Spider Pavilion

Fall 2019


Our one-of-a-kind Spider Pavilion offers a truly unique experience. Walk through a safe, fascinating open-air pavilion and learn about the amazing engineering that goes into each spider's web. 


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Explore the pavilion and walk through a maze of orb weavers and their intricate webs, and hear stories from our Gallery Interpreters about these remarkable creatures as you wander around the Spider Den to see spiders in enclosed habitats. 


Orb Weavers

Spiders are some of the most amazing architects in the world – working with eight legs and some of the most high-performance building material known to man.  Learn about the different designs and tactics each spider weaves with, and check out spectacular webs that range up to three meters in diameter. 


Golden Silk Spider (Nephila clavipes)

Largest species of orb weaving spider in the U.S. Their silk has a gold tint and is one of the strongest biological fibers known to humans, being five times the tensile strength of steel.




Garden Spider (Argiope aurantia)

Their silk webs can span 1 to 3 meters across. Can you find the vertical stabilimentum (zigzag pattern) they design into their webs?




Spider Den

During your experience visit the Spider Den, a discovery area designed to give you a glimpse into the private lives of spiders. Peer into closed habitats that are home to tarantulas, wolf spiders, jumping spiders and more, as you learn about how spiders play a big role in our world.


Pink Toe Tarantula

This tarantula can adapt to life in the city. It often constructs its silken lairs on walls of buildings and other structures where it can easily detect insect prey.




Jumping Spiders

The only type of spider that actually jumps. With their fast reflexes and great vision they are nimble predators.




Often misunderstood, spiders are unique and talented creatures that are capable of extraordinary things. Explore the world of these amazing arachnids in the only Spider Pavilion in the U.S.



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