Statement on Sustainability

Our mission at the Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County (NHMLAC) is to be good stewards of our natural and cultural worlds. That means becoming aware of what we can do as individuals—and as a museum community—to foster a more sustainable environment.

At NHM and La Brea Tar Pits, on the water-conservation front, we have eliminated individual plastic water bottles. We have also installed water bottle refill stations so thirsty visitors can bring in reusable bottles and be instantly hydrated. We have installed a cardboard compactor to more efficiency recycle the boxes that show up on our doorstep. There are energy efficient lightbulbs installed in exhibition spaces. And the Nature Gardens were built to be both beautiful and water wise. The plants are irrigated using a highly efficient smart controller; the mulches conserve moisture and composted soil captures and keeps the rain when it falls. NHMLAC also incentivises staff to ride the Metro (there are two Expo Line stops right across the street from NHM). We are talking with our Exposition Park neighbors, too, about making the Park even greener. We will do more in bigger ways down the road and you’ll see those efforts highlighted here. We want your feedback and suggestions, too!

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