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Lisa Gonzalez

Assistant Collections Manager, Entomology

B.S. University of California Riverside, Entomology

Lisa, who joined the BioSCAN project in 2012 as an Assistant Collections Manager, received a B.S. in Entomology from UC Riverside. She considers the museum her second home in L.A.; she first started here as a volunteer back in 2001 in the Museum's Insect Zoo. These days, she spends much of her time driving around Los Angeles visiting the BioSCAN sites, checking in with the lovely folks who volunteer their time and space in their yards for the project, and gets to peek inside the samples that are chockfull of wondrous microscopic little creatures. A day spent with eyes glued to her microscope is a day of blissful Zen.  

She gets great pleasure out of studying the insects that live in the backyards of her fellow Angelenos, a habit that began in her own suburban yard as a small child. Lisa’s second passion after insects is cult, horror and B movies. Lucky for her, L.A. is a great place for both bugs and independent theaters.

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