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Each Photograph Collection is listed in parenthesis by number, for example (P-1).

In some instances, a Photograph Collection relates to a General Collection of nonphotographic items. Whenever this occurs, the General Collection number that corresponds to the Photograph Collection will be noted in brackets, for example [GC 1001].

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Abril, Ben (P-88)
Airmail Service see Bob's Air Mail Service Collection
Alaska (P-109)
Allard Arms Album (P-131)
Albums of California Mission Photographs (P-215)
Alden, Alice W. Collection (P-186)
Alligator Farm (P-9)
Alpert, David (P-182)
American Institute of Architects Collection (P-107)
American Mutoscope and Biograph Company (P-69)
Ambrotypes (P-68)
Amet, Edward (P-42) [GC 1220]
Anthony, Susan B. (P-33)
Arbuckle, Fatty Glass Negatives (P-256)
Arms (P-131)
Artists (California) (P-183)
Atlas Imperial Gas Engine Co. Collection (P-135)
Australian Law Enforcement (P-178)
Automobile in Southern California Project (P-246)
Automobiles (P-115, P-140, P-246)
Automotive Photograph Collection (P-278)
Aviation (P-37, P-56, P-140)
Aviation Photo Collection (P-268)
Baker, Viroque (P-57)
Balsley W.W.I Collection (P-175)
Bandini de Baker, Arcadia, Photographs, 1904 (P-274)
Banning Collection (P-185)
Barr, Arthur (P-70)
Barry, David F. (P-75.1)
Bassett, Helen Wheeler (P-138)
Bausch and Lomb Optical Company Collection (P-122)
Behrendt, Sam (P-10) [GC 1325]
Berg, August Collection (P-223) [GC 1104]
Bernstein, Evelyn Collection (P-259)
Biby, Edward Allen (P-155)
Black History Exhibit Collection (P-52)
Blackton, J. Stuart (P-136) [GC 1091]
Bob's Air Mail Service Collection, ca.1932-1935 (P244)
Bostwick, Louis R., “Welcome to the Fleet at San Francisco” (P-196)
Boudinot, T.E., Scrapbooks (P-219)
Boxer Rebellion (P-19)
Brady, Mathew (P-171)
Bransford Collection (P-66)
Brousseau W.W.I Collection (P-174)
Brown, E. Collection (P-40)
Burnside Woman's Relief Corp #105 Photographs (P-275)
California Alligator Farm (P-9)
California Artists Collection [In Their Studios] (P-183)
California Bungalow (P-227)
California Missions, see Missions of California Collection
Camp Pendleton Yearbook (P-159)
Caribbean Trade Cruise Collection (P-106)
Carnival and Fair Photographs (P-233)
Carroll Photo Service Collection, ca. 1920-1947 (P-110)
Case Art Collection, ca. 1850-1910 (P-68)
Chadwick Collection of European Scenes and Costumes (P-177)
Chaplin, Charlie (P-181) [GC 1187]
Chaplin Studios (P-182)
Chevrolet Sales Managers Institute Film Strips (P-144)
China (P-19)
Civil War (P-117, P-171)
Cleveland, William J. Native American Collection (P-142)
Clifton, Elmer (P-59)
Cole, Henrietta Waters (P-164)
Columbus Tower Bell Photos (P-150)
Coronado Hotel (San Diego) (P-179)
Coronel, Antonio Franco (P-157) [GC 1001]
Costumes, European (see P-177)
Cowan (P-30)
Coy, Owen C. (P-35) [GC 1003]
Crary, Magic Lantern Slides (P-72)
Curtis, Edward S. (P-51)
Daguerreotype, Ambrotype and Tintype Collection (P-68)
Danforth, Russell E. (P-92) [GC 1221]
Del Valle Collection (P-14) [GC 1002]
Dickerson, Warren C. (P-5)
Dennis, William M, Collection (P-241)
Disney Transparency Collection (P-16)
Dowling, Adrienne Van Holt (P-39)
Drewry Tournament of Roses Collection (P-39)
DuShane Collection (P-120)
Earhart, Amelia (P-37) [GC 1061]
Early Railroad and Locomotive Photo Collection (P-265)
Edison, Thomas A. Photographs (P-270)
Eureka, CA (P-139)
Europe (P-177, P-180)
Exhibition Photos (P-22)
Exposition Park (P-146)
Exposition Park, Monroe Doctrine Centennial Exposition (P-156)
Factor, Max (P-239) [GC 1292]
Family Photograph Album (P-200, P-204, P-208, P-210, P-211, P-212)
Farnum, William (P-76)
Ferguson, Robert (P-113)
Ferrell, Mercedes Prado (P-280)
Ferry, William Photograph Albums (P-201) [GC 1263]
Film Frame Collection (P-74)
Fire Arms Slides (P-152)
Fire Brigade Stills (P-239, P-229)
Fire Department, Los Angeles (P-79)
Fiske, George (P-158)
Fletcher, Abel (P-3)
Forbes, Andrew Alexander (P-4)
Forbes, Andrew Alexander Oklahoma Collection, ca.1889 (P-247)
Francisco, J. Bond (see P-183)
Frederick, Mrs. M.C. (P-125)
Freeman, Mervyn (P-91)
Fultz, Francis M. (P-283)
Gardner, Alexander (P-89)
General Photo File (P-101)
Geographic Collection (P-11)
Gibbins, H.D., Collection (P-41)
Gillette, James N. Aviation Collection (P-140)
Glyphoscope Stereo View Collection (P-145)
Goebel, Arthur Cornelius (P-56) [GC 1079]
Goodman, John B. (P-13) [GC1231]
Greene, Al (P-2) (P-2.3)
Hamlin, Ralph (P-115) [GC 1342]
Hammer Collection (P-112)
Haloid Company Collection (P-242)
Hannon (Reginalde M.) Collection of Glass Negatives (P-282)
Harmer Collection of Southwest Indian Photographs (P-128)
Harmon Pacific General Contractors Collection (P-226)
Harper, Ida Husted (P-33)
Harris, Elizabeth J. (P-87)
Hart, William S. (P-75) [GC 1012]
Hart, William S., County Park Research Files (P-98) [GC 1192]
Hathaway-Garbutt Photo Collection on 1910 Dominguez Air Meet (P-262)
Hawaii Collection (P-105), see also (P-67, P-176)
Haynes, F. Jay (P-180)
Hazard-Dyson Collection 1880s-1900s (P-34)
Hearne Lantern Slide Collection (P-230)
Hellman, Leah Photograph Album (P-216) [GC 1132]
Hillers, J.K. (P-44)
Historical Society of Southern California Photo Collection (P-266) [GC 1321]
Hoffman-Luckhaus Photograph Studio Collection (P-228)
Holder, Charles F. (P-119)
Hollenbach, Marion (P-176)
Hoopes Collection (P-60)
Horse-drawn vehicles (P-130)
Hotel del Coronado Collection (P-179)
House, James E. (P-126)
Howell, Aubrey S. (P-153)
Howland and Chadwick (P-189)
Illustrated Photograph Album (P-206)
Index of American Design (P-124)
Industrial Technology (P-53)
Inglis, Fred B. (P-168)
Jack, J.F. (P-97)
Japanese American Collection (P-18)
Java and other Islands of the Indian Archipelago (P-199)
Jonasson, Carl Victor (P-36)
Jones, Sophia B., Family Photographs (P-287)
Jones, W.E. Theatre Collection (P-234)
Jones Stables Album (P-130)
Kaiser, H.G. (P-109)
Keystone Photographic Services Inc. Photo Album Collection, Southern California
Keystone Photographic Services Inc. Photo Album Collection, World (P-222)
Kizer, Harry J. (P-188)
Knabenshue, Roy Collection (P-263)
Knight Family Photograph Albums (P-202)
Krug Photograph Collection (P-264)
Lantern Slide Company Collection (P-20), see also (P-72, P-147, P-240)
La Opinion Newspaper Collection, see Carroll, David (P-110)
Laurel, Stan (P-249)
Law Enforcement in Australia (P-178)
Lawrence, Florence (P-169) [GC 1011]
Leadabrand Collection (P-067)
Lemmon, Theodore G. (P-65) [GC 1034]
Lemus Photograph Collection (P-279)
Leonard, Gary (P-285)
Lincoln, Abraham (P-118)
Lloyd, Harold (P-165)
Logging Industry Collection (P-139)
Loober, Louis Collection (P-250)
Long Beach Earthquake of 1933 Scrapbook, Photographs, and Clippings (P-232)
Los Angeles, Bunker Hill (P-149)
Los Angeles City Schools Study Prints Collection (P-261)
Los Angeles City Schools Travel Collection (P-108)
Los Angeles County Free Library Collection (P-81)
Los Angeles Fire Department Collection (P-79) [GC 1170]
Los Angles Flower Show Collection (P-195)
Los Angeles Schools Activities Collection (P-151)
Los Angeles Times (P-25)
Lovell, Esther E. (P-15)
Luckhaus, Arthur (see P-111)
Lugo Family Photos (P-116)
Lumière, Louis (P-276) 
Maldonado Collection (P-54)
Marsh, Elizabeth, Collection (P-46)
Marshall, Prevot F., World War II Pacific Theater (P-203)
Maude, Frederic Hamer (P-2.2, P-99, P-100, P-132)
Max Factor Collection (P-239)
Mc Farland, Munroe (P-129) [GC 1135]
Merchandising (see P-144)
Mexican Revolution 1915 (P-15)
Mexico (P-149)
Miller, A.P. (P-38)
Mining in Baja California (P-40)
Missions of California (P-238), see also (P-1, P-2.2, P-82, P-132, P-215)
Mobil Oil Western Photography Department Collection (P-284)
Monroe Doctrine Centennial Exposition (P-156)
Moon, Soo Ellen Photograph Album (P-207)
Morland, Chris (P-257)
Motion Picture Collection (P-26) [GC 1095]
Motion Picture Collection (Second Series)(P-26.1)
Motion Picture Films (P-134)
Motion Picture (P-13, P-45, P-59, P-75, P-90, P-134, P-136, P-155, P-165, P-166, P-169, P-190)
Mount Lowe (P-172)
MOX Wrecking Co. (P-163)
Muchmore, Lyman J. (P-23)
Mule Hill (P-31)
Music Photograph Collection (P-26.3)
Native American Collection (P-24)
Native Americans (P-1, P-2.2, P-4, P-38, P-44, P-51, P-65, P-70, P-75.1, P-100,
P-119, P-128, P-129, P-142, P-186)
News Service Photograph Collection (P-184)
O’Brien, Willis (P-141)
O’Donnell, Eddie, Collection (P-62)
Oklahoma (see P-247)
Olvera Street (P-57)
Olympic Games (1932) Collection (P-32) [GC 1014]
Olympic Games (1984) Collection (P-64)
Optical Glass (P-122)
Oriental Mine Research Collection (P-161)
Ostrich Farm (Cawston’s) (P-123)
Otis, Harrison Gray (P-080, P-191)
Panama-Pacific Exposition (P-84)
Park, Frank L. (P-154)
Park, Harry, Photographs and Other Materials (P-271)
Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade (P-39, P-133)
Patterson, Charles (P-137)
Peach, Kenneth D., Jr., Lantern Slides Collection (P-243)
Pemberton Collection (P-73)
Percival, Don Louis (P-44)
Peru Photograph Album (P-197)
Peters, T.K. (P-148) [GC 1026]
Petroglyphs (see P-38)
Philippine Islands Collection (P-160)
Philippine Lantern Slides (P-240)
Philippines (P-67, P-80, P-112, P-160, P-168, P-188)
Photograph Album of Automobile Camping Trip (P-194)
Photograph Album of Broken Hill, Rhodesia (P-209)
Photograph Album Collection (P-17)
Photograph Album (P-217)
“A Photographic Record of the Allied Air Effort in Support of the Invasion of the Continent of Europe” (P-213)       
Photographic Views Collection (P-269)
Pickford, Mary (P-248)
Pico, Bennie (P-170)
Pictorial California (P-49)
Pierce, Charles C. (P-77), see also (P-10 & P-83)
Pierce/McConnell Album (P-83)
Pingrey Family Photograph Album (P-193)
Portrait Collection (P-78)
Portraits, see also (P-50)
Postcard Collection (P-8), see also (P-153)
Powers, Tom (P-45)
Prudhomme, Charles J., Collection (P-260) [GC 1238]
Purdy, Florence E. "Betty" Collection (P-253)
Putnam, Valentine (P-2.1, P-121)
RKO Photo Collection (P-255)
Ramsey Collection (P-86)
Raub, Henry (P-114)
Reid, Wallace Photographs and Papers (P-273)
Richardson Film Personalities (P-166)
Riggins, Herbert L., Collection (P-237)
Rile, Harry Frantz (P-29)
Rivera, Moreno and Ybarra families of Los Angeles, Photographs (P-286)
Roberts, Donovan (P-149)
Roop, J.L. Scrapbook (P-254)
Roosevelt, Theodore Camp #9 Collection (P-19) [GC 1082]
Rose, Jackson (P-245)
Royston Motion Picture Films (P-133)
Sachtleben Collection (P-267)
San Diego California Views (P-198)
San Diego Hotel del Coronado (P-179)
San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Lantern Slides (P-147)
Santa Barbara 1925 Earthquake (P-162)
Santa Monica (P-29)
Scheurich, Victor Collection (P-235)
Schreier Family Collection (P-162)
Sears-Roebuck Stereographic View Collection (P-21.1)
Sepulveda Family Photograph Collection (P-277)
Sepulveda-Mott Collection (P-96)
Slaughter, Paul Collection (P-258)
Slauson Collection (P-55)
Soule, William Stinson (P-6)
Southern California Scenes Collection (P-225)
South Dakota (P-142)
Spanish-American War (P-19, P-80, P-112, P-113, P-129, P-187, P-188)
Spicer, Miriam (P-95) [GC 1183]
Stanley, Esther (P-71)
Steckel, George (P-50) [GC1107]
Stereoscopic Protean Views Collection (P-76)
Stereographic View Collection (P-21)
Stereographs of Southern California (P-220)
Stereographic Views (P-21.1, P-129, P-137, P-138, P-145)
Stevens, Erroll (P-246)
Stoddard, John, Portfolio of Photographs (P-48)
Stokes, Frank (P-25)
Strong Family Collection (P-167)
Strong, Harriet (see P-167)
Subject Collection (P-12)
Subway Terminal Building (P-281)
Superba Theatre (P-234)
Taber Photographs of San Francisco (P-214)
Talbot, William Henry Fox (P-94)
Teague, George J., Collection (P-236)
Television, Cable, Theater Photograph Collection (P-26.2)
Theatre Collection, 1916-1933, W.E. Jones (P-234)
Theisen, Earl Collection (P-190)
Theodore Roosevelt Camp #9 Collection (P-19)
Tintypes (P-68)
Tourist Photograph Albums (P-218)
Totheroh, Rollie Collection (P-251)
Tournament of Roses (P-39)
Towne, Stuart S. (P-102)
Toy Magic Lantern Film Strips (P-231)
Toy Projector Film Collection (P-143)
Transportation Photo Collection (P-272), see also aviation and railroad collections
Transportation vehicles (P-130)
Tunison, M.C. Aviation Photo Collection (P-268)
Turner, Florence (P-90), [GC 1016] see also (P-26, P-45)
Union Pacific Railroad (P-89)
Union Station Collection (P-111)
United Nations Collection (P-104)
U.S. Army (P-126, P-128, P-129)
U.S. Marine Corps (P-159)
U.S. Navy (P-153, P-173)
U.S. Navy World War II Collection (P-173)
Upham Collection (P-28)
Vinson, D.C. (P-103)
Virginia (P-97)
Vroman, Adam Clark (P-1)
Vue D'Optiques (P-252)
Wagons (P-130)
Waite, C.B., Collection (P-192)
Washburn, Frank Layton (P-7)
Washburn, Frank Layton Lantern Slide Collection (P-7.1)
Washington (Seattle) (P-125)
Watkins, Carleton Eugene (P-82)
Watts, W.L. (P-127)
Waud, Alfred R. (P-27) [GC 1102]
WAVEs in World War II Hawaii (P-176)
West Indies Cruise Photograph Album (P-205)
West, R. Rolleston (P-63)
Westwood Hills Business Village Collection (P-61)
White, Harry, Family Collection (P-93)
Widney, Joseph P. (P-43) [GC 1127]
Wilkie, George N. (1879-1941) Collection, ca. 1905-1915 (P-123)
Wills, Madeline F., Collection (P-180)
Wineman, Mode (P-58) [GC 1005]
Woodworth Collection (P-224) [GC 1250]
World War I (P-151, P-153, P-174, P-175)
World War II (P-87, P-91, P-173, P-176)
World’s Columbian Exposition (P-85)
Yellowstone National Park (P-180)
Yosemite National Park (P-158)
Zettler Exposition Park Collection (P-146)