A Family Legacy in 12 Herbs and Spices

Vresh Osipian |Zhengyalov Hatz

Man with crossed arms and bread on plate with herbs

Kneaded: L.A. Bread Stories celebrates L.A. history, heritage, and communities through the lens of bread.

Zhengyalov Hatz is both the name of the food and the name of the restaurant that Vresh Osipian owns in Glendale, California.  As the first person in his family to open a restaurant, he looked toward his grandmother’s zhengyalov hatz recipe when developing his menu and follows in his grandmother’s footsteps by not deviating from her recipe since opening his first restaurant 16 years ago.  This incredible flatbread stuffed with twelve different herbs and spices is both an expression of love for his grandmother and anchored in his strong roots in Artsakh. 

Click on the link above to watch his L.A. bread story.

Man holding bread

Every time I eat zhengyalov hatz, I’m reminded of my grandmother’s hands.

Vresh Osipian


To see what's baking at Zhengyalov Hatz, check out zhengyalov-hatz.business.site or visit them at 318 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205.


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Special thanks to our Community Partners at the Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region for their interpretive support of this project and their continuous support of cultural programming at the museums. Additional thanks to Asbarez News for translations, Knar Kitabjian for editing, and Bei Ru for music.

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