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Kat Halsey

Collection Assistant, Entomology

Kat joined the entomology department in 2017 as the specimen preparator and worked with the new amber collection, databasing the historic Channel Islands collection, and sorting and mounting specimens from South America. Kat currently works as an assistant in the mammalogy collection. She earned her BFA in Biomedical Illustration and Photography from Cal State, Long Beach, and is currently working on her MS in Medical and Veterinary Entomology. She admires parasites, has a special affinity for mites, and keeps a colony of leeches. Kat divides her time between the museum and the zoo where she is the hospital keeper, along with volunteering with National Parks, California State Parks, and monitoring raptors in Griffith Park. In her free time Kat can be found on the trail backpacking and is an avid iNaturalist user.

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