In the Field with NHMLA | Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

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In the Field with NHMLA

Go in the Field with Museum Scientists!
Each outing provides firsthands experience with Museum scientists who will help you see what often remains hidden in plain sight. Participants in these 25-person groups get a unique field guide and earn a badge. 

EACH TRIP: Members $20 | Non-members $25   SERIES: Members $72 | Non-members $90

Registration will begin in the coming days! 

Oro Vista Park:
Mammals & Insects

Saturday, July 21, 2018

8PM - 10PM

As the sun goes down at Oro Vista Park, what types of animals emerge from their homes? How do scientists study those animals in the darkness? Join us for an evening adventure with Museum bat, bird and insect specialists as we use sound to detect the creatures of the night, including specialized detectors for high frequency bat calls. A UV black light will be set up to attract moths and other insects while we venture through the San Gabriel Foothills in search of nocturnal animals in flight and on foot!

Port O'Call:
Marine Biodiversity

Saturday, November 3, 2018

9AM – 11:30AM

Experience the amazing diversity of marine life right hand! Get experience with live specimens and identify marine invertebrates by scraping samples off of the Port O’Call dock. Then strap on your sea legs and hop on board one of Los Angeles Maritime Institute’s tall ships for an hour to learn about marine life off the coast!

Palos Verdes:
Paleontology & Tide Pools

Saturday, January 5, 2019

12PM - 4PM

Trek the Palos Verdes Shoreline with NHMLA’s Director of Marine Diversity - Dr. Regina Wetzer, Program Coordinator of the DISCO project - Dr. Dean Pentcheff, and Collections Manager of Invertebrate Paleontology - Dr. Austin Hendy. Join us as we learn the geological history of the area, identify local fossils, check out unique landforms, and explore a beautiful intertidal area that is abundant with marine wildlife.

La Canada Flintridge:
Snails & Birds

Saturday, February 9, 2019

7AM - 10AM

Discover the vibrant world of birds and snails with Museum Scientists! Break out your binoculars and join Ornithology Collections Manager, Kimball Garrett, and Curator of Mollusks, Jann Vendetti, for a peek through the birding scope and a close-up look at our local snails. Participants will learn about native and introduced land snails, how to spot them, as well as explore the diverse landscape for resident and migratory birds.