter, 2 ov)

Family photos and views of Southern California. Primarily photographs (daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes and prints) of General Andres Pico, his adopted son Romulo, Romulo's wife Catalina Brent and their descendants. A color postcard of the Pio Pico Mansion published by Harriet Strong. Also some manuscripts, including letters from General Pico to Romulo; an account ledger of 1847. English and Spanish. 1847-1907, undated.

General Andres Pico (1810-1876) fought against the Americans in the U.S. War with Mexico (1846-1848) and signed the Treaty of Cahuenga in January 1847. He was the younger brother to Pio Pico.

P-171 Mathew Brady (1823-1896) Civil War Collection, 1862-1865
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ legal)

Many are carte-de-visite views of Civil War scenes with the Brady studio imprint on the back, 1862-1865.

P-172 Mt. Lowe Collection
Photographs, negatives (glass, film and lantern slides).
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter; 2½ letter)

Scenes of Mt. Lowe including construction of the Mt.Lowe Railroad. Many snow scenes. All by W.H. Hill, Pasadena photographer, except for one by George Wharton James. Also prints and a negative of Battleship "Illinois" displayed at 1893 World's Fair taken by A.C. Vroman. circa 1892-1921, undated. See also GC 1121 Mount Lowe Collection.

P-173 U.S. Navy World War II Collection
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Official U. S. Navy photographs of leading officers and action on the sea and land by the Naval forces in the Pacific. 1942-1946, undated (bulk 1943-1944). Issued by the Navy's Office of Public Information.

P-174 Brousseau World War I Collection
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Photos of soldiers and war scenes in Europe, ca. 1914-1918. Miss Kate Brousseau was a psychologist who served in the French army and worked with shell-shocked soldiers.

P-175 Balsley World War I Collection
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Collected by Dr. John A. Balsley, Capt., U.S. Army, who served in England and France. Includes war scenes in France, ca. 1914-1918.

P-176 Marion Hollenbach World War II Hawaii Collection
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Photographs of WAVE training as well as native Hawaiian life, ca. 1942-1945. Hollenback was a WAVE (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) in Hawaii during World War II.

P-177 Chadwick Collection of European Scenes and Costumes
.4 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter, ½ 5 x 7)

Mostly hand-colored carte-de-visite photos of people wearing 19th century folk costumes, undated, ca. 1870-1900 . Many are by Julius Hahn of Hamburg, Germany. There are also unmounted albumen prints of European countries, Egypt and India, apparently acquired by the Chadwicks during their travels.

P-178 Australian Law Enforcement, World War I
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Photos of insignia, law enforcement officers, and armed forces personnel in Australia during WW I, ca. 1914-1918.

P-179 Hotel del Coronado Collection, ca. 1890
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Boudoir photos of the hotel, interiors and exteriors, by San Diego (California) photographer Parker, ca. 1890. Appear to have been taken shortly after the hotel was built in 1888.

P-180 Madeline F. Wills Collection
.4 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter, ½ 5 x 7)

Part A) Scenic views of Yellowstone National Park, ca. 1900, by F. Jay Haynes, the official photographer of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Part B). Views of Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and France.

P-181 Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) Collection, ca. 1920s-1930s
(GC 1187) .4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 letter; ov folders in mc)

Photographs of Chaplin working on films, sets from his movies, and stills from films including "City Lights", "The Circus", and "The Gold Rush", ca. 1920s-1930s. Also, Chaplin at his home in Beverly Hills. See also P-182 Chaplin Studio Collection, P-251 Rollie Totheroh Collection, GC 1187 Charlie Chaplin Scrapbook.

P-182 Chaplin Studio Collection, ca. 1900s-1980s
.8 linear feet (Boxes: 1 letter, 1 ov, mc)

Photographs and memorabilia relating to Charlie Chaplin and films made at the Chaplin Studio at 1416 North La Brea Ave. in Hollywood. See also P-181 Charlie Chaplin Collection, P-251 Rollie Totheroh Collection, GC 1187 Charlie Chaplin Scrapbook.

Collected by David Alpert ca. 1970s-1990s during his years as president of A&M Records which occupied the old Chaplin Studio.

P-183 California Artists Collection, ca. 1900
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter, 1 ov folder)

Photos of artists and their studios, ca. 1900, mostly friends of donor California painter J. Bond Francisco (1863-1931).

P-184 News Service Photo Collection
.8 linear feet (Boxes: 2 ov)

Primarily 16 x 20 photos and captions from the Dispatch Photo News Service and the Elliott Service Co. Many were used in the window displays of Security-First National Bank in Los Angeles. Includes ones concerning aeronautics, such as women flyers including Amelia Earhart, and one reproduction photo showing Louis Paulhan carrying the first woman passenger at the 1910 air meet.  ca. 1929-1939, undated

P-185 Banning Collection, ca. late 19th-early 20th century
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 letter, 1 ov)

Many photographs are identified “JBB” possibly for Joseph Brent Banning. Includes construction of Banning family home in Wilmington, California; Banning family; San Pedro harbors; ships; and Canal Street. Some Hancock Banning papers. ca. 1877-1930, undated. The Banning family was headed by Phineas Banning (1830-1885) who is today considered the Father of the Los Angeles Harbor.

P-186 Alice W. Alden Collection, late 19th century
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Views of late 19th-century frontier including U.S. Army posts and Native Americans.

P-187 Spanish-American War in the Caribbean
Photograph album, photographs.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: flat letter)

Circa 1898.

P-188 Harry J. Kizer Collection, ca. 1898
Photograph album, postcards.
.2 linear feet (Boxes: flat letter; 1 ov folder)

Album of photos from the Spanish-American War in the Philippines, where Kizer served, ca. 1898. Folder holds photograph of a ship taken by J. D. Givens. Also, postcards of California and other locales.

P-189 Howland and Chadwick Collection, 1890s
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Views of a farm with a large house and barn, 1890s. Frederick T. Howland and Redmond A. Chadwick operated a stock photo company on S. Main St. in Los Angeles from 1890-1899.

P-190 Earl Theisen Collection
Photographs, negatives.
(Boxes: ½ 5x7; 1 record storage in Row 27)

Material related to early 20th century motion picture film history, undated. Also 4 rolled panoramic photos of Universal Studios under construction, 1915. See also GC1338 Earl Theisen Collection. Earl Theisen (1903-1973) served as Honorary Curator of Theatrical Arts at the museum for a few years following 1931. Theisen was a technician at the Dunning Process Plant, a member of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers, and a member of the Society's Historical Committee. Much of the film collections in the Seaver Center and the History Department were acquired as a result of his efforts.

P-191 Harrison Gray Otis (1837-1917) Mexican Military Photos
.2 linear feet (Boxes: 1 ov, ov folder in mc)

Mounted photos of the Mexican military, ca. early 20th century.

P-192 C.B. Waite Collection, ca. 1900
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Various views of Los Angeles and Mexico, including the Vera Cruz Railway, ca. 1900.

P-193 Pingrey Family Photo Album, late 19th century
1 linear foot (Boxes: ½ letter, 1 5 x 7)

Album of portraits, most identified, and many are named Pingrey. Some portraits were made by Pingrey's Gallery, River Falls, Wisconsin. A second album of unidentified portraits also includes a number made by Pingrey's Gallery. Late 19th century.

P-194 Photograph Album of Automobile Camping Trip, ca. 1914
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

People vacationing at California Missions; Monterey; Pacific Grove; Pasadena's Raymond Hotel; Lake Tahoe; Redwoods; Sierra Nevada Mountains; Coachella and Imperial Valleys; and the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains, ca. 1914. A Cadillac and a Ford are featured.

P-195 Los Angeles Flower Show Collection, ca. 1930
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Photographs of an indoor Los Angeles Flower Show with model garden displays created by various nurseries, ca. 1930. The photos are by Albert R. Hromatka.

P-196  Louis R. Bostwick "Welcome to the Fleet at San Francisco" Photograph Album, 1908
(Boxes: 1 bundle in ov) 1 vol.; 30 cm x 37 cm.

Cover reads: "Welcome to the Fleet at San Francisco [;] Tour of Gov. Geo. L. Sheldon and Party April 26th to May 8,1908 [.] Photographs by Louis R. Bostwick [,] Omaha U.S.A. Note inside indicates that Amy M. Carpenter owned the album. Photographs are of Governor Sheldon and his family in California and the Southwest. In San Francisco the Governor was photographed on the battleship "Nebraska." Included are two panoramic color postcards.

P-197 Peru Photograph Album, ca. 1900
(Boxes: 1 ov) 2 vols.; 28 cm x 40 cm.

Photographs of Rev. M. J. Pusey's travels in Peru. Rev. Morris J. Pusey and his wife moved from Iowa to Callao, Peru in January, 1899. See also (GC 1262), for articles written by Pusey while in Peru.

P-198  San Diego, CA, Views, 1920s
(Boxes: 1 bundle in ov) 1 vol.; 26 cm x 32 cm.

Printed photographic views of San Diego published by I. L. Eno of San Diego, 1920s. Printed by the Albertype Co. of Brooklyn, New York.

P-199  Java and other Islands of the Indian Archipelago
(Boxes: 1 bundle in ov) 1 vol.; 27 cm x 31 cm.

Printed photographs glued into an album, undated, ca. 1906. Shows people, houses, boats, and scenery.

P-200 Family Photograph Album
(Boxes: 1 flat letter) 1 vol.; 26 cm x 20 cm.

Unidentified family photograph album, undated. Several images missing.

P-201 William M. Ferry Family Photograph Albums, 1860s
(GC 1263) (Boxes: 1 letter) 2 vol.; 16 cm x 14 cm. and smaller.

Photographic albums of portraits probably of family members, 1860s. Nearly all are unidentified except for a few historical personages. See also GC 1263 William M. Ferry Papers.

P-202  Knight Family Photograph Albums, ca. late 1800s
(Boxes: 1 ov) 2 vol.; 28 x 22 and 26 x 20.

Family photographs, some identified, ca. late 1800s. Also two 1912 Progressive Party Membership certificates, one signed by Margaret V. Knight.

P-203 Prevot F. Marshall World War II Pacific Theater
(Boxes: 1 ov) 6 items; 30 x 39 and smaller.

Collection includes photo album of scenes in Pacific Theater of the war, Oct. 1943 to July 1945; Los Angeles Times VE Day issue, May 7, 1945; single issue of All Hands, Feb. 2, 1944; four issues of Guinea Gold, Dec. 1943-Feb. 1944; and nine pieces of American propaganda aimed at the Japanese.

P-204 Family Photograph Album, 1920s
(Boxes: ½ letter) 1 vol.; 17 cm x 25 cm.

Album has been taken apart. Photographs of scenery and people at various locations (rather than formal portraits), 1920s. Some views are of the Northwest coast and show totem poles and forested coastline.

P-205 West Indies Cruise Photo Album, 1928
(Boxes: ½ letter) 1 vol.; 17 cm x 23 cm.

Book kept by Mrs. Elizabeth Y. Yuell of Highland Park, Illinois, 1928. There are photographs of Cuba, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. There is also a passenger list for the cruise on the S.S. Veendam and an itinerary.

P-206  Illustrated Photograph Album, ca. 1880s
(Boxes: 1 flat letter) 1 vol.; 30 cm x 24 cm.

Decorative photo album with color illustrations (chromolithographs?) and a built-in music box that plays Toreador song from Carmen and another musical composition, ca. 1880s. There are 14 photographic portraits in the album. Only one has a name associated with it: William King. One is a tintype.

P-207 Ellen Soo Moon Photograph Albums, ca. 1904-1958
(Boxes: ½ letter) 2 vols.; 27 x 18 and smaller.

Photographs and clippings pertaining to the Moon's, a Chinese family, ca. 1904–1958.  Photos are from Texas, Missouri and California.

P-208 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1890-1910
(Boxes: 1 letter) 1 vol.; 27 cm x 22 cm.

Album of unidentified formal portraits, ca. 1890-1910.

P-209 Photograph Album of Broken Hill, Rhodesia, 1927
(Boxes: 1 ov) 1 vol.; 29 cm x 39 cm.

Photograph album of Broken Hill, Rhodesia, 1927. From the estate of Esther L. Morris Dietz. Dietz was married to Stewart A. Morris, an engineer on the Victoria Dam Project at the time this album was compiled.

P-210 Family Photograph Album
(Boxes: 1 ov) 1 vol.; 41 cm x 19 cm.

Damaged velvet-covered album with metal clasp. Cover decoration is made of white plastic. The album contains unidentified portraits of men, women and children, some from Stockton, California. 1879, undated.

P-211 Family Photograph Album
(Boxes: 1 record storage in Row 21-4: 1 vol.; 28 cm x 18 cm.)

Photograph album, upright on stand. Yellow plush with celluloid decoration on cover. Secret compartment in base. Compartment contains fragments of New Year and Christmas decorations. Album contains portraits of men and women done by commercial photographers. Undated.

P-212  Family Photograph Album, 1902-1906
(Boxes: 1 ov) 1 vol.; 29 cm x 38 cm.

Family photograph album of scenes taken in California, Washington, Kansas, Indiana, Canada, and Alaska, 1902-1906. Includes some photographs of destruction from the San Francisco earthquake.

P-213 "A Photographic Record of the Allied Air Effort in Support of the Invasion of the Continent of Europe," by Col. M. H. Mckinnon
(Boxes: 1 ov) 1 vol.; 35 cm x 51 cm.

Largely aerial photographs of air bombardments in Europe during World War II, 1944-1945.

P-214 Taber Photo (San Francisco, CA) Collection
Photograph Album.
(Boxes: 1 ov) 1 vol.; 35 cm x 50 cm.

Album of 47 (21 cm x 31 cm.) photographs of California, ca. 1886. Commercially produced by Taber Photo. Album is bound in blue velvet.

P-215 Album of California Mission Photographs, ca. 1950
(Boxes: 1 ov) 1 vol.; 46 cm x 38 cm.

Commemorative album of original photographs "Presented to Armand Maurer in Recognition and Gratitude for Outstanding Service Rendered to the Franciscan Fathers," ca. 1950.

P-216 Leah Hellman Photograph Album, 1898
(GC 1132) (Boxes: 1 ov) 1 vol.; 29 cm x 40 cm.

Photographs, ca. 1892-1912, of Leah Hellman and others. Most of the views are of recreational activities and show people at various Southern California tourist locations. There are several tintypes.

See also (GC 1132), Leah Hellman Meyberg scrapbook.

P-217 Photograph Album, ca. 1917-1930s
(Boxes: 1 ov) 1 vol.; 36 cm x 50 cm.

Many of the photographs are of the training at Camp Kearny, California (World War I), ca. 1917-1930s. There are also views of Southern California, including ostrich and alligator farms and mountain scenery.

P-218 Tourist Photograph Albums, ca. 1890
(Boxes: 5 ov) 7 vols.; 30 cm x 40 cm. and smaller.

Albums of commercially produced photographs of California and the West, ca. 1890. No personal photographs. California photos include images by F. H. Maude, C. B. Waite and Slocum.

P-219 T. E. Boudinot Scrapbook, ca. 1926-1927
(Boxes: 1 ov) 1 vol.; 29 cm x 39 cm.

Scrapbook of photographs of 12th Signal Company, Philippine Scouts, Capt. T. E. Boudinot commanding, ca. 1926-1927. Album is a mixture of official Signal Corps photographs and personal snapshots. Includes photographs of Philippines, China, Singapore and other unidentified locales in the Far East.

P-220 Stereographs of Southern California, ca. 1880
(Boxes: 1 5 x 7)

4.5 linear inches ; 12 cm x 18 cm. and smaller.

Views of Los Angeles and vicinity, ca. 1880. Many have annotations on verso.

P-221 Keystone Photo Service, Inc. Photograph Albums of Scenes of Southern California, ca. 1920
(Boxes: 7 ov) 10 vols.; 34 cm x 55 cm.

Photo albums produced by the Keystone Photo Service, Inc. of Los Angeles, ca. 1920. Shows animals in Southern California.

P-222 Keystone View Company Photo Albums of Scenes from Around the World, ca. 1920
(Boxes: 3 ov) 4 vols.

Photo albums produced by the Keystone View Company of Meadville, Pennyslvania, ca. 1920. Shows various scenes from around the world.

P-223 August Berg Photographs
(GC 1104) .4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 letter)

Photos related to the Spanish American War. ca. 1898. See also GC 1104 August Berg Military Papers.

P-224 Woodworth Collection
(GC 1250) .2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Photographs and albums relating to Perry- Woodworth and Company, and the Woodworth family and residence at Second and San Pedro Streets in Los Angeles. 1878-ca. 1913, undated. See also GC1250 Mrs. J.J. Woodworth Papers.

Wallace Woodworth settled in Los Angeles in the early 1850s; the Woodworth adobe at Second and San Pedro Streets was replaced with a house. A receipt in the Seaver Center collections dates the operation of Perry-Woodworth and Company as early as 1865, selling furniture, mattresses and woodworking. The company continued to operate selling lumber and window sash at 76 Commercial Street until the death of Woodworth in 1882. His widow was Maria A. Foster (daughter of Merced Lugo [d.1913] and Stephen Foster; granddaughter of Antonio Maria Lugo.) Joseph J. Woodworth was a son.

P-225 Southern California Scenes Collection, ca. 1900
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

An assortment of mostly outdoor scenes including the San Gabriel Mountains, and the missions at Capistrano, San Fernando, San Gabriel, and San Luis Rey.  1899-1920, undated (bulk 1899-1900)

P-226 Harmon Pacific General Contractors Collection
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Construction projects in Southern California, mostly public buildings, ca. 1930s. Interiors of Union Station. Prints have been produced of some of these images (Hancock Oil, Shell and Richfield service stations).

P-227 California Bungalow
Photographs, negatives.
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Interior and exterior shots of a California bungalow, ca. 1910.

P-228 Hoffman-Luckhaus Studio of Photography Collection, ca. 1940
Photographs, negatives.
.8 linear feet (Boxes: 2 letter)

Prints and negatives of commercial and industrial building interiors and business products, ca. 1940. Hoffman-Luckhaus was a Los Angeles firm. Arthur Luckhaus operated a photographic studio in Los Angeles from 1926 at least through 1942, according to City Directories.

See also P-111, Union Station Collection.

P-229 “The Fire Brigade” Stills
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Photographs of scenes from the 1926 film by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Also includes a three-page synopsis of the film.

P-230 Hearne Lantern Slide Collection
Lantern slides.

A collection of 887 lantern glass slides, many of which are hand-colored, undated. Some of the slides have the names of Los Angeles photographers such as Dresser, C.C. Pierce, Putnam-Valentine, and F.H. Maude. There are also quite a few with the marking of the Passenger Department of the Southern Pacific Railroad. ca. 1880s-1930s

P-231 Toy Magic Lantern Film Strips
(Boxes: 2 5 x 7)

Toy Magic lantern projector film strips, ca. 1900.

P-232 Long Beach Earthquake of 1933 Scrapbook of Photographs and Clippings
(Boxes: 1 ov)

Scrapbook containing photographs and clippings, 1933. A major earthquake centered in Long Beach, California occurred March 10, 1933. The widespread damage prompted reforms in structural building safety.

P-233 Carnival Photographs
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Seven photographs of a carnival troupe, ca. 1910; location unknown.

P-234 W.E. Jones Theatre Collection, 1916-1933
Photographs and scrapbook.
(Boxes: 1 letter, 1 ov)

Photographs and clippings concerning Los Angeles and San Diego theatres associated with W. E. Jones, theatre manager, 1916-1933.

The collection consists of one box of thirty-eight photographs and one forty-one page scrapbook of photographs and clippings. Most of the individual photographs are of lobby displays and stage settings for films at the Superba Theatre in Los Angeles. There are several photographs of ushers at various theatres who often dressed in costume appropriate to the current film. One such item is a photograph of the San Diego's Superba Theatre in which six female ushers are standing in front of a marquee advertising Charlie Chaplin in "Sunnyside."

The scrapbook is comprised of loose, very acidic pages on which photographs and newspaper clippings have been pasted. Some of the photographs have come loose and have been subsequently placed in mylar sleeves but left within the pages of the scrapbook. Many of the photographs are similar to those in the box of individual photographs; but many exist only in the scrapbook, particularly those on the first few pages which portray the Pickwick Theatre in San Diego. Most of the newspaper clippings pertain to W.E. Jones as manager for the various theatres or to the motion pictures being shown there.

P-235  Victor Scheurich Collection
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Photographs of motion picture sets, cameramen and directors. ca. 1910-1917, undated. Victor Heinrich Wilhelm Scheurich (May 14, 1889 - October 10, 1962) was a cameraman beginning in the early 1900s movie industry.

P-236 George J. Teague Collection
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Assorted motion picture stills of projection and effect shots in pictures, 1916-1930, undated.

P-237  Herbert L. Riggins Collection, ca. 1895
Photographs, negatives.
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Eight photographs and corresponding negatives of Alaskan gold rush scenes in area of Yukon known as Eldorado, ca. 1895. Also one photo of Herbert Riggins.

P-238 California Missions Collection, ca. 1901
Glass negatives.

Fifty-three glass negatives of California missions ca. 1901.

P-239 Max Factor Photograph Collection
(GC 1292) .2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

A collection of 24 black and white publicity photographs of cosmetician Max Factor (1877-1938) and his make-up studio at 1666 North Highland Avenue in Hollywood, California. The photos date from 1928 when the Highland studio opened through 1932. The photos fall into three categories: Max Factor applying his make-up products on various movie stars (either in his studio or on movie sets); views of the make-up studio's public showroom, consultation rooms and offices; and a series of photos of the make-up factory located on the upper floor of the studio. See also GC1292 Max Factor Collection.

Maksymilian Faktorowicz, Max Factor, (1877-1938) was a Jewish cosmetician from Poland. He immigrated with his family to Los Angeles in 1904 to provide made-to-order wigs and theatrical make-up for the growing film industry. In 1914, Max Factor improved upon the early greasepaint formula that was typically used for the stage by creating a lighter compound that was to be used exclusively for the film medium. Max Factor developed pancake face powder in 1918, and by 1927 began to market his cosmetics to the general public as make-up.

P-240 Philippine Lantern Slides Collection
Lantern slides.
(3 boxes)

One hundred thirteen lantern slides on Philippine ethnology taken during the Spanish-American War, 1895-1902. Images are of native people, dwellings, landscapes, and cultural activities.

See also P-80: Harrison Gray Otis Philippine Islands Collection, 1899

P-241 William M. Dennis Collection
Lantern slides, photographs, film.
(Boxes: 2 negative boxes; ½ legal)

Forty, three-picture Gem lecture slides of various scenes and subjects, ca.1900. One ten-picture demonstration slide for the Edison Home Kinetoscope, ca. 1905. Photograph of Centaur Film Co., ca. 1913. Roll of Edison Home Kinetoscope Film,“The Tramp’s Revenge," ca. 1905.

P-242 Haloid Company Collection, ca. 1920s
(Boxes: 1 ov)

The prints in the Haloid Company Collection pre-date the company's involvement with xerography. They appear to be photographs intended to be used as examples of the various textures of "modern photographic papers." All ten prints are ten by fourteen inches and are black and white studio portraits of young women. The hair and fashion styles of the subjects, along with other props such as a telephone, suggest that the photographs were created in the 1920's. The Haloid Company, Rochester, New York, was founded in 1906 to manufacture and sell photographic paper. In 1958, the name of the company was changed from the Haloid Company to Haloid Xerox Inc. Three years later, Haloid Xerox became Xerox Corporation.

P-243 Kenneth D. Peach, Jr. Lantern Slides Collection
Lantern slides.
(Boxes: 5 x 7 negative)

Twenty-eight slides of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

Six slides of miscellaneous California scenes.

P-244 Bob’s Airmail Service Collection, ca. 1932-1935
.4 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Seven photographs of a Mobil station at Wilshire Blvd. and Cochran in Los Angeles, some featuring an airplane on display and some featuring John McCormick, an employee and the donor of the collection. The stations opened in 1933, according to John McCormick who worked at the service station for about one year around that time. His letter providing recollections is on file.

P-245 Jackson Rose Collection
Photographs, newsletters.
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 legal)

Photographs of cameraman, Jackson Rose, and Essanay Studios. Includes photos of Rose with Bell & Howell cameras. Some publicity newspapers from Essanay Studios, ca. 1911-1914, undated.

P-246 The Automobile in Southern California Project
Photocopies, manuscript.
(Three-ring binder)

Errol Stevens’s 1993 essay and compilation of photocopied Seaver Center General Photo File photographs relating to “Southern California in the Age of the Automobile, 1901-1952.”

Photocopying this collection is not available.

P-247 Andrew Alexander Forbes (1862-1921) Oklahoma Collection, ca. 1889
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Fourteen mounted prints (on 13 mounts) of Oklahoma scenes: Sac and Fox Indians, railroad bridge construction, and others, ca. 1889.

P-248 Mary Pickford Collection
(Boxes: ½ letter, 1 flat, 1 ov folder, ov folder in mc)

Twenty-three images from 13 of Pickford’s films, 1913-1929. The collection also includes two issues of the magazine “The Theatre,” dated 1915-1916.

P-249 Stan Laurel Collection
.2 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Fourteen items of ephemera relating to Stan Laurel’s vaudeville days with the Karno Company where he served as Charlie Chaplin’s understudy and occasional roommate. Most of the items are clippings from Karno performances from 1910 to 1913. There are a few photos of the Karno troupe ca. 1910.

P-250 Louis Loober Collection
.4 linear feet (Boxes: ½ letter)

Loober was a furrier.

Thirty-three photographs of actresses and clients of Louis Loober wearing the fur coats he has designed. ca. 1930s, undated. Loober fled Russia during the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and became a furrier in Los Angeles.

P-251 Rollie Totheroh Collection
.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 letter)

Photos relating to Charlie Chaplin and his films, including stills. ca. 1923-1931, undated. Totheroh was Charlie Chaplin’s cameraman. See also P-181 Charlie Chaplin Collection, P-182 Chaplin Studio Collection, GC 1187 Charlie Chaplin Scrapbook.

P-252  Vue D’Optiques
1.4 linear feet (Boxes: 1 ov)

Nineteen etchings of European countries and one case; examples of early projection, undated.

P-253 Florence E. “Betty” Purdy Collection
(Boxes: ½-width 5 x 7)

Nine photographs of the donor’s father in the 1930s and 1940s, during which he drove a Helms Bakery truck, and then later franchised a gas station with another Helms colleague. Two of the photos depict the Helms Bakery truck; the remaining seven are views of the Gilmore gas station which was located at 5080 Wilshire Blvd. The gas station photos each have 3” x 5” enlargements of the originals (which were 2½” x 3½”). A letter by donor Purdy recollecting growing up in Los Angeles is on file. 1936-1945.

P-254 J.L. Roop Scrapbook
Photographs, clippings.
(Boxes: 1 flat in L.C.)

A scrapbook of photos and clippings organized in chronological order outlining the career of J. L.Roop from his origins in the Midwest as a sculptor, to his model and miniature work on a number of stop-motion pictures in the 1920s, including "The Lost World," ca. 1920s. The scrapbook was most likely given to the Museum by Roop himself while he was an employee here in the late 1920s. Roop also worked at the Natural History Museum’s satellite facility at the La Brea Tar Pits, making models and casts of prehistoric animals found at the site.

P-255 RKO Photo Collection
(Boxes: ½ letter)

Movie stills donated by Radio-Keith-Orpheum Productions, Inc., 1931-1933. See also GC1311 RKO Studios Collection.

P-256 Fatty Arbuckle Glass Negatives
(Boxes: ½ 5 x 7)

A series of images pictured with fire trucks, 1920.

P-257 Chris Morland Collection
(Boxes: 6 ov)

Morland (1950-2011) was employed by the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles as a photographer and graphic artist. He practiced his art forms from a wheelchair.

Eighty-seven black and white photographs, people and cityscapes of Los Angeles, including Ted Hayes. 1986–1991.

Fourteen black and white photographs of downtown Los Angeles by Chris Morland. 1985-1987. Produced under the auspices of the Community Redevelopment Agency, City of Los Angeles.

P-258 Paul Slaughter Collection
(Boxes: 2 ov, ov folders in mc)

Color photographs of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles taken by Paul Slaughter. Produced under the auspices of the Community Redevelopment Agency, City of Los Angeles.

P-259 Evelyn Bernstein Collection
(Folders: ov folders in mc)

Two 24 x 36 photographs: “Albino in the Flower Fields” and “Dunes,” undated.

P-260 Charles J. Prudhomme Collection
(GC 1238) 2.09 linear feet (Boxes: 5 letter, 1½ letter, ov folders in mc)

Compilation of early photographs, including some tintypes representing the residents of early Los Angeles and Southern California. Series 1: portraits of people. Series 2: views of Los Angeles. ca. 1850-ca. 1910, undated. See also P-78 for additional photographs.

Charles J. Prudhomme (1854-1934) was the son of Frenchman Leon Victor Prudon and a Californio mother, Mercedes Tapia. He was an active member of the Historical Society of Southern California, and he was a collector of historical artifacts and photographs.  Prudhomme’s father took part in the Bear Flag Revolt of 1846.

P-261 Los Angeles City Schools Study Prints Collection

Black and white education prints used as visual aids in the Los Angeles city school curriculum. Topics cover food production, government and civics, transportation, science and history. ca. 1950s-1960s. See also P-108 Los Angeles City Schools Travel Collection.

[In process]

P-262 Hathaway-Garbutt Photo Collection on 1910 Dominguez Air Meet
Photographs, negatives.  Click here to view digital images.

Nitrate negatives of stereo views. Museum has reproduced prints of negatives 1 through 39. Print number 40 is an authorized reproduction of a stereo view image lent by the donor.

P-263 Roy Knabenshue Collection
(Boxes: 2 legal, 1 ov)

Book of photos of dirigible showing development from 1903 to 1908.

Knabenshue raced in airship competitions. He was the first aeronaut to fly an airship in America at the 1904 St. Louis Exposition. He participated in the 1910 Dominguez Air Meet.

P-264 Krug Photograph Collection
Photograph album.
(Boxes:  1 flat)

A photograph album containing images related to the production of the film "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", circa 1920 and family photos possibly at Lake Arrowhead.  Also photographs of a bra factory, circa 1940, motion picture sets and a souvenir of the Balloon Route Trolley Trip, Los Angeles, 1916.  1916 - 1940.

P-265 Early Railroad and Locomotive Photo Collection
Photographs, negatives.
3.1 linear feet (Boxes: 2 letter; 6 1/2 letter; 2 8x10; 1/2 8x10)

This is an artificial collection that brings together small collections pertaining to early American railroad transportation and locomotive engines. Covers throughout the United States. ca. 1860s–1954.

P-266 Historical Society of Southern California Photo Collection
(GC 1321) (Boxes: 2 legal, ov folder in mc)

Many of the photographs are marked up; they appear to have been used for publication by the Los Angeles Herald [newspaper]. 1846-1905, undated.The organization was formed in 1883 to collect and preserve manuscripts, periodicals, newspapers, and both written and oral historical accounts regarding the history of the Pacific Coast in general and of Southern California in particular. Another purpose of the organization, as reflected in this collection, was to maintain a photographic record of the changing views of the city and surrounding landscapes and persons prominently associated with the regional history.

P-267 Sachtleben Collection
(Boxes: ½ letter, 1 ov)

Photographs relating to a world tour on bicycle which Sachtleben began from England and completed in New York City, from 1890 to 1893. Also contains prints, letters, clippings and other papers relating to his stay in Turkey from 1895 to 1896, where he was sent by Outing Magazine to investigate the disappearance of a fellow American cyclist, Frank G. Lenz. William L. Sachtleben (1868-1953) rode around the world on bicycle from 1890 to 1893 included Asia in 1891-92. He was accompanied by his college chum Thomas G. Allen, Jr.

P-268 Aviation Photo Collection
(Boxes: 1 letter, 3½ letter, 3 ov folders)

This is an artificial collection bringing together small, individual photograph donations pertaining to early aviation and flight. There are several manuscript items (leaflets, booklets, newspaper clippings and correspondence). Early American aircraft manufacturers, particularly on the West coast, include Boeing, Douglas, Lockheed and Northrop.  Pioneer aviators include Walter R. Brookins, Glenn Curtiss, Amelia Earhart, Howard Hughes and Charles Lindbergh. Aviation events include the Dominguez Hills Air Meet of 1910; Douglas World Cruisers and the Round the World Flight of 1924; and other endurance trips and transcontinental flights. Also covered are airplane innovations and inventors from elsewhere in the United States and world.  1906 - 1954, undated.

P-269 Photographic Views Collection
(Boxes: 2 letter, 5 1/2 letter, ov folders in mc)

This is an artificial collection, bringing together small photograph donations for views of Los Angeles, Southern California and other regions in California.  Some of the collections cover areas outside of California, such as the Arizona Territory.  Additionally, there are some portraits of people, ca.1860 - ca.1950s, undated

P-270 Thomas A. Edison Photographs
(Boxes: ½ letter)

Group of photos of Edison and some of his associates, with notes by Francis Jehl, laboratory assistant to Edison and author of Menlo Park Reminiscences. Also family photos including Edison’s father and grandmother. Also two pieces of correspondence. ca. 1850-1927, undated.

P-271 Harry Park Photographs and Other Material
Photographs, negatives.
(Boxes: 2 letter, 1 legal)

Park (1869–1955) was an aerial stunt bicyclist, as well as an automobile aerialist, in a career that began in 1885. He performed stunts throughout the U.S., and in Mexico City. Married in 1895, he also teamed with his wife Gertrude, under the name “the Bretons.” He originated from Baltimore, but later settled in Los Angeles, thus many of the photos show early Los Angeles and fellow bicycle enthusiasts. Noteworthy are the items reflecting Park having earned his flying license from instructor Glenn H. Curtiss. Also, there are items demonstrating some of the earliest moving picture images taken by inventor C. Francis Jenkins. Box 1 contains photos related to Harry and Gertrude Park. Box 2 contains photos of other people and places. Box 3 contains Park’s correspondence and documents, as well as papers of former Museum Curator Ransom Matthews, who corresponded with Park. 1886-1953 (photos of Ransom Matthews dated 1955).

P-272 Transportation Photo Collection
(Boxes: 2 ½ letter)

This is an artificial collection bringing together small, individual photograph donations pertaining to transportation, in particular, cable cars, streetcars, electric railroad cars, passenger vehicles and buses including Greyhound Lines.  Geographic emphasis is Los Angeles and Southern California.  1885 - ca.1935, undated.
See also other photo collections pertaining to aviation and railroads.

P-273 Wallace Reid Photographs and Papers
(Boxes: 1½ legal; 1½ letter; 2 letter)

Reid (1891-1923) was a movie actor who rose to prominence in the early 1920s but died prematurely. Small amount of papers, family photographs and publicity stills of his wife Dorothy Davenport, an actress in her own right. Large collection of film stills of Reid’s movies. 1873-1928, undated.

P-274 Arcadia Bandini de Baker Photographs, 1904
(Boxes: ½ letter)

Arcadia Bandini was the daughter of the Juan Bandini, a Peruvian-born Italian who arrived in California at the time of Mexico’s struggle for independence against Spain. Arcadia acquired land and wealth through inheritance and marriages, first to Abel Stearns (1798-1871); after being widowed, she married Colonel Robert S. Baker (1826-1894), owner of Rancho San Vicente y Santa Monica and they co-founded the city of Santa Monica. She died in 1912.

A group of seven photographs: Arcadia Bandini de Baker and members of her family, taken in 1904; a photograph of her summer home in Santa Monica; a photograph of Kate Sullivan, Bandini’s personal assistant for many years.

P-275 Burnside Woman's Relief Corps #105 Photographs
(Boxes: ½ letter)

The Woman's Relief Corps (WRC) was the women's auxiliary of the Grand Army of the Republic. It was established (1883) as a social, civic and patriotic organization to foster social improvements and to generate and sustain community appreciation for the sacrifices of those patriots who had died to preserve the Union. Chapter #105 was located in West Los Angeles, or Sawtelle, California. 9 photographs, including 1 image related to WRC chapter #188. 1901-1904, undated.

See also manuscripts in MSS-492.

P-276 Louis Lumière Collection
(Boxes:  1 print box, 1 ½ letter)

Five photographs of the first cinema subjects made by the Lumières.  Remainder of the collection consists of museum correspondence with Louis Lumière, his publications and copy prints of the Cinematographe camera (1895) which was donated to the museum’s History collection.  English and French. ca. 1894-1936, undated.

P-277 Sepulveda Family Photograph Collection, 19th century-1959, undated
(Boxes:  1/2 letter, 1/2 5x7, 1 ov folder)

Jose Antonio Andres Sepulveda (1803-1875) was landowner to a large swath of Los Angeles County, including parts of today’s Orange County. The subjects of the collection include descendants of the prominent Spanish Mexican Sepúlveda family in the early days of Alta California in present day southern California.

An artificial collection of original photographs (cartes de visite, cabinet cards) and copy prints for the Sepulveda Family, including Louisa Domingo de Sepulveda, the daughter of Juan Domingo (John Groningen). Also four zinc plates of the portraits of men, unidentified however one is of Roman Sepulveda. Also large portrait of Tranquillena Sepulveda, 1893, noted on back as "Daughter of Don Jose Sepulveda". 19th century - 1959, undated.

See also P-78 Portrait Collection under Domingo. See also P-96 Sepulveda-Mott Collection.  See also P-260 Charles J. Prudhomme Collection.

P-278 Automotive Photograph Collection
Photograph prints; negatives.
(Boxes: 1 letter; 3 1/2 letter, 1 flat)

An artificial collection of small, individual automotive-related photograph collections. Topics include Earl Cooper's racing activities primarily in his Stutz #8, although there are photos of other race cars that he and others raced. Cooper donated the Stutz to the museum in 1935, and there are photographs commemorating the donation and the car on display in the museum. Other photographs pertain to automobile makers Earle C. Anthony and Homer Laughlin. There are photos of the BMW 507 of Raymond Loewy, its construction in 1957 and the subsequent donation of the automobile to the museum's collection. There are also photos of vehicles used by Warner Bros. movie studios. 1904 - 1976, undated.

Box 1 contains original and copy prints pertaining to Earl Cooper's racing activities primarily in his Stutz #8, however there are photos of other race cars that he and others raced. Cooper donated the Stutz to the museum in 1935, and there are photographs commemorating the donation and the car on display in the museum. Box 1 also contains photographs of magazine articles and advertisements related to race tracks and race cars. 1913-1976. Negatives are housed in its own box in Row 39.

Box 2 contains images donated by automobile maker Earle C. Anthony and Warner Bros. movie studios. Also Winton Engine Corporation. 1904-1937, undated.

Box 3 contains images and negatives relating to automobile maker Homer Laughlin, 1916 and ca. 1916.

Box 4 contains images and negatives relating to the BMW 507 of Raymond Loewy, its construction in 1957 and the subsequent donation of the automobile to the Natural History Museum's collection. 1957-ca. 1962

Box 5 contains oversize items.

P-279 Lemus Photograph Collection
(Boxes:  ½ letter; 1 ov folder)

Simons Brick Company had a well-publicized plant in present-day Montebello, California, from 1905 to 1952.  Their common red bricks were used to construct many well-known extant structures, including the original 1913 building of the Natural History Museum and UCLA's Royce Hall.  Known as plant number three, it operated as a company town, whereby workers and their families lived on site.  The town, Simons, had a school, post office, stores, restaurants, and cultural outlets, such as musical groups. The donor's father was employed there for a time, as well as at a citrus farm, Murphy Ranch, in nearby Whittier, California.

Photograph copy prints of some of the residents of Simons Brick Company in Montebello, California, including group portraits of the musicians. One copy print of a panoramic group portrait of workers at Murphy Ranch in Whittier, California. circa 1919 - 1941, undated

P-280 Mercedes Prado Ferrell Photograph Collection
Digital images.  Click here to view the digital images.
(42 images)

Simons Brick Company had a well-publicized plant in present-day Montebello, California, from 1905 to 1952. Their common red bricks were used to construct many well-known extant structures, including the original 1913 building of the Natural History Museum and UCLA's Royce Hall. Known as plant number three, it operated as a company town, whereby workers and their families lived on site. The town, Simons, had a school, post office, stores, restaurants, and cultural outlets, such as musical groups.

A digital collection of photographs from the Ferrell and Prado family.  The Prados lived in Simons, a company town that formed out of the operation of Simons Brick Company’s plant number three.  Genaro Romero Prado (Dec. 2, 1883-Sept. 12, 1958) was the town sheriff and foreman.  The collection includes family portraits, snapshots, and portraits of the Simons band and orchestra.  Several images provide glimpses at the surroundings of daily life and work.  Also images of newspaper clippings from El Correo de Los Angeles; a stock certificate for the Montebello Land and Water Company, 1950.  ca. 1905-1950, undated

P-281 Subway Terminal Building Photograph Collection
(Boxes:  1 ov)

18 photographs, including interiors and exteriors of the Subway Terminal Building, including surroundings, in downtown Los Angeles.  Also one building brochure.  Undated, ca. 1940s

P-282 Reginalde M. Hannon Collection of Glass Negatives
(Boxes:  7 1/2 photo; 1 5x7; 1 4x5; 1 ov folder)

Glass negatives, in 8x10, 5x7, and odd sizes.  Primarily of actors and actresses employed by the Mack Sennett Comedies Co., photographed by Evans Studios, Inc.  (Studio name variations:  Evans-Degaston; Nelson Evans Studio).  Personalities include May Allison, Bathing Beauties, Betty Compson, Jackie Coogan, Cecil B. DeMille, Dorothy Gish, William S. Hart, Lloyd Hughes, Norman Kerry, George Larkin, Mitchell Lewis, Bessie Love, Mabel Normand, Bill Parsons, Zasu Pitts, Irene Rich, Theodore Roberts, Ruth Roland, Ford Sterling, Eddie Sutherland, Fannie Ward, Claire Windsor, one dog and unidentified.  Also a photo order issued by Evans Studios to the Mack Sennett company (dated 5/10/1918) and one photograph (no. 48) both contained in one frame.  Circa 1918

P-283 Francis M. Fultz (1857-1948) Photograph Collection
Negatives, prints.
(Boxes: 5)

Fultz was born in Iowa.  Web information lists his career history:  Instructor Burlington (Iowa) High School, 1886-1895. Superintendent schools, Burlington, 1899-1909, Santa Barbara, California, 1909-1913. Assistant director and forester, vocational department, city schools, Los Angeles, California, 1925-1932.  He authored 4 books, published between 1908 and 1928.

Taken by Fultz; some by his wife, Dessa.  Represents a life-time of photographing, with some family photos, but most taken of scenery, landscape, water, and fauna.  Geographic concentration is California, the western states, Hawaii, and Iowa (his home state).  His photographs appeared in his educational books about geology and the natural environment.  Primarily negatives with a few prints.  Some examples of lantern slides, early Kodak negatives, and panoramas of Acoma, New Mexico; Burlington, Iowa; and Santa Barbara, California.  1906-1932, undated

P-284 Mobil Oil Western Photography Department Collection
Negative, prints, contact prints, film reels
(54 linear feet)

An archival collection spanning the years 1951 through 1968 compiled by the staff photographer, Fred Wohlfarth.  Emphasis on southern California, Economy Run events, and service stations and their construction.  Also photographs from other states, and some foreign countries.

P-285 Gary Leonard Photograph Collection
Original photograph prints.  
(Boxes: 1 letter) (1,085 digital images)  Click here to view Sixth Street Bridge digital images.

Long-time photographer Gary Leonard documented the local punk music scene in the 1970s and 80s. For the last 30 years he has documented the city, from people on the streets to civic and private events, to the changing built environment. He extensively documented the Disney Hall construction from the groundbreaking in 1992 until its opening in 2003. The result was the publication by Angel City Press of his photo essay, Symphony in Steel, in 2003.  He is known for his long-running photo-series "Take my picture, Gary Leonard."

Original photograph prints, primarily covering the people and surroundings of Los Angeles, California.  1992 - present.  Also 1,085 digital images related to the pre-demolition, demolition and the new construction of the Los Angeles Sixth Street Bridge, or formally called the Sixth Street Viaduct Replacement Project.  The digital image collection dates from 2007, 2012, 2015 and the bulk ranges from January, 2016 to August, 2020.

P-286 Photographs (late 19th c, 1906, undated) and other materials for the Rivera, Moreno and Ybarra families of Los Angeles
Original photograph prints.
(Boxes:  1/2 legal)

Eight original photographs and nine research notes on the Rivera, Moreno and Ybarra families of Los Angeles.  Late 19th century, 1906, and undated

P-287 Sophia B. Jones Family Photographs
Original photograph prints.
13 items.

Cartes de visite and three tintypes, 1868-1881, undated.  Sophia Bethany Jones was one of the daughters of James Monroe Jones and Emily Jones, an African Canadian family.  Images include Sophia, her parents, and her siblings.  Photographs were taken at studios in Chatham, Ontario, Canada; Oberlin, Ohio; and Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Several unidentified images.