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Maureen Walsh

Collections Manager, Dinosaur Institute

As Collections Manager, Maureen Walsh is able to draw from over 14 years of professional experience in museum curation, environmental mitigation and fossil preparation to evaluate and maintain the Mesozoic collection here at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. In this capacity, she participates in the best of what the Dinosaur Institute has to offer: great educational programs, global research collaboration with high impact results, and world-class studies in avian evolution and systematics. Walsh’s research interest includes the micro-preparation and study of Mesozoic birds. Since joining the Dinosaur Institute, she has prepared numerous avian specimens from the famous Jehol Biota of Liaoning, China, for institutions such as the Beijing Natural History Museum, the Dalian Museum of Prehistory, the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, the Mongolian Paleontological Center, Ulaanbaatar and the Museu Historia Natural Taubate, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

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