Year of the Dragon
Celebrate the 2024 Lunar New Year with highlights from the collection 
Ash and Green Shoots
Wildfires can leave scars on our psyches and the landscape. Community Science Program Manager Sam Tayag discusses finding solace in witnessing nature’s recovery.
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Elephant Hill Community Nature Celebration and Habitat Survey
Join community members and scientists, Saturday, October 14, to celebrate and study nature on Elephant Hill, an open space in North East L.A. valuable to humans and wildlife.
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Welcome to the 2023 LA BioBlitz Challenge
Help discover the incredible biodiversity all over Los Angeles!
Wildfire Smoke and Birds
A Q&A with Dr. Olivia Sanderfoot, Director of Project Phoenix
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Nature Gardens Turn 10
A look back—and forward–at all the nature thriving in NHM’s Nature Gardens.
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There's a Feather for That
Bird Curator Allison Shultz lays out the surprising powers of plumage and how understanding feathers helps humans—and helps humans to help birds.
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Year of the Rabbit
Celebrate the 2023 Lunar New Year with highlights from the collection
Small Wonders
NHM’s new Scanning Electron Microscope Lab connects guests with big science and tiny specimens.
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Let's Go Birding!
Join a student-guided avian adventure
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