Colima Dogs
Best Friends Forever
Gems of the Americas
Take a trip through deep time — via the 1980s — and explore gems with a vintage NHM documentary
Topsy the Camel
A camel that captured hearts and headlines rediscovered in NHM's Mammalogy Collections
Performance Anxiety: Olympics in Hard Times
The 1932 Los Angeles Olympics under the shadow of the Great Depression
The Great Shark Hunt
A community effort to uncover ancient L.A.
Sir Lady Java
History and Legacy of a Trans Rights Hero
The Anglerfish Artist
Dwight Hwang, an expert at the traditional Japanese printing technique called gyotaku, was invited to the museum recently to perform a marriage of art and science
A Rare Deep Sea Gem Arrives at NHM
A Pacific footballfish, a type of anglerfish that typically lives thousands of feet underwater, and that washed ashore at the beach, is now part of our Ichthyology Collection.
What About Gay Bob?
The First Openly Gay Doll (for everyone) Was a Trailblazer Toy