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Visit the Dino Lab and see our paleontologists hard at work as they prepare dozens of actual fossil specimens.

Dino Fest

Sept 23 & 24

Two days of all things dinosaur! Join us for Dino Fest and get access to world-renowned paleontologists, a rare look at our colections, and so much more!

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Dinosaurs on the Loose!

Witness Dinosaur Encounters Saturdays and Sundays in the North American Mammal Hall, Level 2.
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How Long Is a T. Rex's Tooth?

Get answers to frequently asked questions about dinosaurs from our knowledgeable paleontology staff. Learn more >

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Behind the Scenes at the Dino Lab

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Dino Lab

Get a Preview - Peek Behind the Scenes

For a true behind-the-scenes experience, come witness the exciting dinosaur preparation process in the Level 2 Dino Lab. Sneak a peek at real fossils and see our staff working on the day-to-day details. Everything you see in the lab is real. And, in case you’re itching to make first-hand contact with some of these incredible fossils yourself, we’ve provided a footprint and toe bone of a T. rex — real fossils that are 66 and 120 million years old that you can actually touch.

Restoring the Old, Preparing the New

Now that they've finished the fossils for our new Dinosaur Hall, our paleontologists are currently hard at work on other important NHMLA specimens. Come watch them as they restoring cracks in the fossilized bones and sculpt some of the missing parts of the skeletons — fine tuning and incorporating new knowledge about dinosaurs and the animals that lived with them. We’re also preparing numerous new specimens collected within the last decade via our field program.