Marine Teens Internship 2023

Meet the 2023 Cohort

Head and shoulders portrait of Adrian Bran

Adrian Bran: I am a junior at Mendez high school and enjoy playing with my two cats Salem and Gray in my spare time. I also love researching topics such as computer science, languages, nature, and history. In the future, I want to attend UCI and major in computer science and create programs that bring technology to people that don't have any form of it at their disposal.

Head and shoulders portrait of David Garcia-Hernandez

David Garcia-Hernandez (Peer Mentor): I am an 18 year old Latino in Los Angeles! I will be attending Cal State L.A. for my 4 year university. I really enjoy traveling and listening to music. I am returning to the Marine Teens Internship for a second year as a Peer Mentor. This program allows me to expand my career search and meet plenty of awesome people!

Head and shoulders portrait of Fernando Chica

Fernando Chica: I'm a junior at MSTMA. During my spare time, I enjoy exploring aspects of nature as well as traveling. In the future I will help my community through science and be involved in the medical field.

Head and shoulders portrait of Izel Rivera

Izel Rivera: I am a rising senior at Roosevelt High School. In the future what I plan to study is really based on the school that I will be going to, but it’s between marine biology or biochemistry. The Natural History Museum is a really interesting and special space; it brings so many people together, where we seek art, nature, and science.


Head and shoulders portrait of Michael Hernandez

Michael Hernandez (Peer Mentor): I am an Angeleno from Filipino Town. I am planning to travel to Sacramento to study my passion of environmental science at UC Davis. My favorite food is empanadas de plátano y leche, a Salvadorian dish, and one of my favorite hobbies is listening to music. I participated in the internship in 2022 and have returned in a leadership role as a Peer Mentor.

Head and shoulders portrait of Pablo Hernandez

Pablo Hernandez:  I am currently a senior and will be attending Cal State L.A. in the fall. In my spare time I enjoy playing video games and exploring the outdoors. I grew up coming to NHM when I was young, so having the opportunity to work here is an honor.


Head and shoulders portrait of Shanell Rincon

Shanell Rincon: I am a rising senior at Roosevelt High School. In the future I plan on majoring in biomedical engineering. In my spare time I enjoy photography and sketching. I am excited to begin my experience at NHM and expand my knowledge of marine biology through L.A. Underwater.

Head and shoulders portrait of Valerie Felix

Valerie Felix: I’m a rising senior at MSTMA. I am studying marine biology as I am curious to see and experience various underwater habitats. My dream job is to be a zoologist for marine wildlife. I love animals and exploring diverse environments.


Head and shoulders portrait of Jocelynne Serrano

Jocelynne Serrano: I am a senior at Theodore Roosevelt High School. I plan to major in computer science at Cal State L.A. NHM represents nostalgia, due to visiting in elementary school, and exploration because there are endless objects to discover. This internship allows me to connect with others and explore different career options for my future. I enjoy spending time with my family and pets as well as going out and exploring new places!