This Season in the Nature Gardens

The Museum's gardens are new every minute. Constantly, wildlife is stopping by: breeding, eating, and nesting. The ever-changing outdoor space is also a hub for the investigation of L.A. nature and ripe with surprises for our wild neighbors, and you, every season of the year.

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What’s In Season

Pollinator Garden

Every day, this vibrant garden of California native plants ...

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Living Wall

Discover what plants and animals live in the nooks ...

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The Edible Garden

Come see what we are planting and harvesting this ...

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Dry Creek Bed

Water normally flows in Southern California creeks in fall ...

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All life on Earth needs water. Look for native ...

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Entry Plaza

Spring is a rainbow of flower colors, bursting into ...

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Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbirds eat insects for protein and drink sugary nectar ...

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