Calling all dinosaur enthusiasts and future paleontologists. Follow in the footsteps of our Dino Institute and discover dinosaurs throughout our museum.


dueling dinos

Dueling Dinos

Start your journey in the center of our Grand Foyer you will find an epic scene of a T-rex and Triceratops in a timeless battle

t-rex skeleton in dinosaur hall

Dinosaur Hall

Discover two large rooms, both upstairs and downstairs, full of actual dinosaur fossils, interactives, touch fossils, rare finds, and more. 

T-rex Growth Series

The stunning centerpiece of this gallery is the Tyrannosaurus rex growth series, featuring a baby, juvenile, and sub-adult T. rex. It's the only series of its kind in the world.


This armored dinosaur is covered with large plates down its back and with large spikes on its tail. Find the one mounted fighting with the predator Allosaurus. Allosaur fossils have been found that show wounds from Stegosaurus spikes, which is why they’re posed the way they are in the Dinosaur Hall.

California’s State Dinosaur

One of only two fossils specimens of Augustynolophus in the world can be found right here at NHM. Discover this duck-billed dinosaur on the second level of the Dino Hall.  

kids looking into dino lab

Dino Lab

Watch our scientists working on real fossils that our Dinosaur Institute has brought back from out in the field. These specimens on view change throughout the year as they remove the matrix from around the fossils, study, and record their finds. 

kids in paleo playzone discovery center

Paleo Playzone

Go on your own dino dig in our Discovery Center

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