Undead Warrior Hummingbirds

Symbols of rebirth during the Aztec reign.

A hummingbird at rest on a branch next to orange flowers

With our exhibitions, we make connections between the past and present, weaving together history with stories from people who call L.A. home today. Explore highlights from our staff and collections that speak to the natural and cultural heritage of L.A. and the world around us. 

Hummingbirds have long been an important symbol of renewal to Central and South American cultures. By taking a closer look at NHM’s Anthropology collection, we can understand the cultural significance of these small birds.

Join Gallery Interpreter, Daniel Caballero as he shares the cultural significance of hummingbirds in Aztec culture, and finds connections to one of The Natural History Museum's most famous exhibits -- The Visible Vault.  

Meet Daniel Caballero, Gallery Interpreter 

Daniel Caballero Headshot


Daniel has spent many years educating the public for the Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County. A native Angeleno and Spanish speaker he helps bring the wonders of the natural and cultural world to our diverse community.