Erika Durazo

Senior Paleontological Preparator, Dinosaur Institute

For Erika Durazo, being a paleontological preparator means that every day is filled with excitement and adventure. Her interest in fossils, especially dinosaurs, came from her experiences as a volunteer and research intern with the Dinosaur Institute at NHM. Her ability to maintain focus and attention to detail helps her to be precise while working on fossils.  Durazo regularly participates in fieldwork which has taken her to Utah, the Mojave Desert, and the Petrified Forest in Arizona. Her academic background in physical anthropology and professional experience in hair and makeup allows for a unique perspective on various approaches to fossil preparation. She also participated in the Dinosaur Institute Outreach Program “OEDG” and has successfully used these skills to assist new students of this program.

Watch Erika describe her experiences in the field:

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