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Shannen Robson

Collections Manager, Mammmalogy

Shannen joined NHMLA in 2020 after working for 25 years in the Collections and Research Division at the Natural History Museum of Utah (UMNH). From 2008 to 2020 she was the UMNH Collections Manager of Vertebrate Zoology (VZ), responsible for the care of fluid preserved, dry skins, and skeletal specimens within the herpetile, bird, and mammal collections. She oversaw the physical move of these collections to a new building in 2011 and the digital migration of the VZ collections data into the Arctos database in 2016. Shannen holds a Ph.D. from the University of Utah’s Department of Anthropology program in Evolutionary Ecology. Her research has focused on comparative primate life histories, demographic studies, and field surveys of small mammals in the Great Basin to better understand how these communities have responded to changes in climate over time.

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