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Reasons to Start Your Own Vegetable Garden With Florence Nishida

Join gardening guru and living L.A. legend Florence Nishida to learn why you, yes YOU, should be growing vegetables.

Florence standing in front of a large pile of produce

You could say that botanist, mycologist, life-long gardener, founder of LA Green Grounds, and local hero nominee Florence Nishida knows a thing or two about gardening. 

She's mentored hundreds of L.A. community members of all backgrounds and ages. She's transformed lawns and roads into oases of organic gardening, brought fresh veggies to food deserts, and grown a community around the practice of urban organic farming in L.A. She's also delightful! Learn all about why YOU should grow your own vegetables in the video below, and explore more of NHM's Nature Gardens.


Florence Nishida, LA Green Grounds
Photo Credit: LA Green Grounds


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