Aisling Farrell

Senior Collections Manager, Rancho La Brea

As Collections Manager Ms. Farrell has co-managed all of the fossils at Rancho La Brea for over a decade. She graduated with a BSc in Zoology from the National University of Ireland, Cork and later received her MSc from Imperial College London. Her research interests focus on Natural History Museum collections, both neontological and paleontological. Her paleontology career has taken her on a journey of museums and fieldwork all over the world including; China, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Trinidad, Uruguay and the Yukon, as well as around the United States. Her current focus is on digitizing the Rancho La Brea collections and protecting this irreplaceable natural resource for future generations. She works closely with both visiting scholars and museum staff on research projects and fieldwork, including those related to the BREAS Project which is helping build capacity at institutions in the Global South involved with asphaltic fossil deposits.

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