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Karl Urhausen

Senior Paleontological Preparator, Dinosaur Institute

Karl Urhausen received a BFA in painting from California State University, Long Beach. His great love of the past has led him to diverse fields of interests from Contraptionaria, to fine model building, miniatures and instrument making. He has a background in painting, sculpture and antiquities conservation, with an emphasis on the preservation of leather and wood.

As a preparator for the Dinosaur Institute, Urhausen has been called upon to utilize a full range of skills. His expertise as a skilled welder was instrumental in restoring the Carnotaurus specimen on the locomotion platform in the new Dinosaur Hall. He was also instrumental in the conservation of the juvenile Edmontosaurus, and the reconstruction of the missing elements of the Stegosaurus.  To him, every specimen presents a series of challenges that requires unique solutions. The Dinosaur Hall is filled with many of Urhausen's creative and unique solutions to specimens on exhibit.

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