Spider Pavilion

Walk among spiders and their magnificent webs in this unique, open-air experience.

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- Member Preview Days - September 16 & 17
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This one-of-a-kind seasonal pavilion gives you a rare glimpse into the secret life of spiders. Stroll through the open air pavilion to see hundreds of orb weavers and their amazing webs all around you. Then enter the spider den to peer into enclosed habitats that house different species from tarantulas to jumping spiders. Along the way you'll hear amazing stories and get answers to all your arachnid questions from our Museum Educators.  

brown spider in its web
Golden Silk Spider in its web against a green background of foliage

A golden silk spider

A spider hanging upside down from the center of its web

A spider hanging from its web.

large spider in a web

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A golden silk spider

A spider hanging from its web.


  • See a variety of spectacular webs—including those of the garden spider, which can range up to almost ten feet in diameter.
  • Talk to educators about the natural pest control that spiders provide.
  • Peer through the glass into enclosed habitats that are home to tarantulas, wolf spiders, and jumping spider.

Members receive free admission.

This exhibition includes live animalsDid you know the Museum has a team of professional animal keepers on site 365 days a year? They take excellent care of all animals on exhibit at the Museum, utilizing the natural history expertise of our scientists as well as our veterinarian, who advises on any medical and nutritional needs. Because even a frog needs a doctor sometimes.