Nature Lab

Did you ever wonder why there were so many squirrels in L.A.? Or just how those funny-looking opossums survive? The incredible stories about plants and animals in the Nature Lab will surprise you! 

Memory Maps

What is the coolest, strangest, or prettiest thing you ever saw, smelled, or heard outside? Check out the experiences of L.A. nature that our scientists, educators, and visitors have shared. Then, create your own "memory map"!

Wild Touchscreens

At these interactive screens, you can create a symphony of backyard sounds, learn how to identify bugs, and check out the Nature Map, where you can look at what has been found in your neighborhood.

Live Animals

Some animals can be hard to spot in the wild and some only come out at night. But now you can get up close to some of your shy or nocturnal neighbors! We built terrariums of turtles, newts, crayfish, snakes, insects and get this...rats.

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