Beyond Becoming Los Angeles

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Beyond Becoming
Los Angeles

From the signs on the street to the tar that gets stuck on our feet, Los Angeles is riddled with riveting stories of the past that explain our city's present. Discover L.A.'s fascinating history through the lens of NHM's Museum Educators in the video series Beyond Becoming Los Angeles.

In 1913, William Mulholland engineered a massive aqueduct to transport water from the Owens Valley to the small city of Los Angeles. This decision created a lasting impact for both locations, one we can still see today.

Street names and communities of Los Angeles County can help us remember the first peoples of Southern California as well as the history of Spanish colonization, missions, and the Rancho System.  

Here is the complex history of Tiburcio Vasquez, a prolific bandit-hero, who became famous in the 1850s during the first decade of American ruled California.


From tar-lined water bottles to the first cars in traffic, the formation and discovery of oil in Southern California has reshaped the natural and cultural landscapes of L.A.

These educational resources made possible in part by a Museum Grant from the California Natural Resources Agency.