Hidden Gems

Throughout the halls of the Natural History Museum there are hidden marvels that are actually right before your eyes.  

close-up of muses in the rotunda

Three Graces 

This elegant statue is the centerpiece of the Haaga Family Rotunda. This room was the original entrance to NHM’s 1913 building which had halls for science, history, and art. (Level 1)


hollywood costume in becoming los angeles

A Taste of Hollywood

NHM has an extensive collection of Hollywood costumes, props, and other memorabilia. We rotate a signature costume throughout the year in our Becoming Los Angeles exhibition. (Level 1)


green diamond ring in gem vault

Gem and Mineral Vault

In the back of the Gem and Mineral Hall you can enter into an actual working vault. Here gaze upon valuable and rare gems and minerals. Seasonally we will showcase traveling gem and jewelry exhibitions. (Level 1)


gold nuggets in gem and mineral hall

Gold Rush

NHM has one of the largest gold collections on display in North America. Learn about the history of the California gold rush and the many types of gold. (Level 1)


pregnant plesiosaur in dinosaur hall
This spectacular 15.5-foot wide and 8-foot-tall specimen is the only pregnant plesiosaur fossil ever discovered.

Pregnant Plesiosaur

This mounted Plesiosaur skeleton in the Dinosaur Hall shows us a rare surprise. A closer look shows a baby’s skeleton inside her, showing scientists that Plesiosaurs had live births during the age of dinosaurs. (Level 1)


mounted pterosaur exhibit in dinosaur hall

Pterosaur vs. Shark

On the upper level of the Dinosaur Hall take a close look at the neck of the mounted Pterosaur. See the imbedded shark’s tooth? We may never know the mystery of how it got into this flying reptile. (Level 1)


ammonite exhibit display

Largest Ammonite

Ammonites are extinct relatives of modern-day squid and nautiluses. With a diameter of six feet, five inches, this cast was made from the largest known specimen of Ammonite. (Level 2)

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