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In the Field with NHM

Go "In the Field" with Museum Scientists!
Each outing provides firsthand experience with Museum scientists who will help you see what often remains hidden in plain sight. Participants in these 25-person groups get a unique field guide and earn a badge. Field trips are for participants who are at least 7 years and geared toward both adults as well as families. 

EACH TRIP: Members $20 | Non-members $25   SERIES: Members $72 | Non-members $90 


Palos Verdes:
Paleontology & Tide Pools

Saturday, January 5, 2019

12 pm - 4 pm

Trek the Palos Verdes Shoreline at Lunada Bay with NHM’s Director of Marine Diversity Dr. Regina Wetzer, Program Coordinator of the DISCO project Dr. Dean Pentcheff, and Collections Manager of Invertebrate Paleontology Dr. Austin Hendy. Join us as we learn the geological history of the area, identify local fossils, check out unique landforms, and explore a beautiful intertidal area that is abundant with marine wildlife.

The beauty of the site is obvious with easy parking, gorgeous bluff, fossils and tide pools all at one site. Please note that this particular field trip is only for the sure-footed and those not queasy about heights. Parts of the cliff is steep and crumbly as the trail is not well maintained.
The fossil beds are on the cliff side at Lunada Bay. Reaching them requires the ability to descend a fairly steep dirt trail. The intertidal zone is below that, requiring further descent down the cliff side trail. Laced-up shoes with corrugated soles are required for safety. We will assist visitors down the slope, but it is important to know that this is a more challenging outdoors experience. Attendees who prefer not to descend the trail will be welcome to remain on the beautiful hilltop overlooking the ocean.

Participants must be at least seven years or older in order to join this particular outing. 


La Canada Flintridge:
Snails & Birds

Saturday, February 9, 2019

7 am - 10 am

Discover the vibrant world of birds and snails with Museum scientists! Break out your binoculars and join Ornithology Collections Manager Kimball Garrett, and Curator of Malacology Dr. Jann Vendetti, for a peek through the birding scope and a close-up look at our local snails. Participants will learn about native and introduced land snails, how to spot them, as well as explore the diverse landscape for resident and migratory birds.

Cancellation Policy: We need at least two day notice in order to issue a refund and refill your spot.