Adam Wall

Collections Manager, Crustacea

Adam is responsible for overseeing the curation, digitization, and loans of specimens for research or exhibit, and visitor access related to the world’s fourth largest collection of Crustacea specimens. Adam’s research interests within the crustaceans is as broad as the NHMLA collection itself, which has specimens from both across the world and across all major crustacean taxa. These interests include studying both broad trends in marine biodiversity with methods such as DNA barcoding and environmental DNA (eDNA) as well as focusing in on smaller groups of animals by using methods such as population genetics, phylogenetics, systematics of the Isopoda (AKA pill bugs, roly polies, or slaters), Anostraca (AKA Fairy Shrimps or Sea-Monkeys), and deep sea hydrothermal vent Decapoda (shrimps and crabs). I have conducted extensive research throughout the eastern Pacific Ocean as well as in Central America and Australia.

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