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Science of Slime

Science of Slime

Nickelodeon Science of Slime

In partnership with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Let’s explore the Science of Slime! 

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and Nickelodeon are joining forces to bring you a kid-friendly exploration of goo. Discover how different species use slime to survive, from squid ink to snail trails to bubble-blowing insects. You will never see nature’s sliminess the same way again!


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Where is slime in nature? 

Just about everywhere! Some creatures need it to move, others use it to communicate. There’s a whole world of slime out there and so much to learn from it. Click on each of the icons below to discover how some of nature’s slimiest creatures use it to survive.

Meet the Experts!

Get to know our scientists and learn mind-blowing facts about the slimy species they study.

Take a virtual tour!

Follow along on a slime-inspired journey through our halls and behind the scenes into our collections.

animation of parrotfish sleeping
image of parrotfish sleeping
Did you know? Many parrotfishes create a protective mucus cocoon when they sleep!

Become a Community Scientist

Join ongoing projects to help researchers get to know the nature in your backyard and neighborhood!

Share your experience!

See how others are participating in Science of Slime at home and share your mind-blown experiences tagging #ScienceofSlime and #MindBlownLA



A partnership between NHM and Nickelodeon